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Getting college credits while in high school could not be simpler or more affordable than through the College Credit Plus Program. All students in 7th through 12th  grade are eligible to apply and must meet the minimum standards of being academically prepared for college-level coursework. If you are interested in this program, you should attend an information session at your high school before March 30 as well as sign the Intent to Participate Form through your school by April 1. Once that is accomplished, complete the process below.

Admissions Process


What qualities are needed for success for college credit plus at the college?
A successful college student is disciplined, self-directed, academically able and socially mature.

What scores make me eligible for college classes?
Looking at the sub scores (not the composite) in each area depending on the specific class you are interested in:

  • Reading: ACT score of 21, SAT score of 450, Compass score of 70, or Accuplacer score of 60
  • Writing: ACT score of 18, SAT score of 430, Compass score of 70, or Accuplacer score of 77
  • Math: ACT score of 22, SAT score of 520, Compass score of 53, or Accuplacer score of 99

How do I get text books?
Text books for all classes can be picked up at the Bookstore on the Springfield or Beavercreek campuses. Simply bring your class schedule and a photo ID, and our friendly staff will help you get the books you need for your courses.

Do I need to reapply to Clark State if I am coming after high school?
Yes, you will reapply as a traditional student coming to Clark State for a technical or transfer degree.

What classes can/should I take?
Take a look at our list of recommended classes and our designated pathways.

What if I start to struggle in my college courses?
Students not doing as well as they would like in classes should seek out help immediately. Please visit with your CCP advisor and/or our tutoring centers for additional assistance.

How many classes should I take a semester/year?
This will vary from student to student and the amount of time you have to dedicate to classes should be the biggest factor in making that decision. Generally speaking, a credit hour at Clark State is the amount of time you will spend in class and you will need to double that time outside of classes to get good grades. This should be helpful in making a good decision on the number of classes you take. Remember, CCP students can take a maximum of 30 credit hours a year.

Will I have access to the library, the bookstore, tutoring and student organizations?
A College Credit Plus student has access to all services provided to all of our Clark State students.

Will my credits transfer to other colleges and universities?
Clark State Community College is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.  Completed coursework is fully transferrable to other Ohio state assisted colleges and universities and most private schools. To check the transferability of your courses, is a great place to start!

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College Credit Plus Advisors

Kristin Skiles
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Emily Shook
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Travis Binkley
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Paige Kiley
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