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Clark State and Wittenberg Three-Plus-One Transfer Degrees Will Reduce College Costs

Clark State and Wittenberg Three-Plus-One Transfer Degrees Will Reduce College Costs

July 16, 2015

Clark State Community College and Wittenberg University have joined forces to make a college education more affordable for students by establishing a new three-plus-one option for students. The three-plus-one option allows students to complete three years of college courses at Clark State and one year at Wittenberg in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Clark State President Dr. Jo Alice Blondin said Clark State is aggressively seeking ways to reduce the cost of higher education for students and families. “Wittenberg is our partner and friend, and many of our students aspire to attend this fine institution,” she said. “This three-plus-one agreement puts the aspiration within reach for our students.”

Dr. Amit Singh, Clark State provost and vice president of academic affairs, said these newly signed agreements are exciting for both institutions. “We have partnered with Wittenberg for many years, but in the past, the agreements were primarily two-plus-two,” he said. “Meaning, two years at Clark State and two remaining years at Wittenberg.” Singh explained that students can now complete their technical-applied degree plus a third year of general education credits at Clark State. “All credits will transfer to Wittenberg.”

The benefit is primarily financial for Clark State students. Students will pay community college prices for not just two, but three years of a bachelor’s degree. Another benefit is Wittenberg’s close proximity to Clark State.

“These agreements create a clear pathway for Clark State students to complete their four-year degree at Wittenberg,” said Fetneh Ghavami, director of professional studies program, School of Community Education at Wittenberg. “The agreements simplify the transition between the two institutions.”

Transfer students must complete the last 32 credits out of 130 semester hours required for their B.A. at Wittenberg. Students completing the AA or AS degrees are also completing the Ohio Transfer Module: a subset of general education courses accepted by Wittenberg.

Currently, there are three articulation agreements between Clark State and Wittenberg for three-plus-one programs:

“Organizational Leadership and Criminology and Criminal Justice are evening programs at Wittenberg University,” said Ghavami. “These programs are offered as hybrid programs in which classes are conducted one week face-to-face and one week online.”

Ghavami recommends transfer students apply to Wittenberg one term prior to their last term at Clark State. However, they may apply at any time, year-around, and at least two months before they plan to begin at Wittenberg.

Clark State’s Director of Student Success and Completion Amy Sues said Wittenberg University is a top transfer destination for Clark State students. “This is definitely a win-win for Clark State and Wittenberg.”

Ghavami said Wittenberg offers a Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) scholarship to students who have been members of this community college honorary society, with a half-tuition award applying to all terms of the academic year. “The scholarship is renewable as long as the student maintains a cumulative 3.2 GPA or higher at Wittenberg,” she said. “We have many Clark State students transfer and succeed at Wittenberg, and we look forward to having more.”

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