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Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden by Niki Jabbour
SB175 .J33 2014 


The Community College Advantage: Your Guide to a Low-Cost, High-Reward College Experience by Diane Elizabeth Melville
LB2328.15.U6 M46 2013 

Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger, and Mark A. McDaniel
LB1060 .B768 2014 

Step by Step to College and Career Success by John N. Gardner and Betsy O. Barefoot
LB2343.32 .G347 2013 

The Student Loan Mess: How Good Intentions Created a Trillion-Dollar Problem by Joel Best and Eric Best
LB2340.2 .B48 2014 

What Excellent Community Colleges Do: Preparing All Students for Success by Joshua S. Wyner
LB2328.15.U6 W95 2014 

Fine Arts

Logo Creed: The Mystery, Magic, and Method Behind Designing Great Logos by Bill Gardner
NC1002.L63 G365 2013 


Atlas of the United States edited by H.J. de Blij
REF G1200 .G47 2006 

The Attacking Ocean: The Past, Present, and Future of Rising Sea Levels by Brian Fagan
GC89 .F35 2013 

Concise Atlas of the World
REF G1021 .D62 2005 

Food Matters: A Bedford Spotlight Reader by Holly Bauer
GT2850 .B38 2014 

How America Eats: A Social History of U.S. Food and Culture by Jennifer Jensen Wallach
GT2853.U5 W35 2014 

U.S. National Debate Topic, 2014-2015: The Ocean compiled by H. W. Wilson
GC1015.2 .U8 2014 


Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution by Nathaniel Philbrick
E241.B9 P48 2013 

El Cinco de Mayo: An American Tradition by David E. Hayes-Bautista
F870.S75 H384 2012 

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot by Robert Macfarlane
DA632 .M325 2013 

The Times of the Seventies: The Culture, Politics, and Personalities That Shaped the Decade edited by Clyde Haberman
D848 .T56 2013 

The Times of the Sixties: The Culture, Politics, and Personalities That Shaped the Decade edited by John Rockwell
D840 .T56 2014 

The Times of the Eighties: The Culture, Politics and Personalities That Shaped the Decade edited by William Grimes
D850 .T566 2013 

Information Resources

Multicultural Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker
Z718.3 .M2525 2012 

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works by Erik Spiekermann
Z250 .S738 2014 

Transforming Preschool Storytime: A Modern Vision and a Year of Programs by Betsy Diamant-Cohen and Melanie A. Hetrick, illustrations by Celia Yitzhak
Z718.3 .D537 2013 

Language and Literature

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
PS3553.A655 E5 2013 

The Giver by Lois Lowry
PZ7.L9673 G5 2011 

The Lacuna: A Novel by Barbara Kingsolver
PS3561.I496 L33 2009 

Lee Daniels' The Butler [videorecording] directed by Lee Daniels
PN1997.2 .L44 2013 

Things I Should Have Told My Daughter: Lies, Lessons & Love Affairs by Pearl Cleage
PS3553.L389 Z46 2014 


Blind Goddess: A Reader on Race and Justice edited by Alexander Papachristou
KF4755 .B55 2011 

The Death of Punishment: Searching for Justice Among the Worst of the Worst by Robert Blecker
K5101 .B57 2013 

Life Before Birth: The Moral and Legal Status of Embryos and Fetuses by Bonnie Steinbock
K642 .S74 2011 

The Second Amendment: A Biography by Michael Waldman
KF3941 .W35 2014 


Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change: A Guide for Families by Jeffrey Foote, Carrie Wilkens, and Nicole Kosanke
RC564 .B488 2014 

The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know by David J. Miklowitz
RC516 .M554 2011 

Birth Defects edited by Noël Merino
RG627.5 .B57 2014 

Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing by Janice L. Hinkle and Kerry H. Cheever
RT41 .T46 2014 

Clinical Calculations: With Applications to General and Specialty Areas by Joyce LeFever Kee and Sally M. Marshall
RS57 .K44 2013 

Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests with Nursing Implications by Anne M. Van Leeuwen, Debra J. Poelhuis-Leth, and Mickey Lynn Bladh
RB38.2 .S37 2013 

Dietary Supplements edited by Noah Berlatsky
RM258.5 .D542 2014 

Doping edited by Margaret Haerens
RC1230 .D6575 2014 

Emotional Overeating: Know the Triggers, Heal Your Mind, and Never Diet Again by Marcia Sirota
RC552.C65 S49 2012 

Essentials for Nursing Practice by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Stockert and Amy Hall
RT41 .P84 2015 

The Healing Art of Writing edited by Joan Baranow, Brian Dolan, and David Watts
RC489.W75 H43 2011 

Healthy Aging: Principles and Clinical Practice for Clinicians edited by Virginia Burggraf, Kye Y. Kim, and Aubrey L. Knight
RA776.75 .H43 2014 

I Always Want to be Where I'm Not: Successful Living with ADD and ADHD by Wes Crenshaw
RC394.A85 C74 2014 

The "I Hate to Exercise Book" for People with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes by Charlotte Hayes
RC661.E94 H34 2013 

Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice by Sandra M. Nettina
RT51 .B78 2014 

Lippincott's Nursing Procedures
RT41 .N886 2013 

Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care by Donna D. Ignatavicius and M. Linda Workman
RT41 .I36 2013 

Memory Notebook of Nursing: Pharmacology & Diagnostics
RT73 .Z47 2012 

Memory Notebook of Nursing Volume 1 by JoAnn Zerwekh and Jo Carol Claborn
RT52 .Z47 2012

Memory Notebook of Nursing Volume 2 by JoAnn Zerwekh and Jo Carol Claborn
RT52 .Z47 2012

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care by Betty J. Ackley and Gail B. Ladwig
RT48.6 .A35 2014 

Pearson's Nursing Assistant Today by Francie Wolgin, Julie French and Kate Smith
RT84 .W65 2012 

Pediatric Physical Therapy edited by Jan S. Tecklin
RJ53.P5 P43 2015 

The Praeger Handbook on Women's Cancers: Personal and Psychosocial Insights edited by Michele A. Paludi
RC281.W65 P73 2014 

Sparks and Taylor's Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual by Sheila Sparks Ralph and Cynthia M. Taylor
RT48.6 .S66 2014 

To Comfort Always: A Nurse's Guide to End-of-Life Care by Linda Norlander
RT87.T45 N674 2014 

Military Science

Business Networking for Veterans: A Guidebook for a Successful Transition From the Military to the Civilian Workforce by Michael P. Abrams, Dr. Michael Lawrence Faulkner, and Andrea R. Nierenberg
UB356 .A27 2014 

Disposable Heroes: The Betrayal of African-American Veterans by Benjamin Fleury-Steiner
UB357 .F64 2012 

Drones edited by Louise Gerdes
UG1242.D7 G45 2014 

Soldier Girls: The Battles of Three Women at Home and at War by Helen Thorpe
UB418.W65 T56 2014 

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion

Blessings of the Burden: Reflections and Lessons in Helping the Homeless by Alan R. Burt
BV4456 .B87 2013 

Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald
BF575.P9 B25 2013 

Get it Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day by Sam Bennett
BF505.G6 B46 2014 

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to be and Embrace Who You Are by Brené Brown
BF575.S37 B76 2010 

Say This, Not That: A Foolproof Guide to Effective Interpersonal Communication by Carl Alasko
BF637.C45 A42 2013 

The Story of the Qur'an: Its History and Place in Muslim Life by Ingrid Mattson
BP132 .M39 2013 

Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well (Even When it is Off Base, Unfair, Poorly Delivered, and Frankly, You're Not in the Mood) by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen
BF319.5.F4 S76 2014 

Political Science

Border Insecurity: Why Big Money, Fences, and Drones Aren't Making Us Safer by Sylvia Longmire
JV6483 .L66 2014 

Tibet edited by Margaret Haerens and Lynn M. Zott
JZ1735.T53 T53 2014 


Plant Conservation: Why it Matters and How it Works by Timothy Walker
QK86 .W35 2013 

The Urban Bestiary: Encountering the Everyday Wild by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
QH541.5.C6 H38 2013 

Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes by Bill McGuire
QC981.8.C5 M388 2013 

Social Sciences

Abortion edited by Noël Merino
HQ767 .A1535 2014 

Almost Home: Helping Kids Move From Homelessness to Hope by Kevin Ryan and Tina Kelley
HV4505 .R798 2012 

American Values edited by David M. Haugen, Susan Musser, and Michael Chaney
HN90.M6 A446 2014 

Balancing on a Planet: The Future of Food and Agriculture by David A. Cleveland
HD9000.5 .C585 2014 

Crime and Punishment in America by Elliott Currie
HV9471 .C87 2013 

Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability edited by Alison Hope Alkon and Julian Agyeman
HD9005 .C88 2011 

Customer Service: Skills for Success by Robert W. Lucas
HF5415.5 .L83 2012

Diversity in the Workforce: Current Issues and Emerging Trends edited by Marilyn Y. Byrd and Chaunda L. Scott
HF5549.5.M5 D5694 2014 

Extremism edited by Noël Merino
HN49.R33 E982 2014 

The Fourth Trimester: Understanding, Protecting and Nurturing an Infant Through the First Three Months by Susan Brink
HQ774 .B755 2013 

Gender Roles edited by Noël Merino
HQ1075 .G4663 2014 

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone by Eric Klinenberg
HQ800.4.U6 K56 2012 

It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by Danah Boyd
HQ799.2.I5 B68 2014

A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition by Alyson Martin and Nushin Rashidian
HV5822.M3 M376 2014 

A Place at the Table [videorecording] produced and directed by Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush
HD9005 .P53 2013 

Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys by Victor M. Rios
HV7254.A7 O25 2011 

Responding to Domestic Violence: The Integration of Criminal Justice and Human Services by Eve S. Buzawa, Carl G. Buzawa, and Evan Stark
HV6626.2 .B89 2012 

Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana - Medical, Recreational and Scientific by Martin A. Lee
HV5822.M3 L34 2013 

Teardown: Memoir of a Vanishing City by Gordon Young
HN80.F54 Y68 2013 


Build Your Own Small Wind Power System by Kevin Shea and Brian Clark Howard
TJ820 .S44 2012 

Contemporary Electronics: Fundamentals, Devices, Circuits, and Systems by Louis E. Frenzel, Jr.
TK7816 .F6786 2014 

Elements of Photogrammetry with Application in GIS by Paul R. Wolf, Bon A. Dewitt, and Benjamin E. Wilkinson
TR693 .W63 2014 

Food: A Very Short Introduction by John Krebs
TX355 .K74 2013 

In Meat We Trust: An Unexpected History of Carnivore America by Maureen Ogle
TX371 .O39 2013 

Renewable: The World-Changing Power of Alternative Energy by Jeremy Shere
TJ807.9.U6 S54 2013 

Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design and Application by J.F. Manwell, J.G. McGowan, and Anthony Rogers
TJ820 .M374 2009 

Early Childhood Literature

Julie Andrews' Treasury For All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year selected by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, paintings by Marjorie Priceman
PN6109.97 .J856 2012 

A Kiss Means I Love You by Kathryn Madeline Allen, photographs by Eric Futran
PZ8.3.A4188 Kis 2012 


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