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New Media

This program is offered at Clark State's Springfield location.

New Media is the digital development of traditional media such as film, images, music, spoken and written word combined with the interactive capabilities of computer and communication technology.  New media brings together web design; social media; and digital art forms such as photography, video, audio, and animation to create the ultimate, interactive experience for the end user.

Graduates in new media need a balance of technical skills and aesthetic design sense with strong communication and personal skills to interact with clients.  Employers in new media need skilled and intuitive, creative problem solvers to help them move their business forward in this new technological age. 

The New Media program is a two-year computer intensive learning experience focusing on industry-standard practices.  Students with little experience with computers should take special note of the scholastic preparation listed below.   

The program course schedule is designed for full-time students who have completed all prerequisites and who have no college preparatory recommendations. Many individuals, especially part-time students and those requiring college preparatory courses, will need additional semesters of study. Students should consult their academic advisor for help in planning their schedules.

Graduating new media students wishing to further build their skills could also receive an Associate of Applied Business in Graphic Design by completing an additional 12 courses in the Graphic Design curriculum and an Associate of Applied Business in Computer Software Development by completing an additional 11 courses in the Computer Software Development Curriculum.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of an Associate of Applied Business degree in New Media, a graduate will be able to:

  • Design websites and web content management systems with the user in mind.
  • Work with a team and individually on new media design solutions for clients.
  • Utilize industry standard software effectively as a digital media editor.
  • Use social media effectively as an interactive communication tool.

Scholastic Preparation
New Media students need a high school algebra background equivalent to CPE 0500 Pre-Algebra.  Students with little or no computer background should enroll in ITS 0800, Computer Fundamentals, as a preparatory course before taking other computer courses. Students without adequate keyboarding skills should enroll in ITS 0810, Beginning Keyboarding.

Transfer Options
Students enrolled in Associate of Applied Business degree programs are preparing for employment upon graduation from the program. However, at some point many of these students are also interested in completing a bachelor's degree. Some colleges or universities have designed bachelor's completion programs designed for students completing applied degrees. See the Transfer section of the catalog for more information.

Course Title Credits
NWM 1000 Introduction to New Media 2
FYE 1100 College Success 1
GPH 1000 Intro to Graphic Design 4
ENG 1111 English I 3
MTH 1060 Business Mathematics 3
ITS 1500 HTML and CSS 3
NWM 1005 Digital Aesthetics and User Experience 3
NWM 1010 Social Media and Digital Interactivity 3
NWM 1020 Adobe for Web Professionals 3
CSD 1500 Programming Fundamentals 3
NWM 1600 Web Design 3
NWM 2000 Digital Multimedia I 3
NWM 2100 Web Programming, Scripting, and Database 3
COM 1170 Small Group Communication 3
CSD 2200 JavaScript 3
ENG 2211 Business Communication 3
NWM 2010 Digital Multimedia II 3
NWM 2210 New Media Capstone 3
NWM 2400 Advanced Web Design 3
ART 1002 Art History II 3
CSD 2600 Mobile Web Application Programming 2
PHY 1100 Fundamentals of Physics 4
  Total Credit Hours 64

Note:  It is extremely important that students save all work from the first term forward to enable them to build a portfolio in NWM 2210 and NWM 2400.

Class Schedule Planning

The planning schedule below indicates when and where courses in your program of study will be offered for the next two academic years. This is helpful information when planning your class schedule for each semester.