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Photography Certificate

This program is offered at Clark State's Springfield - Leffel Lane location.

Photography is a vital element for business communications, personal expression, as well as entertainment.  Trained photographers may find employment opportunities in a variety of studio or commercial environments, offer an entrepreneurial opportunity, or a personal venture for its artistic value alone.

The program schedule is designed for full-time students who have completed all prerequisites and who have no college preparatory recommendations.  The certificate is designed for the serious photographer or student who desires the knowledge and skill sets necessary for an entry level position in the photographic industry.

Many individuals, especially part-time students and those taking developmental courses will require additional semesters of study.  Students should consult their academic advisors for help in planning their schedule.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Take a series of photographs that depict sharp focus
  • Take a series of photographs that depict proper exposure
  • Take a series of photographs that depict proper light temperature for a particular light source
  • Take a photograph that depicts depth of field
  • Take a photograph using proper lighting as defined by industry standards
  • Upload an image from a camera or card reader to a pre-defined directory on a computer for processing
  • Utilizing computer software, process an image for black and white hardcopy output
  • Utilizing computer software, process an image appropriate for use on the Web
  • Utilizing computer software, manipulate an image and output to hardcopy
  • Pose a subject and take a portrait photograph to industry standards
  • Plan, photograph, process, and deliver a commercial assignment to industry standards
Course Title Credits
PHO 1100 Photography I: Fundamentals 3
PHO 1102 Image Workflow/Basic Editing 2
PHO 1103 Camera Skills: The Digital Camera 2
COM 1110 Interpersonal Communication I 3
ENG 1111 English I 3
PSY 1111 Introduction to Psychology 3
ART 1300 Appreciation of the Arts 3
PHO 1124 Photography II: Applied Photography 3
PHO 1125 Imaging Editing/Digital Darkroom 2
PHO 1126 Lighting Techniques 2
GPH 1201 Electronic Imagery I 3
MGT 1105 Contemporary American Business 2
PHO 1137 Photographic Practicum 2
PHO 1138 Photographic Portfolio 2
  Total Credit Hours 35

Beginning Fall 2012, Clark State Community College will be operating on a semester-based academic calendar.  The degree area requirements for students who begin on a quarter calendar will remain the same; semester credits will apply to the degree areas at a 2 semester credit to 3 quarter credit ratio.  Some course titles and all course numbers will change; course substitutions will be used as necessary to accommodate the needs of students with both quarter based and semester based enrollment.  Each student should confirm transferability of quarter and semester credits with his/her transfer destination institution.

Class Schedule Planning

The planning schedule below indicates when and where courses in your program of study will be offered for the next two academic years. This is helpful information when planning your class schedule for each semester.