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Clark State’s College for Kids Now Available to Teens, Expands to Greene County

Clark State’s College for Kids Now Available to Teens, Expands to Greene County

April 10, 2017

The Clark State Community College youth program College for Kids is now College for Kids and Teens. Students in kindergarten through grade 12 have the opportunity to attend week-long summer classes that meet two to three hours each day, or week-long day camps that last six hours each day.

“The program expanded to also serve teens so students are not only exposed to a college setting at young ages, but can experience the hands-on environment of a pre-med major, graphic design or geospatial technology student as a middle to high school student,” said Kanesha Hall, STEM programming manager for Clark State. “Community colleges are one of the best resources for workforce preparation and more affordable training and education.” 

College for Kids and Teens has been developed to provide opportunities for students to explore new areas of interest, be exposed to college and stretch their imagination. The program offers more than 18 individual classes and day-camps. Students have a selection of STEAM, STEMM, theatre arts, writing arts, nature, music and dance.

“We are very excited to have these options for our middle and high school students,” said Hall. “Younger students can continue to enjoy creative and exploratory options that are less career driven.”

The College for Kids and Teens program has also expanded to Greene County this year; a grade 3 through 5, week-long day-camp will be available at the Clark State Greene Center in Beavercreek. “This is an exciting beginning to the expansion of the program,” said Hall.

College for Kids and Teens is a non-graded classroom environment where personal growth, critical thinking and creativity are encouraged. Instructors come from of a range of professions including fine arts, grade school education, business ownership, non-profit leadership, theatre and musicianship, graphic design and college science faculty.

Registration for College for Kids and Teens is now open and scholarships are available online. Payment must accompany registration to secure student's registration. The registration window for a class closes one week before its start date. Registration catalogs will be delivered to schools in Clark, Madison and Greene counties, but College for Kids and Teens is open to all youth regardless of county of residence. All classes are open on a first-come, first-served basis, and class sizes are limited.

For more information or to register, visit the College for Kids and Teens on the Clark State website or call Kanesha Hall at 937-328-6079.

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