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Clark State Rolls Out Guaranteed Interview Program for Graduates

Clark State Rolls Out Guaranteed Interview Program for Graduates

July 14, 2016

Students at Clark State Community College will now have the opportunity to interview for a job prior to graduation. The new Guaranteed Interview Program was proposed by Clark State President Dr. Jo Alice Blondin in April of this year. “Clark State's relationships with the business community are critical to student success,” she said. “The new Guaranteed Interview Program demonstrates our promise to businesses that we produce quality students with skills that align to their needs.”

The Guaranteed Interview Program was modeled after the Insurance Program; a group of large insurance agencies in the state of Ohio came together as one and recognized the need to increase the number of graduates into jobs. “It guarantees our students an interview at a participating company. There is no guarantee of a job, only an interview,” said Aimee Belanger-Haas, dean of business and applied technologies for Clark State.

Currently, more than 30 local companies have committed to the Guaranteed Interview Program, providing Clark State students interview opportunities as they complete their degrees. Clark State reached out to companies that are part of various advisory committees for the Business and Applied Technologies and Health, Human and Public Services divisions. 

Students will receive communication from Clark State and meet with co-op and employment coordinator Melody Gast, who will review their resume and do a quick interview preparation prior to the formal interview process. Companies have the choice to do a traditional interview at their own site, go to Clark State’s campus or conduct a phone interview.

The goal is to get employers and students engaged and to connect talent to positions. Stewards of the program would like to see graduates employed in the region. The program gives students the opportunity to polish their interview skills with the potential of landing a job in their field of study.

Belanger-Haas said she is pleased with the number of commitments from local companies Clark State has received for the program. “This is just the latest proof that demonstrates the excellent relationships we have with our employers and the faith that they have in our students,” she said. “Students will hopefully find employment in the region, and Clark State can showcase the talented students we have. In essence, employers will get the top picks.  It's a win-win situation for all involved.”

Organizations committed to the Guaranteed Interview Program include:

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