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Clark State Precision Ag Program to Introduce New Precision Planter This Fall

Clark State Precision Ag Program to Introduce New Precision Planter This Fall

March 26, 2020

Clark State Community College will introduce a new 4-row precision planter to its Precision Agriculture students beginning the fall semester of 2020.

The precision planter features 30-inch row spacings each unique to a different manufacturer’s technology.

“The row units include Case IH, John Deere, Kinze and a second Case unit outfitted with Precision Planting Technology - an aftermarket precision company,” said Avery Davison, agriculture and horticulture instructor at Clark State. “The row units are the seed holding and delivery mechanisms of a planter. What makes them precise is their ability to place an individual seed at the correct depth, spacing and rate within an area.”

Davison said the precision planter will be used with the crop production courses allowing students to learn what modern planting technology is available and its limits or advantages.

“This is current technology just in a new configuration,” said Davison. “Most planters would be a single manufacturer’s technology. It is unique in its size - 4 row is very small - and the combination of row units.”

The precision planter was custom built by techs from Bane-Welker Equipment. Bane-Welker has also provided a precision equipped 13-foot sprayer addition for Clark State’s Kubota UTVs.

“Clark State is proud to be a partner with Bane-Welker,” said Aimee Belanger-Haas, dean of business and applied technologies for Clark State. “This relationship allows our students to gain practical hands-on experience on the latest state-of-the-art machinery which is beneficial on so many fronts.”

Bane-Welker Equipment was established in January of 2013 when two successful Case IH dealers (Bane Equipment and North Central Agri-Power) consolidated and became one company. Bane-Welker strives to provide innovative equipment, services and technological solutions resulting in sustainable business partnerships with agricultural, turf and industrial equipment customers as well as fulfilling careers for our employee owners.

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