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Jack and Jean Conroy
In honor of our beloved parents and their loving
example to their children of how life was meant
to be lived.


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Kristin J. Culp
Executive Director,
Clark State Foundation
For her dedication to the students of Clark State and the Champion City Scholars, and her unwaveringbelief in the power of education to change people's lives.

Honored by the Foundation Board of Directors


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Forest E. Counts (1895 – 1987)
Although an accountant, my grandfather demonstrated that a person’s greatest assets may not be found on any balance sheet. Some of my most important lessons came from witnessing his unrivaled integrity, his tremendous generosity and the genuine love and deep respect of everyone whose lives he touched.

Honored by Mark F. Grimes



Vince Demana
Vince's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to family helped make him a good role model throughout his working life, in both the business and agricultural communities. His loyalty, hard work and dedication endeared him to many people in all walks of life.

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Donna Field
As an outstanding English teacher for more than 30 years at South High School, and later at OIC, Donna’s dedication to teaching has been reflected in the success of her students. To see them enjoy learning is her greatest reward.

Honored by Steve Field



Gerald (Turtle) and Nancy Furay
We thank our wonderful parents for instilling in us their strong belief in the value of an education and for making sure that we both achieved our educational goals.

Honored by Lynn Furay McLaughlin and Richard Furay M.D.


Ralph M. & Marjorie C. Grimes
Our parents have been a constant source of encouragement, love, and inspiration. They’ve always served as quiet examples that success and fulfillment are not measured by what we acquire but by what we give away – and that the greatest gift we can share with anyone is our time.

By David R. Grimes & Mark F. Grimes


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  John O. Harper
His contributions to education in our community were remarkable. He was instrumental in the founding of Clark State Community College, served on its original Board of Trustees for 15 years, and was subsequently named Board Emeritus. He served on the Boards of Springfield City Schools and Springfield-Clark Joint Vocational School, and also served as a trustee of Urbana University. Within his profession, he was a founder and the first chairman of the Ohio Council of School Board Attorneys.

Honored by Martin Browne Hull & Harper, P.L.L.
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 Shelby Lee Molter (1932 - 2008)
Shelby brought the message to Springfield that funds were available to open a technical college. Working with Dick Brinkman, the application was made and approved, and Clark State had its beginning. Shelby spent 31 years with IBM in sales and education.
His legacy is one of devotion to family, friends, education and music.

Honored by Jim and Nancy Kincaid

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Elizabeth Brown Olson
A country school teacher inspired a love of learning, demonstrated a strong work ethic, and provided the impetus for success in her six children.

Honored by Karen E. Rafinski



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