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Clark State Invests in Environmentally Savvy Lighting System

Clark State Invests in Environmentally Savvy Lighting System

April 24, 2018

Clark State Community College students have seen the new light, and it is LED! The College recently teamed up with Energy Optimizers to install new LED lighting throughout Shull Hall on the Springfield campus.

The installation of the new lighting will save Clark State on electrical costs, operations and maintenance. Expected annual savings is more than $9,000. The LED lighting system has a life expectancy of more than 20 years. Clark State will explore the benefits of installing LED lighting in more buildings on campus. 

“The new LED lighting is saving Clark State money while saving our environment,” said Dan Ayars, director of facilities, operations and maintenance. “It also improves the educational and working environments for students and employees.”

LED - light emitting diode - lighting products produce light approximately 90 percent more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs.

Advantages of LED lighting include: brighter lighting – close to “daylight” (5000K); no flicker; no “humming” of ballasts; less maintenance; huge energy savings; and positive impact on environment.

“The College has made a great decision to improve the lighting system as it will not only provide a much better learning environment, but they are being great stewards of the environment, reducing their operational costs and leading by example,” said Greg Smith, president and CEO of Energy Optimizers. “Exactly what our higher educational institutions should be doing. I applaud the College.”

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