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Clark State Appoints Darryl Grayson as Project Manager for H-1B One Workforce Grant

Clark State Appoints Darryl Grayson as Project Manager for H-1B One Workforce Grant

April 21, 2021

Clark State College has appointed Darryl Grayson to the position of Project Manager for H-1B One Workforce Grant for the college of business and applied technologies.

Grayson brings extensive executive leadership, project management, grant oversight, and industrial training backgrounds to the position.

“Darryl brings decades of local and extended experience in industry operations and training,” said Dr. Adam Parrillo, interim dean, School of Business and Applied Technologies and associate professor & coordinator of GIS/Geospatial Technology Program at Clark State. “He is truly a ‘go-getter’ and relishes the opportunity to spread the word about the value of Clark State for our communities.”  

Clark State College received $3,503,325 from the H-1B One Workforce Grant Program from the U.S. Department of Labor in January of this year. Funds will be used to invest in training for key sectors of the U.S. economy. Clark State will focus on upskilling the current workforce and training the workforce of the future for critical industries such as advanced manufacturing.

Grayson said he hopes to help Clark State strengthen its position as industrial manufacturing trainer of choice within the Miami Valley. 

“It is my desire through this opportunity that we deepen Clark State's relationships with its current manufacturing partners and significantly grow new relationships so that the students who attend and graduate from Clark State can successfully step into ‘on Demand’ manufacturing jobs,” he said.

Grayson’s career journey has allowed him to work as an Engineer in heavy industrial manufacturing, industrial and technical training, and to assist individuals accomplish their professional and personal goals. 

Grayson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Geneva College and has served on the Boards of Bon Secours Mercy Health-Springfield, Geneva College Engineering Advisory Board, Springfield City Schools, the Nehemiah Foundation, and One Heart Ministries.

Grayson said the opportunity as grant coordinator for Clark State allows him to impact the community significantly and positively. 

“This role provides a unique opportunity for me to leverage my corporate and nonprofit experiences to aide our community,” said Grayson. “I get to help individuals start their careers and help those already in their careers gain degrees and certifications that will help them progress in their careers.”

Grayson will also work with manufacturing organizations in helping them identify opportunities to strengthen their current workforces via customized industrial training, and sourcing to them technical degreed and certified individuals who can successfully fill their open technical positions.

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