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Clark State Community College Enhances, Improves 2-Year Completion Plan

Clark State Community College Enhances, Improves 2-Year Completion Plan

June 29, 2016

Clark State Community College has submitted their updated and enhanced 2-year College Completion Plan to the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

“The staff, faculty and administration of Clark State have worked in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education, secondary school districts, universities, career and technical centers and business and industry partners to improve student success and graduation rates and our collective focus remains steadfast,” said Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, president of Clark State.

Blondin said Clark State is committed to student completion and success initiatives. The updated plan represents actions that have resulted in positive outcomes including coursework completion, graduation, licensures and workforce credentials, faculty development opportunities and student services. “These outcomes are both measurable and impactful,” she said.

The Clark State College Completion Plan is designed to guide student success efforts at the College. The Plan focuses on student engagement, retention and completion. Clark State added three new initiatives to the updated plan including:

The Ohio Department of Higher Education first required higher education schools to submit a Completion Plan in 2014. “The purpose is to ensure the success and completion of college for all students in the state of Ohio,” said Dr. Amit Singh, vice president and provost of Clark State. “The students experience our plan at every step of the way, and we journey together through their college experience and completion.”

Singh said student success is a priority at Clark State, and they are open to feedback from the ODHE. “The Completion Plan reflects our Strategic Plan,” he said. “We want the students to have clear, structured pathways to completing college.”

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