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Center for Cyber Defense Education Grant

Center for Cyber Defense Education Grant

A leader in Cyber Defense Education.
Since its beginning in 2008, Clark State’s Cybersecurity/Information Assurance program has aimed to be just that.

To further enhance this commitment, the Cybersecurity/Information Assurance program created the Center for Cyber Defense Education. The mission of this Center is to provide high quality programs and courses that meet or exceed national academic standards and prepare Clark State graduates for the local cybersecurity workforce. Additionally, the Center works with local businesses and members of the community to increase awareness of the significant threats currently faced by owners and operators of information systems and by the public. This website supports the Center for Cyber Defense Education.

The Cybersecurity/Information Assurance degree program prepares students to support the information security needs of businesses. Students can spend up to two semesters working in the information technology field while earning college credits. Students should contact their academic advisor or the Office of Career Management for more information.

Cybersecurity/Information Assurance Associate Degree