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Clark State to Celebrate Commencement with Two Ceremonies on Saturday, May 11

Clark State to Celebrate Commencement with Two Ceremonies on Saturday, May 11

May 6, 2019

Clark State Community College will celebrate commencement with two ceremonies on Saturday, May 11 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center in downtown Springfield. The Clark State Class of 2019 features 607 candidates for graduation who will receive their degree or certificate of completion.

“Clark State strives to make college degrees affordable and attainable, while providing a quality education to meet transfer and workforce needs,” said Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, president of Clark State. “I extend my congratulations to the Class of 2019 and look forward to learning of their continued successes.”

Christopher Sineno is graduating with an associate degree in Management. He will be the featured speaker at the 9:30 a.m. commencement ceremony. Sineno intends to use the skills developed at Clark State to provide affordable housing for families throughout Ohio, Indiana and the surrounding region by growing a sustainable network of property owners and management organizations.

“It was John F. Kennedy who said, ‘The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.’ From the beginning, Clark State has aligned with that vision, and that means the world to me,” said Sineno. “By providing intellectual structure without confinement, Clark State has allowed me to grow at my own pace and develop my education success by my terms. I will continue to recommend Clark State to anyone looking for quality education within the community.”

Sineno is a member of Student Senate and Phi Theta Kappa. He has been a continued activist in student development and intends to work closely with the Alumni Association after graduation. He will also continue working for a property management company in Dayton.

International student Stephanie Carter Olán is graduating with an Associate of Science degree. She will be the featured speaker at the 12:30 p.m. commencement ceremony. Olán came from Puerto Rico to Ohio to study and experience a culture more racially, ethnically and economically diverse. She will transfer to Wright State University to earn her bachelor’s degree. Olan wants to make changes in the world and plans on doing so with the skills she learned at Clark State.

Olán was active on campus as a Student Ambassador and work-study in the Athletic Department and Student Academic Support Center.

Clark State will confer degrees to 19 graduates who earned their degrees through the College Credit Plus (CCP) program. This is the largest number of CCP students to graduate from Clark State while participating in the program.

“College Credit Plus students are determined, driven and hardworking,” said Blondin. “This year we are exceptionally proud to have a record 19 high school graduates also earning their associate degrees. These graduates have a head-start on their futures, and Clark State is honored to have made that possible for them.”

Graduate Rachel Judy is a student at Ohio Virtual Academy; she began taking classes at Clark State in 2015. Judy will receive her high school diploma, Computer Programming certificate and associate degree in Technical Studies. She plans to transfer to a four-year college and earn a bachelor’s in computer engineering.

“CCP has given me the chance to take advanced coursework and take college courses early,” said Judy. “The transfer credit will hopefully cut off at least a year on my bachelor’s. In particular, CCP gave me the opportunity to work with great professors who encouraged and helped me to choose my career path.”

Judy is also a member of Alpha Nu Lambda - Clark State’s chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa national honor society – and served as a tutor in the Student Academic Support Center.

The Clark State Class of 2019 also features:

The Clark State Class of 2019:

San Diego, CA
Kaylee Wood - Judicial Court Reporting

Gabrielle Bond - Registered Nursing          

Shawn Black – Networking
Spencer Chaney - General Transfer
Tatiana Daugherty - Registered Nursing
Trisha Dierks – Accounting
Ava Eggen - General Transfer
Madyson Fox - Registered Nursing
Sara French - Registered Nursing
Jordyn Groves - General Transfer
Leamon Jordan - General Transfer
Scott Kustowski - Registered Nursing
Sara Moeggenberg - Physical Therapist Assistant
Cecil Pratt - Registered Nursing
Stephanie Reynoso - General Transfer
Emily Rife – Accounting
Lindy Shumaker - Management Certificate
Natalie Suchy - General Transfer

Kelly Fugate - Registered Nursing
Brandi Washington - Social Services

Amber Brown - Registered Nursing
Savannah Bryson - Practical Nursing
Brett Castle - General Transfer
Tiara Chevalley - Practical Nursing
Bobbie Cooley - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain, Human Resources
Ashley Defibaugh - General Transfer
Samantha Ellis - Registered Nursing
Kelly Frazier - Practical Nursing
Brianna Jameson - Registered Nursing
Mary Major - Management – Insurance
Ruby Stevens - Registered Nursing
Chelsea Taylor - Registered Nursing
Jodi Varner - Physical Therapist Assistant

Idil Ali - Medical Laboratory
Liberata Rutashongerwa - Registered Nursing

Samantha Wanless - Registered Nursing

Amie White - General Transfer
Zackary Zizzo - Manufacturing Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

Erica Copen - Medical Laboratory

Alisha Blosser - Practical Nursing
Victoria Haynie - General Transfer
Nelson Silaghi - Physical Therapist Assistant

Michelle Brandeberry - Registered Nursing
Justin McGill - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Jacob Nuss - GIS/Geospatial

Jessie Rose - Registered Nursing

Megan Humphrey - Physical Therapist Assistant
Som Neopaney - Medical Laboratory

Sahra Abdi - Practical Nursing
Hodan Ali - Medical Laboratory
Joel Bomgardner - Registered Nursing
JC Brown - Practical Nursing
Elizabeth Cadwallader - Registered Nursing
Saadia Garbacune - Practical Nursing
Shamsideen Giwa - Registered Nursing
Suad Hashi - Medical Laboratory
Emily Holt - Registered Nursing
Sarah Jalloh - Practical Nursing
Beniyam Kenea - Medical Laboratory
Isaac Kumih - Practical Nursing
Kirstan Law - Physical Therapist Assistant
Muhija Manor - Medical Laboratory
Moon Muhumed - Registered Nursing
Fatuma Omar - Medical Laboratory
Tony Rhoden - Practical Nursing
Corrine Ruffin - Registered Nursing
Jevin Williams - General Transfer
Lexi Willison - Physical Therapist Assistant
Kaitlyn Zbin - Physical Therapist Assistant

Leyla Aslanova  - Practical Nursing
Brittany Babio - General Transfer
Raianna Blaylock - Registered Nursing
Melody Braden - Registered Nursing
Danielle Cartwright - Social Services
Mikale Casey - General Transfer
Jessica Clarkston - Practical Nursing
Margueree Clements - Practical Nursing
Tarren Coleman -Registered Nursing
Kimberly Davis - Registered Nursing
Sheneka Dennis - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Jasmine Espino - Computer Networking
Lakrysta Ford - Social Services
Amber Frederick - Social Services
Marcia Garrett - Management
Casey Gee - Registered Nursing
Andrea Hardin - General Transfer
Terasia Harris - Practical Nursing
Tramika Henderson - Social Services
Chris Hill - General Transfer
Amanda Huetson - General Transfer
Bettye Jackson – Accounting
Bri'anna Jamison - Social Services
Latecia Johnson - Social Services
Lauren Krapf - Registered Nursing
Daylan Lanier - General Transfer
Mykeisha Lee - Social Services
Taylor Long - Computer Networking
Candice Mahaffey - Office Administration - Medical Office Administration
Breanna Mays - General Transfer
Angela McCoy - General Transfer
Raima Musayeva - Registered Nursing
Jessica Naylor - Physical Therapist Assistant
Roger Nelms – Management
Benjamin Nenonene – Accounting
Sarah Patterson - General Transfer
Mercy Pigman - Registered Nursing
Callie Piper - Medical Laboratory
Katrina Queen - General Transfer
Angela Resendiz - Criminal Justice
Malina Roberts - Registered Nursing
Kiara Robinson - Registered Nursing
Brent Rosengarten - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain
Raffinee Rutledge - Social Services
Donna Sanders - Registered Nursing
April Shumaker - Physical Therapist Assistant
Nicolette Simmons -Management - Real Estate Broker
Glendon Slavens - Computer Networking
Deborah Spears – Accounting
Cynthia Stern - Registered Nursing
Sierra Still - General Transfer
Tianna Strickland - Registered Nursing
Katie Tinch - Registered Nursing
Sara Triplett - Practical Nursing
Theophila Tuyishime - Registered Nursing
Davion Wallace - General Transfer
Chonsay Watson - Registered Nursing
Rilea Webb - General Transfer
Shawnasia Winn - Social Services

Stephani Stallard - Registered Nursing
Miranda Roberts - Registered Nursing

Taylor Hall - Practical Nursing

East Liberty
Kyle Brugler - Emergency Medical Services

Whitney Haws - Physical Therapist Assistant
Jessica Welch - Medical Laboratory

Alicia Benjamin - Practical Nursing
Ashley Henderson - General Transfer

Emily Adkins - Criminal Justice
Morgan Bennett - General Transfer
Corina Davis – Management
Kimberly DePhillip - Graphic Design
Cheri Gibson – Accounting
Heather Hope – Management
Dominic Kuzujanakis - General Transfer
Cari Norton - Graphic Design
Colton Rader - General Transfer
Moriah Scott - Registered Nursing
Ryan Wagner - General Transfer
Zachry Wagner - General Transfer
Rebekah Warder - General Transfer

Mary Thompson - General Transfer
William Barakatt - Horticultural Industries - Landscape Design
James Bloomer - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Theodore Clarke - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Joseph Connors - General Transfer
Erin Fisher - General Transfer
Caitlin Freeland - Office Administration - Medical Office Administration
Ashley Griesmeyer - Registered Nursing
Donovan Griffith - New Media
Maeanna Hazelett - Medical Assisting
Cydney Helton - Physical Therapist Assistant
Shannan Henry - Medical Laboratory
Jessica Jackson - General Transfer
NaomiKendig - New Media
Dennis Knotts - Practical Nursing
Daneita Lewis - Registered Nursing
Jaclyn Martin - Medical Assisting
William Myers - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Ken Renner - Registered Nursing
MeganWiget - Medical Assisting Certificate
Anna Wildeman - Registered Nursing

Ryan Raiff - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance and Computer Networking          
AshleyWitt - Corrections    

Brittney Irwin - Practical Nursing  
Leslie Switzer - Practical Nursing   

Grove City
Elizabeth Fowler - Registered Nursing

Priyanshi Shah - Registered Nursing          

Jordan Wagner - Management - Human Resource

Shawn Koser - Registered Nursing 
Tina Powell - Registered Nursing   
M. Florence Theodore-Jeanty - Registered Nursing         
Courtney Williams - Registered Nursing   

Jade Faul - Social Services

Cody Hollinger – Diesel

Huber Heights
Kevin Bull - Registered Nursing
Tashawna Davenport - General Transfer
Viola Deng - Registered Nursing
Walter Jackson - Physical Therapist Assistant
Debbra Lawrence - Registered Nursing
Cindy Platt – Accounting
Michelle Reid - Management - Human Resource
Joseph Sanchez - Criminal Justice
Shane Smeltzer - General Transfer
April Young - Registered Nursing

Stacie Barcus – Management
Emily Ellis - General Transfer
Andrija Gingell - Physical Therapist Assistant
Brianna Henry - Medical Laboratory
Jonathan Lacey - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Chadd Sollenberger - Horticultural Industries - Golf Course Operations

Latoya Billingsley - Registered Nursing
Stacey Burkett - General Transfer
Zachary Curry - Medical Laboratory
Kofi Domfe - Registered Nursing
Lindsey Flaherty - Registered Nursing
Sophia Hernandez-Perry – Management
Leonard Katooto - Registered Nursing
Robert Nigro - Physical Therapist Assistant
Danielle Snider - Medical Assisting Certificate
Rhonda Tyra - Social Services

Andy Gantner - Registered Nursing

Melissa Jenkins - Registered Nursing         

Shelly Stephens - Physical Therapist Assistant     

Kendra Berschet - General Transfer
Troy Bevilacqua - Computer Networking
Isaac Davison - Registered Nursing
Erika Denen - General Transfer
Jennifer Ernst - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain
Hannah Fender - Registered Nursing
Mason Murry - General Transfer
Taylor Pennell - Corrections
Stephanie Ratliff - Registered Nursing
Lyndsi Smith - General Transfer
Elisabeth Weidner - General Transfer

Meranda Pingleton - Practical Nursing      

Magnetic Springs
Chelsey Ramos - Practical Nursing 

Maple Heights
Danielle Robinson - General Transfer

Lindsey Grant - Registered Nursing
Brayden Hughes - General Transfer
Gabriella Livingston - Registered Nursing
Chelsey Rozeboom - Practical Nursing
Devin Swiatek - General Transfer  

Danielle Bentley - Registered Nursing
Corey Bogan - General Transfer
Kimberly Foss - Registered Nursing
Emily Holland - Social Services
Mitchell Justice - Management – Insurance
Kellie Owen - Criminal Justice
Tom Segreti - Agricultural  Business
Maykayla Smith - Practical Nursing

Danny Coates - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain
Taylor Halderman - Physical Therapist Assistant
Erika Jones - General Transfer
Kelsie Kilgore - Accounting

Heather Blevins - Practical Nursing
Tabitha Hess - Practical Nursing
Catherine Long - General Transfer
Isaac Nzamutuma - Registered Nursing
Leisha Rigg - General Transfer
Stephanie Schneider - Registered Nursing
Stacey Tanner - Practical Nursing

Ashley Bowling - Practical Nursing

Mount Sterling
Deana Leach - Physical Therapist Assistant          

New Albany
Samia Ismail - Computer Networking and CyberSecurity/Information Assurance

New Carlisle
Morgan Allen - General Transfer
Olivia Collins - General Transfer
Marissa Couch - General Transfer
Sarah Decurtins - Registered Nursing
Kayla Garrett - Registered Nursing
Nolan Hall - General Transfer
Jared Henkle - General Transfer
Hannah Lees - Practical Nursing
Sierra Lightner - Practical Nursing
Melody O'Neal - General Transfer
Noah Patch - General Transfer
Jonah Shearer - Computer Software Development
Bryant Walters - General Transfer
Linda Wardell - Social Services
Kati Wilcox - Medical Assisting Certificate
Amy Williams - Healthcare Concentration

North Hampton
Brittney Clagg-Newton - Practical Nursing
Christy Cottrell - Management - Human Resource

North Lewisburg
Brooks Organ - Practical Nursing   

Aaron Jackson - General Transfer  

Jacob Dinsmore - Physical Therapist Assistant     

Plain City
Sydney Garringer - Registered Nursing     

Charlene Foreman - Management  

Esther Anka - Registered Nursing  

Lisa Brown - Practical Nursing

Lindsay Van Hoose - Practical Nursing

Jennifer Nguyen - Office Administration    

Courtney Boyer - Practical Nursing
Jody Boyer - Practical Nursing        
Christopher Geeslin - Emergency Medical Services          

Russells Point
Jessi Voll - Practical Nursing

Hannah Crabtree - Practical Nursing         

Saint Paris
Michael Conley - Horticultural Industries - Landscape Design   
Eliese Rembold - Registered Nursing         

Richard Kovacs - Registered Nursing         

Haley Harrison - Medical Laboratory        

South Charleston
Elisha Casey - Registered Nursing
Brooklyn Casto -Registered Nursing
Melinda Dugan - Agricultural  Business
Celesta Jung - General Transfer
Katie Kimley - Registered Nursing
Emily Manning - Registered Nursing
Adam McDonough - Computer Software Development
Rachael Smith - Management - Human Resource
Austin Snodgrass - Computer Software Development
Joshua Trapp - Practical Nursing
Elijah Tuttle - Computer-Aided Design
Tara Wagner - Registered Nursing

South Lebanon
Sean Chapman - Physical Therapist Assistant

South Vienna
Kelly Bush - General Transfer
Michael Haddix - Agricultural Business - Agricultural Engineering
Shelby McGraw - General Transfer
Triston McGuire - Computer Networking
Charles Meade - General Transfer
Heather Standley - Practical Nursing
Timothy Thompson - Social Services

Clifford Hatch - Registered Nursing

Mason Koster - General Transfer
Amanda Adams – Accounting
Sarah Albaugh - Registered Nursing
Nicholas Aldrich - Physical Therapist Assistant
Arbia Ameur - Registered Nursing
Jacob Andorfer - Registered Nursing
Nathan Andorfer - Registered Nursing
Fanta Avery - Practical Nursing
Logan Ballard - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Danyah Barnes - General Transfer
William Bauer - General Transfer
Martin Becker – Management
Mawel Beedy - General Transfer
Rachel Benton - General Transfer
Jennie Berrien - General Transfer
Anthony Bishop - General Transfer
Ashley Blancet - Registered Nursing
Crystal Bollinger - Office Administration
Jordon Bowen – Diesel
Shelbi Bowkamp – Accounting
Taylor Bowman - Registered Nursing
Courtney Bowshier - Practical Nursing
Cheryl Brinkmann - Registered Nursing
Shelby Brown - Registered Nursing
Nicole Bucher - General Transfer
Angela Burks - Practical Nursing
Christina Cardosi - Registered Nursing
Stephanie Carter Olan - General Transfer
Hayley Cartwright - Physical Therapist Assistant
Kristin Cavallaro - Medical Laboratory
Amani Chilton - Registered Nursing
Ebony Clark - Registered Nursing
Matthew Clark - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Hayleigh Clinger - General Transfer
Rachel Cloud - Office Administration, Medical Office Administration
Melissa Coles - Management - Human Resource
Leslie Collier - Registered Nursing
Michelle Compton - Criminal Justice
Tanisha Cosby - Accounting, Accounting Certificate
Tonjala Cosby – Management, Real Estate Broker
Makayla Cosper - General Transfer
Jessy Cox - Social Services
Brian Coy – Management
Robyn Crossley - Social Services
Corinne Curtis - Registered Nursing
Isaiah Cydrus - General Transfer
India Davis - General Transfer
Mindy Denney - Medical Laboratory
Allison Denton - Registered Nursing
Celeea Dixon - General Transfer
Elijah Dobbins - General Transfer
Nathaniel Doman - General Transfer
Danielle Dyer - Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Megan Dyer - General Transfer
Samantha Eggers - Medical Laboratory
Brandon Elmore - General Transfer
Rachel Errett - Social Services
Lauren Fagan - General Transfer
Hannah Feltner - Practical Nursing
Teryn Ferrell - General Transfer
Baylie Finch - General Transfer
Priscilla Finchum - New Media
Helen Fish - Management - Human Resource
Kathern Fisher - Office Administration
Shayna Flowers - General Transfer
Cortnee Fogel – Management
Tyler Foulke - Registered Nursing
Raphael Gakau - Computer Software Development
Hailey Gallop - General Transfer
Marco Garcia - General Transfer
Stephanie Gaston – Management
Brittany Geer - General Transfer
Kristin Geiger - General Transfer
Aaron Giffin - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Joseph Givens - Social Services
Jessica Graham - Registered Nursing
Mariah Graham - General Transfer
Tessa Graves - General Transfer
Celas Gray - Criminal Justice
Shauna Gullett - Social Services
Jennifer Harris - Accounting
Michelle Harris – Business Transfer
Daniel Hayslip Jr. - General Transfer
Andrew Hedges - Computer Networking
Sam Heinzen - Medical Laboratory
Christopher Hill – Management
Hannah Hitchcock - New Media
Dusica Holbrook - Practical Nursing
Stacy Holland - Office Administration
Matthew Howell - General Transfer
Madison Huber - Registered Nursing
Bryan Huffman - General Transfer
Jacob Hupman - Computer Networking - Technical Systems Support
Shantell Jewett - Registered Nursing
Grant Johnson - Corrections
Traes Johnson - General Transfer
Emilie Jones - Registered Nursing
Stephanie Jones – Corrections
Trina Jones - Social Services
Kristy Joseph - Management - Human Resource
Kyle Judy - Manufacturing Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
Rachael Judy - Technical Studies
Samantha Keckler - Agricultural  Business
Jennifer Kerr - Registered Nursing
Noah Kerr – Diesel
Joseph Kibugwa - Computer Networking
Bernadette Kidd - Computer Networking and CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Katelyn King - General Transfer
Corey Knapp - Registered Nursing
Jessica Lair - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain
Jennifer Laird - Practical Nursing
Owen Lambert - General Transfer
Justice Lawrence -General Transfer
Kitana Leger - Medical Assisting Certificate
Danielle Leyva - Practical Nursing
Jacob Livingston - General Transfer
Walter Locher - Computer Networking
Holly Lockhart - Registered Nursing
Michelle Lowrie - Office Administration - Medical Office Administration
Tina Marsh – Management, Management – Marketing
Jeffery Marshall – Management
Daniele Massey - Registered Nursing
Rachael Matthews - General Transfer
Ruth Matuke - Computer-Aided Design
Ilisabeath May - Graphic Design
Morgan McClain - Computer Software Development
Jeffrey McCloskey - Medical Laboratory
Tori McCoy - General Transfer
Ka'Lesha McDavid - General Transfer
Emily Miller - Registered Nursing
Hayley Milliron - General Transfer
Heather Milliron - General Transfer
Thandiwe Mines - Registered Nursing
Johnika Morgan - Physical Therapist Assistant
Mahadiyya Muhammad - General Transfer
Haley Myers - General Transfer
Amanda Nangle - Computer Software Development
Chelsea Nelson - Practical Nursing
Michael O'Neal - General Transfer
Destanee Oliver - Criminal Justice
Mitchell Orr - General Transfer
Austyn Patterson - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Tina Pesek - Computer Networking and Computer Networking - Technical Systems Support
Holly Pester - General Transfer
Cassie Picklesimon - Office Administration - Medical Office Administration
Rachel Pierce - General Transfer
Tristen PitzerGeneral Transfer
Robert Pontsler - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain and General Transfer
Stacy Poole - Medical Assisting Certificate
Amber Rice – Corrections
Ciera Richardson - Precision Agriculture
Matthew Ricketts - General Transfer
Jacqueline Riley - Registered Nursing
Lauren Rinehart - Registered Nursing
Zachary Roberts - Performance Arts
Michael Roddy - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain
Niger Rojas Serrano - General Transfer
Hannah Runyan - Registered Nursing
Jeffrey Sagraves – Management
Allison Sanders - General Transfer
Hannah Scarberry - General Transfer
Thomas Schaefer - Criminal Justice
Megan Schmidt - Practical Nursing
Danielle Schofield - Registered Nursing
Erin Schwarz - Management – Marketing
Aaron Sherman - Management - Logistics and Supply Chain
Peyton Slagle - New Media
Atalia Smith - Social Services
Ceaira Smith - General Transfer
Timothy Snapp - Computer Software Development
Sarah South - Registered Nursing
Reagan Speas - General Transfer
Breyana Stanford - Healthcare Concentration
Marisa Stanley - General Transfer
Andrew Starr - General Transfer
August Stevens - Medical Assisting
Dion Stevens - Social Services
David Stevens II - General Transfer
Joseph Stewart - Computer Networking
Lisa Storer - Medical Assisting Certificate
Anna-Renee Streater – Management
Tamia Stroud - Graphic Design
Tonya Stroup - Registered Nursing
Quiana Summers - Registered Nursing
Quinn Tarrent - Physical Therapist Assistant
Shannon Tayloe - General Transfer
Jeanette Terbay – Management
Shane Toms - Graphic Design
Scott Tursic - General Transfer
Kaitlyn Waller - General Transfer
Brian Watson - Graphic Design
Ora Weaver - Registered Nursing
Timothy Weeks - General Transfer
Joseph Weikert - Social Services
Catherine Weimer - Social Services
Dawn Welliford - Management - Human Resource
Brittany Wells - General Transfer
Tanner White - General Transfer
Whitney White - General Transfer
Angie Williams - Registered Nursing
Heather Williams - Office Administration
Abby Wilt - General Transfer
Shantel Witherspoon - Registered Nursing
Tracy Yates – Management, Management - Human Resource
Brooke Zettel -Registered Nursing
Tina Zettel - Registered Nursing

Jack Miller - General Transfer        

Eric Olson - Practical Nursing         

Latoya Crowder - Practical Nursing
Anais Morrow - Management         

Julius Ddamba - Heat, Vent, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration
Sarah Duran - Early Childhood Education
Carmen Raglin - Practical Nursing
Justin Richards - Emergency Medical Services
Dustin Shepherd - Management - Human Resource

Brianna Auldridge – Management
Cheryl Bader – Accounting
Lexis Bennett - Graphic Design and New Media
Robert Boerger - Practical Nursing
Celestial Bremer - General Transfer
Jason Casto - Management – Marketing
Matthew Ewers – Corrections
Andrew Fisher - General Transfer
Sierra Hoermle - Practical Nursing
Alisha Hunter – Management
Bry Ireland - General Transfer
Alan James - General Transfer
MyKaela Jumper - Medical Assisting Certificate, Medical Assisting
Kassondra Kendall - Medical Assisting Certificate
Brock Lucas - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Kelsey Lynn - General Transfer
Jacob McConaha - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Stacey Nawman - Management Certificate
Cassondra Nelson - Practical Nursing
Joseph Russell - Physical Therapist Assistant
Kyle Schrader - Emergency Medical Services
Andrew Walters - Heat, Vent, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration
Tyler Wolf - Emergency Medical Services

Caleb Johns - Physical Therapist Assistant
LaTasha'onna Maclin - General Transfer  

Alexandriah Parker - Practical Nursing     

Jeremy Weaver - Computer Networking

Washington Court House
Colleen Meehan - Registered Nursing
Taylor Kirkpatrick - Graphic Design          

Washington Township
Renada Baldwin - Registered Nursing
Natalie Knight - Registered Nursing

West Carrollton
Elizabeth Mason - General Transfer          
Diane Mushimiyedata - Registered Nursing          

West Jefferson
Philip McDowell - General Transfer

West Liberty
Karli Daniels - Registered Nursing
Lauren Eckstein - Registered Nursing
Madeline Estes - General Transfer
Gary Kline - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Rachel Leach - Registered Nursing
Alex Thompson - Practical Nursing

West Milton
Ashlie Brewer - Registered Nursing           

Roda Abdulkadir - Registered Nursing      

Christopher Geyer - Physical Therapist Assistant 
Rebecca Ongera - Registered Nursing

Erin Chess - Agricultural Business 
Jessica Wagner - Office Administration - Medical Office Administration

Rachel Mackov - Registered Nursing          

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Katelyn Beers - Practical Nursing   

Ashley Abbott - Registered Nursing
Benjamin Atkins - Horticultural Industries - Landscape Design
Rebecca Bunch - Registered Nursing
Esteban Cardoza - Computer Networking
Brent Daufen - General Transfer
Tammy Dugan - Social Services
Olivia Eddy - General Transfer
Trent Elam - Registered Nursing
Tabitha Fletcher - Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Madison Given - General Transfer
Jonathan Goble - General Transfer
Brenda Grooms - Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting Certificate
Timothy Hagler – Diesel
Logan Harris - Registered Nursing
Taylor Hemmerich - General Transfer
Melodee Jones - Registered Nursing
John Mitchell - Horticultural Industries - Nursery Operations
Emily Oliver - Practical Nursing
Jennifer Pollock - Practical Nursing
Jonathan Poston - CyberSecurity/Information Assurance
Janet Russell - Office Administration - Medical Office Administration
Leah Shope - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Brittany Shultz - Physical Therapist Assistant
Christopher Sineno - Management - Real Estate Broker
Brooke Whitt - Practical Nursing
Lauren Woehl - Early Childhood Education

Yellow Springs
Benjamin Knotts - Physical Therapist Assistant    
Andrew Miller - General Transfer  
Danielle Rodgers - Management - Human Resource        

Alysa Centers - General Transfer   
Julia Curry - Practical Nursing        
Joshua Welty - Criminal Justice       
Mackenzie Yocum - Registered Nursing    
Luis Peralta - Physical Therapist Assistant           

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