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Clark State to Celebrate Bright Futures of More Than 550 Graduates

Clark State to Celebrate Bright Futures of More Than 550 Graduates

May 8, 2015

Clark State Community College will celebrate Commencement at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 9 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center, 300 South Fountain Avenue in Springfield.

More than 550 candidates for graduation will receive their degree or certificate of completion. Of the honored graduates, 254 will transfer to four-year institutions, more than 90 are members of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society and 28 graduates are military veterans.

Joseph “Sam” Coons will be the featured speaker at the ceremony. Coons will receive his Associate of Science degree from Clark State and holds a 3.95 grade point average. He is a Coca-Cola Silver Scholar, an All-Ohio Academic First Team, a member of Phi Theta Kappa and is continuing his education at Wright State University. He said he is excited to speak at Clark State’s Commencement, and his speech will encompass achieving “success through failure.”

“My life has changed since I decided to pursue knowledge,” said Coons. “The pursuit of knowledge once was a short-term goal for me. When my math professor Jerome Murray introduced me to the philosophy of pursuing knowledge for its own sake, I changed my view and began to pursue knowledge as a lifelong goal.”

Coons was involved in various student life groups and activities while attending Clark State. He served as a student ambassador and student senator and was elected to serve as vice president of Student Senate after being an active senator for just one semester.

Clark State President Dr. Jo Alice Blondin said the future is bright for Coons. “Sam Coons is among the most talented and dedicated students I have had the pleasure to know,” she said. “While we will call him a Clark State alumnus, I look forward to his contributions in the field of engineering and his talent for problem-solving and team-building in communities.”

Champion City Scholar Santiago Ramirez will receive an Associate of Arts in New Media. Ramirez, a graduate of Springfield High School, recently designed a budgeting app now available in the Google Play Store.

Yellow Springs High School student Charlotte Walkey will receive an Associate of Science degree. Walkey, a Clark State student through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program, is a junior in high school. She hopes to attend The Ohio State University when she graduates next year from high school.

Dean of Enrollment Services Nina Wiley said Clark State students and this year’s graduating class are nothing short of remarkable. “There are so many great stories from our students,” said Wiley. “Stories of survival after experiencing the loss of a child or spouse; overcoming health issues; stories about unbelievable academic success; overcoming cultural barriers. The survival skills the students possess to not only work through their endless personal issues and situations but to remain committed to their college education are unbelievable.”

The Clark State graduating class of 2015 also features:

“Commencement literally means ‘beginning,’ and I sincerely hope that each of our talented graduates focuses on his or her career in the workforce, or begins his or her study toward a four-year degree,” said Blondin. “The quality education that Clark State provided is the first of many steps toward a successful and productive life. Congratulations!"

Zachary Koppin - Horticulture - Golf Course Maintenance

Shanna Elliott - Social Services

Rosanna I. Akerley - Horticulture - Nursery Operations
Juliann Artkamp - Management - Human Resource Management
Danielle Marie Combs - Physical Therapist Assistant
Abigail S. Crowell - Registered Nursing
David Gamboa Dexter - Associate of Arts
Donald Eugene Allen Frame - Registered Nursing
Greg Haas - Management
Caitlin Mary Mahaffey - Registered Nursing
Gregory Morrison - Associate of Science
Tara Nichols - Registered Nursing
Justin R. Pepera - Associate of Arts
Troy Nolan Raines - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Amanda Michelle West - Social Services

Tonika M. Williams - Accounting Certificate

Toni Renee Eicher - Registered Nursing
William Cory Ferguson - Industrial Technology
Daisy M. Heaberlin - Registered Nursing
Aimee Jo Hempker - Practical Nursing
Erika L. Johnson - Practical Nursing
Jessica Irene Marshall - Practical Nursing
Polly Parker - Practical Nursing
Diane Parsons - Accounting Certificate
Karon M. Simmons - Medical Assisting and Medical Assisting Certificate
Robert E. Stone - Industrial Technology
Andrew Steven Vicario - Criminal Justice
Tammy Wallace - Registered Nursing

Loretta L. Carter - Practical Nursing
Farhia Omer - Medical Laboratory

Jennifer Hamren - Physical Therapist Assistant
Drue A. Lemasters - Horticulture - Golf Course Maintenance
Stephanie Kate McKenzie - Criminal Justice
T. Chase Watson - Agricultural Business

Canal Winchester     
Christopher R. Miller  - Registered Nursing

Amanda M. Ferryman - Associate of Arts

Leann M. Beyke - Registered Nursing

Stefanie Dunkley - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain
Jennifer M. House - Practical Nursing
J. Grant Mink - Physical Therapist Assistant
Brittany R. Montour - Judicial Reporting

Jeremiah E. White - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance

Angela M. Ditton - Accounting
Mark Domoning - Practical Nursing
Reginald Fennell - Emergency Medical Services and Registered Nursing
Casey Lynn Heintz - Emergency Medical Services and Registered Nursing

Susan D. Hatch - Practical Nursing

Ronald Abbate - Associate of Science Healthcare Concentration    
Yawovi Mensa Adzomada - Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
Rashaad Arman - Practical Nursing
Devin Jarrod Brown - Social Services
Lara Bertsch Furukawa - Physical Therapist Assistant
Christina Marie Justus - Registered Nursing
Isaac Laughbaum - Registered Nursing
Musa Turay - Registered Nursing
Kimberly Michelle Wilder - Early Childhood Education

Courtney D. Chapman - Practical Nursing
John Chelman - Registered Nursing
Samantha Mary-Kathleen Clemons - Registered Nursing
Scott H. Cody - Associate of Arts
Janay Corbitt - Social Services
Meaghan A. Craig - Practical Nursing
Kaniqua E. Davis - Associate of Arts
Amanda N. Dietz - Associate of Science Healthcare Concentration
Amy S. Duvall - Registered Nursing
Anissa L. Earl - Social Services
Tara M. Ernst - Registered Nursing
Katherine Rebecca Favela - Medical Assisting Certificate
Kylie M. Fields - Social Services
Bernice L. Garrison - Registered Nursing
Reginald Andre George Jr. - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Hope Human - Practical Nursing
Sereia Jackson - Social Services
Brigette Lynne King - Registered Nursing
Cassandra L. Kirkpatrick-Henby - Registered Nursing
Todd Robert Edward Koogler - Accounting
Ashley Lewis - Registered Nursing
Zarifa Mamatova - Registered Nursing
Ryan A. Meade - Registered Nursing
Alissa L. Mobley - Management
Amber Lillian Moore  - Social Services
Angella Namutebi - Registered Nursing
Brittany Parsley - Medical Assisting and Medical Assisting Certificate
Marcia Y. Passmore - Practical Nursing
Steve J. Renacs - Registered Nursing
Courtney Heinrichs Roark - Associate of Arts
Latisha N. Rose - Social Services
Michael Alan Rosenbeck - Associate of Science
Lajuan S. Scales - Practical Nursing
Darcy Lynn Schade - Practical Nursing
Justin Scott Schirtzinger - Accounting
Holly Shamblin - Medical Office Administration
Holly Siripavaket - Registered Nursing
Katalyn Smith - Medical Laboratory
Matthew James Stickelman - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Tamara Shannon Strunks - Registered Nursing
Maxwell W. Szturm - Horticulture - Golf Course Maintenance
Audrey Marie Tjalsma - Corrections
Tavaira Upshaw - Practical Nursing
James Aaron Vann - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Lisa Michele Vincent - Criminal Justice
Sean Russel Walton - Management
Randy L. Watkins - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Shondelle Jean Watts - Corrections
Rilea Elizabeth Webb - Associate of Arts and Photography Certificate
Justin M. Williams - Management - Human Resource Management
Amber Danielle Winner - Registered Nursing
Donna Yancey - Social Services

Diane Parsons - Management Certificate

Heather D. Fields - Multi-Skilled Healthcare

Casandra K. Cantrell - Associate of Arts

Victoria Diane Troyer - Medical Assisting Certificate
Matthew Wheat - Physical Therapist Assistant

East Liberty  
Kyle Mathew Kuba - Industrial Technology
Miranda Nicole Roberts - Practical Nursing

Angela M. Davis - Registered Nursing
Kirsten N. Lute - Registered Nursing
Daniel Malone - Associate of Arts
Rachel Ann Minnich - Medical Office Administration
Richard Everett Saunders Ness III - Associate of Arts
Colyn Norton - Associate of Science
Tristen Ruef - Criminal Justice
Moriah Nicole Scott - Medical Assisting Certificate

Harold G. Adkins - Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
Cynthia Ankrom - Accounting
Leonard Barker, III - Management
Kristen Lynn Bloomer - Associate of Science and Associate of Arts
Terresa L. Budd - Associate of Science
Adrianna M. Buie - Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
William Compton, II - Manufacturing Engineering
Laura Ruth Cox - Medical Assisting Certificate
Melinda Anne Curry - Registered Nursing
Trevor M. Ferryman - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Tiffany Flaig - Registered Nursing
Kristina Dawn Forsythe - Criminal Justice
Jason Christopher Gebhart - Horticulture - Landscape Design
Cassie Grant - Registered Nursing
Suzanne Nicole Hopson - Registered Nursing
Seth E. Johnson - Registered Nursing and Emergency Medical Services
Sarah Lewis - Registered Nursing
Timothy McComsey - Physical Therapist Assistant
Teneshea Shante Mills - Practical Nursing
Svitlana Mintz - Registered Nursing
Holly Elizabeth Mitchell - Computer Software Development
Kenisha Moreland - Medical Assisting Certificate
Elizabeth A. Nogrady - Associate of Science
Tenyetta M. Olinger - Associate of Science
Rachel Jane Paschall - Registered Nursing
Thomas L. Taylor - Accounting
Zachary Tomlinson - Criminal Justice
Amy M. Tumbleson - Horticulture - Nursery Operations and Turf and Landscape
Valerie Jeanine Ulmer - Criminal Justice
Megan D. Williams - Social Services
John Edward Zetak - Criminal Justice

Stacia Perin - Practical Nursing

Christopher D. Bell - Registered Nursing
Ronald Scott Boschert - Registered Nursing

Melissa Gill - Registered Nursing
Natalia Omelchenko - Registered Nursing

Leslie Gayle Backus - Registered Nursing
Megan Elizabeth Clifton - Physical Therapist Assistant

Grove City    
Nicole J. Hershey - Registered Nursing
Delaney E. Powell - Registered Nursing
Mitchell S. Shroyer - Emergency Medical Services

Jennifer Jo Harned - Early Childhood Education
Elizabeth Maria Harte - Registered Nursing

Huber Heights
Doug S. Brandenburg, Sr. - Management
Logan Nicole Grothouse - Medical Laboratory
Amber Nicole Miller - Registered Nursing
Lisa Michelle Pollock - Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
Sean D. Stratton - Computer Software Development
Raymond M. Taylor - Registered Nursing
Jeaneann Warren - Registered Nursing
Kristen N. Wright - Registered Nursing

Brian Michael White - Practical Nursing

Boland Jay Timmons - Agricultural Business

Kristin Allison Anger  - Physical Therapist Assistant
Brad Long - Medical Laboratory
Casey Marie Via - Registered Nursing
Lisa A. Waters - Accounting

Christina M. Bowman - Registered Nursing

Andrea Sue Banks - Associate of Science Healthcare Concentration
Chris J. Delange - Registered Nursing
Candace Elish Owens - Practical Nursing
Megan E. Smerk - Associate of Science
Abbi E. Vance - Registered Nursing
Christina N. Wells - Practical Nursing

Heidi S. Parker - Registered Nursing

Karli Danielle Meyer - Emergency Medical Services

Rachel Anne Watt - Registered Nursing

Heather Michelle Bierbaugh - Physical Therapist Assistant
Jessica L. Bond - Accounting
Austin Boyd - Criminal Justice
Tracy M. Carter - Registered Nursing
Danita R. Clark - Medical Laboratory
Kory Downing - Accounting
Kristin Marie Mullins - Management
Megan E. Williams - Management - Human Resource Management

Rachel Ann Hill - Registered Nursing

Keith E. Carrier - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance

Deanna Gail Anderson - Registered Nursing

Tiffany A. Baker - Management - Human Resource Management

James D. Allbritton - Management
Lisa Marie Castle - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Amanda Jo Folck - Associate of Science
Jodi L. Minor - Registered Nursing
Joshua Rousculp - Accounting
Raymond Norman Thiel - Social Services
David M. Wiant - Registered Nursing

Heather Anne Piper - Judicial Reporting

Mandy Andrews - Practical Nursing
Jessica M. Minnick - Criminal Justice

Tiffany Nicole McLaughlin - Management - Human Resource Management
Carolyn Hope Williams - Practical Nursing
Laura Kathleen Wyss - Associate of Science

Rachel A. Eberly - Social Services

Milford Center         
Christina Elizabeth Czekalski - Management

New Carlisle
Barbara S. Allen - Practical Nursing
Evan Leigh Carder - Associate of Arts
Kelsey B. Fenton - Medical Assisting Certificate
Tiffany L. Fox - Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
Michael H. George - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Annissa Dawn House - Criminal Justice
Emmaleah Brook Loeb - Associate of Arts
Emily Therese Parsons - Associate of Arts
Paola A. Sadgebury - Medical Assisting Certificate
Sarah Elaine Sullenberger - Criminal Justice
Angela D. Tipton - Practical Nursing
Leah M. Ulrich - Practical Nursing

North Lewisburg      
Judith L. Edmonds - Practical Nursing
Stephanie Ross - Practical Nursing

Victoria Lemaster - Practical Nursing

Michael Jones Guest - Emergency Medical Services and Registered Nursing

Amanda Studer - Medical Assisting

Michelle Lee - Registered Nursing

Jacob Sauer - Social Services

Saint Paris
Katie L. Allen - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Jeffrey W. Castle - Registered Nursing
Caitlin Elizabeth Massie - Registered Nursing
Elizabeth A. McKamy - Practical Nursing
Tia Spriggs - Medical Office Administration

Melissa A. Schneider - Emergency Medical Services and Registered Nursing

South Charleston
Daniel J. Black - Communication Studies
William S. Boles - Computer Aided Design
Elizabeth Marie Foulke - Social Services
Jennifer Gram-Thompson - Registered Nursing
Aimee R. Jimenez - Registered Nursing
Rhiannon D. Joseph - Accounting
Tanner Patrick Miller - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Whitney Lynn Saunders - Social Services
Kristen Suttles - Registered Nursing
Lucas Toops - Associate of Science
Phuong My Yim - Graphic Design

South Solon   
Zachary J. Oney - Registered Nursing

South Vienna
Lydia Rochelle Behr - Photography Certificate
Sarah Catherine Campbell - Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
Ryan Dale Davis - Criminal Justice
Tyler Ford - Agricultural Business
Michelle Lynn McNutt - Management - Human Resource Management

Melanie Louise Alexander - Office Administration Certificate
Adric Enzel Avery - Graphic Design
Riley M. Baldwin - Associate of Science
Derrick S. Ballard - Management
Mary Lou Bartee - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Jessica A. Bates - Associate of Science
Aimee Alisabeth Belliveau- Criminal Justice
Rachael Ranae Bennett - Social Services
Thomas Bennett - Associate of Science
Salimah K. Berrien - Associate of Science
Courtney B. Bishop - Social Services
John Anthony Blackburn - Practical Nursing
Dean Johnathan Bogard - Registered Nursing
Shannon M. Boles - Medical Office Administration
Malinda Botkin - Social Services
Natalie Renee Boyle - Registered Nursing
Erin Coleen Branam - Social Services
Lacy Grace Brewer - Management - Human Resource Management and Marketing
Dawn Denise Brink - Registered Nursing
Teresa M. Bruner - Practical Nursing
Kelsey R. Byers - Registered Nursing
Roger A. Cave - Emergency Medical Services and Registered Nursing
Kiyla Channels - Management - Marketing
Monica R. Channels - Practical Nursing
Min Ju Choi - Registered Nursing
Makayla A. Clawson - Accounting
Tyra Michelle Cogan - Physical Therapist Assistant
Noel Patrick Coles, Jr. - General Transfer
Craig E. Conley - Physical Therapist Assistant
Joseph S. Coons - Associate of Science
Mirrin Copeland - Criminal Justice
Lexy Copeland-Martinez - Early Childhood Education
Joanne Danielle Crum - Management
Cody Curtis - Associate of Science
Corinne Curtis - Associate of Science
Ashley Dalton - Medical Assisting Certificate
Terry Lynn Davis - Associate of Arts
Zachary M. Davis - Criminal Justice
Melissa K. Day - Medical Assisting Certificate
Jordan M. Dean - Medical Laboratory
Catrina M. Delawder - Practical Nursing
Allison Denton - Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Elizabeth Ashley Desalle - Associate of Science
Jessica Detrick - Accounting
Wanema Leigh-Ann Dotson - Corrections
Shalinn Downs - Associate of Arts
Brittany Marie Duckwall - Registered Nursing
Christine Marie Dyson - Registered Nursing
Dulce M. Eldridge - Associate of Arts
Jeannette Erwin - Accounting
Ashlie Miranda Espinosa - Medical Assisting Certificate
Charlotte Ann Evilsizor - Associate of Arts
Deborah Ann Fent - Criminal Justice
Stacy Ferguson - Social Services
Sean P. Foley - Accounting
Suzanne Forshey - Registered Nursing
Alex Christopher Fryman - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Brandi Kay Garberich - Medical Laboratory
Mason J. Garrett - Criminal Justice
Adam Garvin - Computer Networking
Charles L. Givens - Social Services
Amanda Marie Glancy - Practical Nursing
Cody Gleason - Emergency Medical Services
Alexis N. Glenn - Practical Nursing
Albert N. Gootee, III - Computer Software Development
Nathanael Grafton - Graphic Design
Sydney Gram - Associate of Arts
Stacey M. Grimes - Registered Nursing
Shane Carl Groves - Criminal Justice
Teiga N. Hamilton - Associate of Science
Jami Hansgen - Medical Assisting
Pamela S. Helton - Medical Office Administration
Brian David Henderson - Registered Nursing
Ruth Anne Henderson - Medical Assisting Certificate
Mahdaja Lynn Henry  - Social Services
Marcus Donnell Henry - Social Services
Douglas A. Hoagland, II - Management
Floyd Hook - Management Certificate
Kellie Lee Hoskins - Management - Human Resource Management
Laura Susanne Hostetler - Associate of Arts
Amberina Howdyshell - Office Administration Certificate
Shannon Howe - Registered Nursing
Lisa Hunt - Registered Nursing
Nichole Renee Hunter - Practical Nursing
Alyssa Hutchins - Associate of Arts
Gladys P. Hypolite - Associate of Arts
Denyse Marie Isaac - Registered Nursing
Abderrahim Jaaina - Industrial Technology
Jacqueline Carlene Jackson - Practical Nursing
Melissa Kay Jeffery - Associate of Arts
Shannon N. Jenkins - Accounting
Amy Lee Jobe - Management - Human Resource Management
Alaisha Michelle Johnson - Accounting
Anthony T. Johnson - Associate of Science
John W. Johnson, III - Graphic Design
Barbara Ann Jones - Registered Nursing
Sharon Jones - Practical Nursing
Brooke Geneva Jewell Kelly - Registered Nursing
Emily Sue Kerr - Early Childhood Education
Christina King - Medical Assisting Certificate
Kristen Michelle Kline - Practical Nursing
Alex Kovaleski - Physical Therapist Assistant
Sara Beth Kunce - Early Childhood Education
Ashley Suzanne Kuss - Practical Nursing
Nicholas P. Lacey - Associate of Arts
David J. Lambert - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Kimberly M. Lane - Registered Nursing
Bianca Lawrence - Associate of Arts
Christopher Leath - Management
Megan R. Leaver - Registered Nursing
Savannah Marie Leep - Office Administration
Tyler Jeffery Lehman - Registered Nursing
Maria Christina Lippencott - Physical Therapist Assistant
Angel Marie Lusk - Practical Nursing
Veronica P. Madeira - Geospatial
Derrick Allen Marple  - Emergency Medical Services
Jennifer Lee Mastoris - Aviation
Eric Mata - Social Services
Alishia D. McCurry - Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
Chelcey McLaughlin - Medical Assisting Certificate
My-Icia S. McPheters - Social Services
Halie E. McWilliams - Photography Certificate
Molly Meyers - Early Childhood Education
Kevin Miller - Criminal Justice
Todd M. Minnich - Medical Laboratory
Amy M. Moos - Registered Nursing
Jessica Elaine Morris - Social Services
Jillian K. Mowell - Registered Nursing
Sarah Lynn Nicewaner - Registered Nursing
Cheryl Anne Norbury - Registered Nursing
Kristen Ober - Associate of Science
Olawale Olanrewaju - Associate of Science
Timothy O'Neil - Associate of Arts
Shannon Oren - Management - Human Resource Management
Jennifer Lynn Orr - Accounting
Cori Ann Owens - Early Childhood Education
Eric Nelson Owens - Photography Certificate
Jacquelynn Palmer - Registered Nursing
Leandra L. Patchin - Practical Nursing
Jeffrey T. Patton - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Jordan Pennington - Computer Networking
Jennifer E. Pfleger - Medical Laboratory
Sheenan Phipps - Practical Nursing
Jessica S. Pikey - Medical Laboratory and Multi-Skilled Health Certificate
Amy Pinkerman - Associate of Science
Paula A. Powell - Registered Nursing
Jennifer Jo Price - Practical Nursing
Candance Prunty - Office Administration Certificate
Santiago Ramirez - New Media
Cassandra Dee Rapp - Criminal Justice
Arlie A. Ray, Jr. - Management Certificate
Polly Christine Ray - Registered Nursing
Whitnee A. Reeder - Medical Assisting Certificate
Nevada Rosa Reeves - Early Childhood Education
Rachelle E. Rhinehart - Registered Nursing
Donequia T. Rhodes - Practical Nursing
Jana Nichole Riggins - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Jennifer Renee Rockwell - Medical Office Administration
Dawn M. Roe - Practical Nursing
Sierra Nicole Rouch - Registered Nursing
Nicole Renae Rowe - Associate of Science
Karen L. Runyan - Social Services
Ashley Sagle - Social Services
Susana Silvia Saldivar - Associate of Arts
Courtney Leigh Sanders - Social Services
Logan Alexander Scarberry - Geospatial
Matthew Schimmoller - Agricultural Engineering
Zachary Schmittauer - Accounting and Management
Kali Schneider - Registered Nursing
Erika N. Scott - Medical Assisting Certificate
Emma K. Sellars - Criminal Justice
Alexander V. Sharp - Associate of Arts
Bryttney Sheppeard - Criminal Justice
Steven M. Sheppeard - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Ronda Sue Shipton - Practical Nursing
Dana R. Shirey - Medical Office Administration
Ashley Simons - Management Certificate
Susan M. Slusher - Registered Nursing
Michael T. Smith - Horticulture - Turf and Landscape
Casey A. Sparks - Computer Software Development
Meredith Ann Stavano - Office Administration
Zach Stewart - Associate of Arts
Derek P. Stites - Horticulture - Turf and Landscape
Elizabeth Marie Stowell - Computer Networking
Sarah M. Stradling - Practical Nursing
John Tanner Taylor - Registered Nursing
Amy L. Thomas - Medical Assisting Certificate
Katelyne Thompson - Criminal Justice
Justin A. Thornburg - Computer Aided Design
Sara C. Toney - Medical Office Administration
Jessica Townsend - Registered Nursing
Leteesha Travis - Registered Nursing
Kassandra Jo Turney   Registered Nursing
Stacy Marie Washburn - Management - Marketing
Stephanie S. Weippert - Management - Human Resource Management
Candice Marie West - Management Certificate
Leila Wickerham - Horticulture - Nursery Operations
Bonnie L. Wilson - Accounting
Danielle Clare Wilson - Practical Nursing
Kelly Sue Winget - Social Services
Tara L. Wise - Practical Nursing
Mary Beth Wright - Registered Nursing
Angela Yvonne Young - Practical Nursing

Saint Clairsville        
Natalie C. Wetzel - Physical Therapist Assistant

Tipp City
Denise S. Colton - Practical Nursing
Paul Eric O'Brien-Eichman - Horticulture - Parks and Recreation
Logan Renee Polmanteer - Accounting
Gary S. Stortenbecker - Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Aided Design

Monique Freeman - Social Services and Practical Nursing

Aesha J. Atkins - Registered Nursing
Allison Mae Chaney - Early Childhood Education
Judith Ann Godwin - Social Services

Joseph Matthew Ahern - Technical Theatre
Erika Joan Noyes Carter - Early Childhood Education
Mary Kathleen Conley - Practical Nursing
Denise D. Conover - Associate of Science
Karrie M. Cordial - Registered Nursing
Matthew Deans - Computer Networking
Lindsay Dickerson - Medical Assisting Certificate
Morgan Dooley - Practical Nursing
Robert L. Ferryman - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Brittany Ann Hayes - Physical Therapist Assistant
Amber M. Higdon - Registered Nursing
John Douglas Holbert - Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Alisha D. Karns - Associate of Science
Mickeline M. Lachette - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Enola J. Latimer - Accounting
Abigail M. Martinez - Registered Nursing
Christie D. Nevius - Practical Nursing
Jessica Noble - Early Childhood Education
Sarah L. Orr - Practical Nursing
Krista Gunny Pendergrass - Management - Human Resource Management
Andrew R. Peterson - Associate of Science
Robin Kay Starner - Management - Human Resource Management
Amanda Studer - Medical Assisting Certificate
Mary Jo Taylor - Associate of Science
Danielle Thompson - Practical Nursing
Melissa J. Ussher - Social Services
Andre R. Vactor, Sr. - Corrections
Devan J. Walters - Registered Nursing

Bruce C. Armstrong - Registered Nursing
Tye Michelle Johnston - Corrections
Matthew A. Weller - Registered Nursing

April M. Tippie - Registered Nursing

West Carrollton
Ciara Chapman - Registered Nursing
Kendra LyNette Garcia - Registered Nursing
Alexandra Marie Mayes - Registered Nursing
Stanton I. Sturgill - Associate of Arts

West Jefferson          
Jaqualyn Lorraine Hanna - Registered Nursing

West Liberty
Leslie Suzanne Beam  - Practical Nursing
Amanda Kristine Nutt - Practical Nursing
Lisa K. Oder - Registered Nursing
Anthony Palbas - Industrial Technology and Electrical Maintenance Certificate
Courtney D'shay Shafer - Registered Nursing
Karen A. Speert - Registered Nursing
Logan R. Stapleton - Agriculture Engineering

West Milton  
Kristoffer Lee Damon - Industrial Technology

Kristopher Russell Berry - Physical Therapist Assistant
Anthony Ward - Physical Therapist Assistant

Laura Rynette Clark - Registered Nursing

Jennifer L. Abling - Accounting
Gregory E. Beegle - Registered Nursing
Tiffany L. Creditt - Registered Nursing
Kristy Darby - Management - Marketing
Joshua A. Elliott - Criminal Justice
Amber Garwood - Registered Nursing
Katie Glass - Management - Marketing
Cassandra Hall - Judicial Reporting
Lisa M. Horton - Associate of Arts
Tracy Leach - Registered Nursing
Justin Paul Marshburn - Physical Therapist Assistant
Richelle LaVawn Massie - Associate of Arts
Deborah S. Miller - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Gail A. Miller - Accounting
Emily E. Moyer - Management
Amanda M. Simons - Early Childhood Education
Ian M. Sprinkle - Associate of Arts
Brittany Still - Registered Nursing
Kenneth Strickland - Registered Nursing
Nikita Trimble - Practical Nursing
Regina S. Urban - Computer Networking

Yellow Springs
Daniel L. Abling - Physical Therapist Assistant
Charlotte Walkey - Associate of Science

Media Contact

Crystal Jones Vice President of Marketing, Diversity and Community Impact