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The Managing Company Tactical Operations (MCTO) three-part series is for firefighters who aspire to be a company officer or have acting officer duties, company officers who not only manage a company but have the potential to command an incident and current officers who aspire to lead and manage multiple companies.

Cost: $90 per class (includes books) / $250 for full series

Class 1: Managing Company Tactical Operations - Preparation (MCTO-P)

Learn the basic skills necessary to manage one or more companies operating at structural fire emergencies. Course curriculum focuses on naturalistic decision-making, particularly the Recognition Primed Decision (RPD) model of how ground commanders actually make decisions when faced with pressure and uncertainty.

Class 2: Decision Making for Initial Company Operations (DMICO)

DMICO is designed to develop the decision making skills needed by company officers to accomplish assigned tactics at structure fires. Course curriculum is designed for newly promoted company officers, those aspiring to be promoted or have acting officer responsibilities. This class also provides an excellent review for experienced officers.

Class 3: Managing Company Tactical Operations - Tactics (MCTO-T)

The MCTO-T curriculum is designed to foster the idea that firefighter safety should be the driving force that guides all incident decisions.

The command sequence provides a systematic approach to tactical operations. The student will learn the interrelationship between incident priorities, strategy, tactical operations and task activities.

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