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Enrollment Management

Title III Funds are being used to purchase client relationship management software to ensure continuous and directed communications with prospective students throughout the application process. The enrollment management team is in the process of implementing the software and customizing it for our institution and will begin integrating it into processes soon.


Increasing Student Engagement
Research has shown that strengthening student engagement builds student success; and faculty-student interaction is especially critical to improving student engagement. The Title III team is currently working with a broad range of faculty and staff representatives from across campus to develop a faculty advising model that will connect incoming students with faculty in their program area as soon as they arrive on campus. This advising will be integrated into new student orientations as well as general academic advising throughout the year.

Monitoring High Risk Students
Title III activities are being integrated with state goals and outcomes. These unified goals are helping the team focus on areas of great need for students. Great emphasis will be placed on helping students perform successfully in developmental math, reading, and writing courses. Energy will also be focused on helping these students successfully enroll in college level math and English courses, as well as implementing strategies to help these students successfully complete gatekeeper courses at the college level. By improving student success in these individual courses, we hope to reduce the time and resources students use to repeat courses, which will enable them to complete their degrees and transfer to four-year institutions more quickly and smoothly.

Retention software will be purchased which will help the team monitor the most at risk students and target support services to them before it is too late to intervene. Critical check points will be at the 15 and 30 credit hour points. Numerous other factors will be considered by the team and integrated into the system as appropriate. The goal is to provide outreach to at-risk students and support them in successfully completing their degree and educational goals.

Successful Completion
Several factors will be analyzed in determining how to increase the rate of successful course completion among Clark State students. Various initiatives will be considered such as increased tutoring, faculty advising, and increased use of assessment. Title III funds will be used to purchase assessment software, which will improve the process by which faculty assess learning in their classes and programs. Training sessions will also be offered to faculty on various topics.

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