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"We believe in the power of education to change people's lives."

Clark State's guiding principle.

Education indeed changes our lives. It prepares us for careers, introduces us to people who will affect our lives, and encourages us to discover interests previously unknown.

The path can be challenging and full of obstacles. Most of us needed help reaching our educational goals and can identify that individual or organization that was a positive influence in the learning journey, always encouraging us to achieve more than we thought possible.

The Clark State Foundation offers a unique opportunity to recognize that person or organization through the Ersie & Ruth Miller Education Wall of Honor prominently located in the rotunda of the new Sara T. Landess Technology & Learning Center on Clark State's Leffel Lane campus. This is your chance to thank the family member, neighbor, teacher, mentor, youth group, school, or church for believing in the power of education and for believing in you.

About Ersie and Ruth Miller
Ersie and Ruth Miller shared a deep and mutual lifelong commitment to education.

Some descriptionMr. Miller retired from the Springfield Public School System in 1973 after 44 years of teaching. One year later, he began teaching math at Sinclair Community College and continued until he was 80 years old. Mrs. Miller taught school in Englewood, Ohio, and the Springfield City and Northeastern Local school districts in Clark County. Over a span of 46 years, she taught English and history at the junior and senior high levels. She also instructed children with disabilities.

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The Millers first met when Ersie was Ruth’s high school history teacher, and they married 10 years later. Both were graduates of Wittenberg University and earned their master’s degrees at The Ohio State University. They were very involved in the community. He volunteered at Shawnee High School in Springfield and was the Springfield-Clark County Chamber of Commerce’s Santa Claus for a number of years at the “Little Red House on the Esplanade.” She worked with the Jail Chaplaincy Program in the Springfield jail. Both were active members of Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller were married for 54 years and had four children - Grant, Dane, Julia and Neal; eight grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren. They firmly believed in the “power of education” that is commemorated, by their family, through the Ersie and Ruth Miller Education Wall of Honor.

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