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Emerging Alumni Award

Emerging Alumni Award

We are accepting nominations for our Fall 2020 Emerging Leader Award. See form below.

At Clark State we're proud of our Alumni and their accomplishments! The Clark State Emerging Leader Award recognizes alumni who have experienced early career success, provide service to their community and have continued their relationship with their alma mater.

In order to be considered, the Alumna/Alumnus must be 40 years of age or younger. The award will be presented on an annual basis at the Alumni Awards Celebration. A nominee that is not selected may be nominated again in following years.

Nominees must:

  • be an alumni of Clark State Community College
  • show exemplary professional achievement and service to the community
  • be 40 years of age or younger/under
  • demonstrated a pride in their alma mater through contributed time, talent or resources
  • have the highest standard of personal integrity and character
  • be an individual who is not selected may be nominated again in subsequent years
  • A nominee that is not selected for the Emerging Leader Award may be nominated again in years following the nomination. An individual cannot be nominated more than once in the same year.

Nomination Guidelines:

  • Please submit nomination(s) using the online form below – one form per nomination.
  • Narratives should address the nominee’s current and past achievements that apply to the specific award criteria. Entries will be judged on the responses to the criteria included in the award description above.
  • Clark State board members are not eligible for nomination.
  • Individuals selected will receive their honors at Alumni Awards celebration and are encouraged to be present to receive the awards.
  • Collaborative nominations are permissible and strongly encouraged. However, there should only be one lead nominator.
    Note: Information provided in the nomination form may be used for publicity purposes.

Selection Process:
The Alumni Award subcommittee will review all nominees and determine the award recipients. If you have questions, please call 937.328.6483 or email

Emerging Leader Award Nominee Form

Help us by nominating a deserving Alumni by filling out the form below. All forms must be receive by Saturday, June 13, 2020 to be considered. Thank you!
Nominee Information
Please insert your narrative about the nominee’s qualifications that support your nomination below. Include any honors, awards, distinctions, professional societies and volunteer work.
Nominator(s) Information