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Sometimes closings happen.

Know how to be prepared.

Clark State Community College closes for extreme weather conditions or for conditions at the College that are beyond our control.

The decision to close the College due to ice, blizzards or snow is based on the condition of area roads and whether campus roads/parking lots can be cleared by 8 a.m. If the Clark County Sheriff issues a Level Three snow emergency, the College will close. The responsibility for announcing the decision to close the College and/or delay the opening of the College rests with the President or in his/her absence with the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. All employees and students are expected to attend when the College is open.

Announcement of a closing or delay will be communicated as follows:

When the College closes, the Greene Center campus, the Bellefontaine campus (at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center), the Springfield Center of Innovation: The Dome, as well as classes held at any other location (Urbana University, Greene County Career Center, Miami Valley CTC and Springfield-Clark CTC) will be cancelled. If Urbana University, Greene County Career Center, Miami Valley CTC or Springfield-Clark CTC closes (and Clark State remains open) classes at those locations will be cancelled. Classes held at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center in Bellefontaine will follow the delay/closing schedule for Ohio Hi-Point. Classes held at The Springfield Center of Innovation: The Dome are not dependent on whether the Springfield City School District delays or closes.

Closing the College

Every attempt will be made to announce the closing by 6 a.m. the morning of the cancellation. If at all possible, the decision to close the College will be made the previous night.

Closing the College for Evening Classes Only

Every attempt will be made to reach a decision by 1 p.m. However, there are times when the appropriate information or conditions are not available at that time. Announcements will be made as soon as the decision is reached. All offices and services will be closed no later than 5 p.m. (i.e., library, gym, wellness center, etc.).

Closing the College Early

If a decision is made to close the College early, announcements will be made as soon as the decision is reached.

Delaying the Start of Classes

When the start of classes is delayed to a time later than 8 a.m. (i.e., 10 a.m. or noon), the classes scheduled during the delay period will not meet. Classes scheduled after the College has reopened will be held at their usual times. There will be no abbreviated class sessions. Buildings will open one hour prior to the start of classes. Announcements will be made as soon as the decision is reached. Non-teaching staff will be notified if their schedule for reporting to work is different than the beginning of classes for students.

Miscellaneous Procedures
Individual departments/divisions will take whatever special measures are necessary to notify outside users about the closing/delay, particularly events scheduled through Conference Services. This process includes notifying users and caterers.

The Performing Arts Center and Hollenbeck Bayley Conference Center serve a different public and has contracts with agencies and performers that require special consideration. The decision to close the Performing Arts Center and/or the Hollenbeck Bayley Conference Center will be made by the Executive Director, Performing Arts Center.

The Athletic Department, upon being informed of the cancellation of classes, will contact the opponent(s) and appropriate game and league officials to cancel any athletic event(s) scheduled on campus as well as notifying opponents in order to cancel away games in which Clark State students are scheduled to participate.

Divisions/departments responsible for clinical activities; off-campus classes; classes held on campus by others (Franklin University, ABLE/GED program, etc.); police academy classes; Commercial Transportation Training Center classes; Corporate & Community Services non-credit training/classes; Conference Services events; and the Early Childhood Education Center may have special notification procedures. Notification procedures are managed through that division/department.

There may be times of emergency, such as no electricity in a building or flooding, where only one or two buildings will be closed. In those cases, buildings that can operate will continue to function as usual. The Physical Plant and Grounds staff will follow their established procedures for clearing the lots and roadways and/or preparing the buildings for use.

WBNS Channel 10 (Columbus)
WBDT Channel 26 (Dayton)
WDTN Channel 2 (Dayton)
WKEF Channel 22 (Dayton)
WHIO Channel 7 (Dayton)
WRGT Channel 45 (Dayton)

AM Radio
WBLL AM 1390 (Bellefontaine)
WHIO AM 1290 (Dayton)
WIZE AM 1340 (Springfield)
WONE AM 980 (Dayton)

FM Radio
WCHD FM 99.9 (Dayton)
WRZX FM 106.5 (Dayton)
WEEC FM 100.7 (Springfield)
WHKO FM 99.1 (Dayton)
WNND FM 103.5 (Columbus)
WYDB FM 94.5 (Dayton)
WMMX FM 107.7 (Dayton)
WNNP FM 104.3 (Columbus)
WPKO FM 98.3 (Bellefontaine)
WSNY FM 94.7 (Columbus)
WTUE FM 104.7 (Dayton)
WVMX FM 107.9 (Columbus)
WZDA FM 103.9 (Dayton)
WZLR FM 95.3 (Dayton)

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