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Clark State Kicks Off Year-Long Strategic Planning Process

Clark State Kicks Off Year-Long Strategic Planning Process

October 24, 2013

Clark State Community College will begin a year-long strategic planning process on Friday, October 25, 2013, at noon at the Hollenbeck Bayley Creative Arts and Conference Center.

Dr. David McFarland, a consultant with Penson Associates, will lead the discussion with faculty, staff and students about the collaborative process. McFarland spent Thursday, October 24, meeting with community stakeholders, employees and students to learn about the College's perceived strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

"The communities we serve have been very welcoming, and I've been able to immerse myself in local activities," said Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, president, Clark State. "The common theme I hear from community leaders and employers is the need for well-prepared employees who have access to relevant, affordable and high-tech training. Clark State is going through this strategic planning process to ensure that we are poised to offer students an affordable, quality education that will prepare them for employment or successful transfer to a four-year university."

Dr. Blondin has spent her first 100 days in a whirlwind of activity learning about the communities Clark State serves and the unmet needs. The strategic planning process will help better align the College to meet the workforce needs of the region, enhance student success and completion rates and focus funding to the most urgent priorities.

Under Blondin's leadership, the College has already begun working on expanding its data analysis programs that align with the region's focus on UAS. The majority of the jobs in the field of UAS will be in data analysis, and the geospatial technology program has produced graduates who are working locally. As the Miami Valley prepares to be a leader in UAS technology, Clark State is preparing to expand the scope of its geospatial offerings to include precision agriculture.

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