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Proficiency exams are available for many of the courses at Clark State. If you feel that you already have the competency/skill that is offered in a Clark State course, you may have the option of taking a proficiency exam in order to test out of the course.

There are time restrictions for taking proficiency exams, so you should schedule it as far in advance as possible. The fee for taking the exam is $15 per credit hour with a minimum charge of $20. A proficiency exam is paid for separately in the Cashier's Office and, if passed, gives the student full credit for the course. Eighty percent or better is a passing score. Please note that a proficiency exam cannot be retaken for a period of one year. Please contact the academic division to see if a proficiency exam is available for a specific course.

If you are on any type of financial aid, taking a proficiency exam will drop your credit hours by the number of credit hours of the course.

Any student who believes he/she is qualified for college credit through experience, previous training, or noncredit coursework may request a proficiency exam at the appropriate division office. When a proficiency examination is an appropriate measure, the examination will be thorough and in keeping with the established goals and objectives of the course(s) and the overall program. Theoretical knowledge will be tested by faculty recommendation through common acceptable measures (i.e., paper and pencil, computerized, etc.) with the possibility of a practical skills component. Both written and practical skills testing may be required to ensure course rigor is maintained and achieved.

Proficiency Exams

Proficiency tests can be scheduled during self-paced hours except for the 1st, 15th and 16th weeks of each semester. NOTE: Proficiencies may be scheduled on Thursday and Friday of finals week during regularly scheduled self-paced lab hours.

The division office will provide a course syllabus, or the student can get a course syllabus by going to the Course Syllabi web page. Some courses also have an exam guideline which is available in the division office.

To take a test, students should:

  • Talk with the instructor responsible for testing to schedule the exam.
  • Pay the proficiency test fee at the Cashiers Office in Rhodes Hall, Room 211 or at the Greene Center. The exam fee is $20 for one credit hour and $15 per credit hour for courses with more than one credit hour.
  • Give the receipt from the Cashier’s Office to the exam administrator at the time of the test.

Important note: No student will be allowed to take an exam without a receipt. 

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