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Clark State to Celebrate Commencement with Two Ceremonies on Saturday, May 12

Clark State to Celebrate Commencement with Two Ceremonies on Saturday, May 12

May 8, 2018

Clark State Community College will celebrate commencement with two ceremonies on Saturday, May 12 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center in downtown Springfield. The Clark State Class of 2018 features 660 candidates for graduation who will receive their degree or certificate of completion. This is up slightly over the class of 2017.

Clark State alumni Randy Kapp and Johnne Heard will receive the inaugural Alumni Awards.

“We are so proud of our graduates, and how better to celebrate their accomplishments than to invite back to campus our successful past graduates—our alumni,” said Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, president of Clark State. “Randy Kapp will receive the Distinguished Alumni Award because he has distinguished himself as a businessman, community leader and supporter of his alma mater. The Rising Alumni Award will be presented to Johnne Heard who is at the beginning of his career, but is already bringing distinction to his alma mater through his service and his inspiration to current students. Our graduates would do well to emulate these two outstanding alumni.”

Randy Kapp graduated from Clark State in 1976 with a degree in civil engineering and was the college’s graduation speaker in 2009. He is president of Kapp Construction and served on the Clark State Foundation board for nine years; he was chairman for two years.

Kapp advises graduates and students to choose a vocation or career that they like and to never stop learning.

“One thing I recommend is to have an open mind to continuous learning,” he said. “Think of your mind as a sponge to always soak up new ideas and learn more. Never stop learning.”

Kapp Construction was founded in 1985, and in 1989 Kapp was named by Inc. magazine as one of the Inc. 500: America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Kapp credits his success to his talented staff for their dedication and skills.

“It is important to like what you do and the people you work with,” said Kapp. “If you do, you will put your heart into it, and you will soon be recognized for that. Don’t pick something because you think it pays great; that may not lead to happiness. Choose what you do based on satisfaction you get.”

Kapp served on the campaign committee for the fundraising efforts that built the Sara T. Landess Technology and Learning Center and the Hollenbeck Bayley Creative Arts and Conference Center. Kapp was named a Friend of Community Colleges by the Ohio Association of Community Colleges and his company, Kapp Construction, is a major sponsor of the Clark State Performing Arts Center.

Chicago native Johnne Heard made his way to Clark State in September of 2010, working part-time in the Clark State mailroom and later in the Admissions office processing applications and giving campus tours. He graduated with an associate degree in management in 2012.

“I am proud and thankful to be acknowledged by the school where I got started,” he said. “I did some research and found that the people at Clark State really cared and wanted me to succeed. That’s how I knew I picked the right college.”

Heard said he never thought he would go on to finish his bachelor’s degree and MBA, but “it all worked out” when he realized his credits would transfer. Heard completed his bachelor’s degree in 2015 and expects to complete his master’s degree in 2019 from Ohio University.

Graduate Kelita Evans will speak at the first commencement ceremony at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. Evans is from Columbus, Ohio. She will graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice. She plans to continue her education and earn a four-year degree. She will speak to students about following their dreams even when times get tough.

“Keep pushing no matter how long it takes or how hard it gets,” she said. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. It was a great time, and I’m glad I did it. If I could go back and change anything, I would not.”

Katherine Godfrey, a junior at Tecumseh High School in New Carlisle, will be the commencement speaker for the second ceremony at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. She is graduating with an Associate of Arts degree through the CCP program. She will speak about the key components of life and getting through college.

“I think the CCP program is a wonderful program for students who want to get ahead in their education,” she said. “CCP lets high school students earn dual credits at both institutions. I plan on continuing my education at Wright State University and then later get my law degree.”

Clark State will confer degrees to 14 graduates who earned their degrees through the College Credit Plus (CCP) program. This is the largest number of CCP students to graduate from Clark State while participating in the program.

“CCP students who are able to complete their associate degree while in high school are determined, driven and hardworking students,” said Kristin Skiles, director of enrollment management for Clark State. “They have dedicated a lot of their time completing the courses and have the drive to want to go above and beyond. These are exceptional qualities in our young adults!”

The Clark State Class of 2018 features:

Clark State Class of 2018

Kimberly Harleman - Accounting
Miranda Thomas - Practical Nursing Certificate

Amanda Beatty - Management-Human Resource
Dixie Evans - Social Services
Casie Goldberg- Registered Nursing
Lucas Hamman - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Mark Hastriter - Associate of Science
Samara Hughley - Registered Nursing
Joel Knepper - Computer Aided Design
Megan Lesnoski - Associate of Science
Katelynn McDowell - Associate of Science
Lacey Miller - Registered Nursing
Hannah Randlett - Associate of Arts
Amber Rimkus - Medical Assisting Certificate
Benjamin Ripple - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Eddie Rivera - Medical Laboratory
Sydney Shuster - Medical Assisting
Ashley Stelljes - Registered Nursing
Justin Stewart - Associate of Science
Jiaxin Wang - Practical Nursing Certificate
Cory Watchorn - Associate of Science
Christopher Wehner - Associate of Arts

Kayleigh Queen - Physical Therapist Assistant

Kaitlyn Baker - Practical Nursing Certificate
Emily Calderon - Associate of Science
Ashley Defibaugh - Associate of Science
Derek Horne - Associate of Arts
Brianna Jameson - Associate of Science
April Jenkins - Management
Hannah King - Practical Nursing Certificate
Jennifer Martin - Associate of Science
Ashley Miranda - Practical Nursing Certificate
Jessalyn Oppy - Practical Nursing Certificate
Lacey Rose - Management-Human Resource
Holli Taylor - Practical Nursing Certificate

Idil Ali - Medical Laboratory
Lora Rusike - Physical Therapist Assistant

Derrick Marcum - Criminal Justice

Dale Gade - Horticultural Industries-Parks and Recreation Operations

Dawn Byers - Associate of Arts
Victoria Enochs - Registered Nursing
Drue Lemasters - Associate of Science
Hannah Walls - Horticultural Industries-Natural Resources

Canal Winchester
Whitnee Rowland - Registered Nursing    

Rebecca Whisman - Registered Nursing    

Amanda Ferryman - Registered Nursing   
Cody Herron - Manufacturing Engineering

Colin Bramble - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain
Adam Cain - Criminal Justice
Ruthe Lillich - Management-Human Resource
Allison Osburn - Associate of Arts
Anna Wright - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration

Brian Bosworth - Diesel
Cortney Campbell - Registered Nursing
Christopher Morris - Physical Therapist Assistant
Laura Smith - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration

Ronnie Nelson - Medical Laboratory

Erin Belanger - Registered Nursing
Molly Morris – Management-Logistics and Supply Chain

Farhiya Adan - Medical Laboratory
Asha Ahmed - Medical Laboratory
Savannah Bard - Associate of Science
Neandra Belafonte - Associate of Science
Belen Berzunza - Practical Nursing Certificate
John Brown - Registered Nursing
Charlina Davis - Registered Nursing
Skylar Earle - Associate of Science
Kelita Evans - Criminal Justice
Shatica Fitzpatrick - Registered Nursing
Carol Goode - Registered Nursing
Hodan Hashi - Medical Laboratory
Eboni Jackson - Practical Nursing Certificate
Stephanie Knight - Associate of Arts
Erin Lester - Physical Therapist Assistant
Daniquia Miree - Social Services
Mary Mitchell - Physical Therapist Assistant
Mourine Nyangoro - Registered Nursing
Aleia Robinson - Associate of Science
Kofi Sarpong - Medical Laboratory
Raven Wilborn - Associate of Science
Natasha Williamson - Practical Nursing Certificate

Tasha Craig - Registered Nursing

Destiny Anderson - Associate of Science
Taylor Arthur - Criminal Justice
Michelle Begley - Registered Nursing
Amanda Berger - Management-Human Resource
Chase Bowen - Associate of Science
Carolyn Breining - Associate of Science
Richard Butler - Registered Nursing
Rochelle Butler - Associate of Arts
Danielle Cartwright - Social Services
Janay Corbitt - Social Services
Donna Curtiss - Registered Nursing
Marie Dawson - Practical Nursing Certificate
Sara Dulaney - Registered Nursing
Emmanual Dushimire - Medical Assisting Certificate
Carol Evans - Registered Nursing
Amanda Farley - Computer Networking
Teresa Fasick - Registered Nursing
Courtney Garrett - Computer Networking
Jeremiah Graves - Management-Human Resource
Nora Hattab - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Lori Hines - Social Services
Lisa Hodge - Registered Nursing
Kelly Huffman - Social Services
De'janee Isaac - Social Services
Albert Jackson - Social Services
Lesley Johnson - Associate of Science
Leah Lewis - Social Services
Lori Lowe - Registered Nursing
Gregory Marlow - Diesel
Danielle Mendenhall - Registered Nursing
Zamira Mirzayeva - Registered Nursing
Chelsea Morgan - Physical Therapist Assistant
Esperance Murekatete - Practical Nursing
Tracey Oder - Accounting
Ethan Parsons - Computer Aided Design
Lacey Partin - Practical Nursing Certificate
Lindsay Patterson - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Ladresha Player-Spear - Criminal Justice
Aryienne Poulton-Callahan - Associate of Science
Tyesha Qualls-Tanui - Social Services
Katrina Queen - Associate of Science
Angela Resendiz - Criminal Justice
Brianna Rice - Registered Nursing
Darlene Roche - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Gearra Sampson - Healthcare Concentration
Jennifer Satinover - Practical Nursing Certificate
Eva Scott - Management-Insurance
Courtney Smith - Social Services
AshleySmith-Jones - Registered Nursing
August Stevens - Medical Assisting Certificate
Stacey Tanner - Associate of Science
Valencia Terrell - Associate of Arts
Arianda Timme - Practical Nursing Certificate
Kara Vendetti - Registered Nursing
Stephanie Vitale - Early Childhood Education
Stephanie Wooten - Registered Nursing

Amy Wright - Practical Nursing Certificate
Lauren Anderson - Associate of Science    

Keith Grimm - Associate of Science
Jennifer Hicks - Accounting 

Leeann Boehler - Registered Nursing        

East Liberty
Virgie Boggs - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration      

Jody Arnold - Social Services
Amanda Benson - Office Administration
Linda Bruner - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Bonnie Burkepile - Medical Assisting
Cheri Gibson - Management
Katherine Godfrey - Associate of Arts
Kaitlyn Kiser - Medical Assisting Certificate
Brittaney McHenry - Management
Kayleen Roberts - Medical Assisting
David Roush - Horticultural Industries-Landscape Design
Lisa Swallow - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Rhonda Turney - Medical Assisting

Ethan Barlage - Graphic Design
James Bloomer - Computer Networking
Michelle Burns - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain
Tabatha Burns - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Dakota Cortez - Registered Nursing
Carah Dewitt - Associate of Science
Janea Eichman - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Devon Fenton - Medical Laboratory
Nick Gamberdella - Associate of Science
Chelsea Horton - Medical Assisting
Jessica Jackson - Associate of Science
Kathleen Jones - Management-Human Resource
Michael Lovell - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain
Charles McCarty - Registered Nursing
Brenda Miller - Medical Assisting Certificate
Christine Nagy - Medical Laboratory
Jessica Neff - Registered Nursing
Jenna Picklesimer - Healthcare Concentration
Mackensie Prosser - Management-Marketing
Lauren Queen - Horticultural Industries-Nursery Operations
Matthew Sandrock - Computer Software Development
Laura Smith - Associate of Science
Seth Snyder - Associate of Science
Mia Spratling - Associate of Arts
Mackenzie Strang - Associate of Science
Erin Striebich - Registered Nursing
Audrey Tuazon-Garza - Registered Nursing
Tara Valladares - Social Services
Arianna Wagers - Management
Sean Warren II - Associate of Science
Donna Wightman - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Lisa Wightman - Medical Assisting
Tiffany Wilkes - Practical Nursing
Maurice Wimberly - Associate of Science
Audrey Young - Accounting

Andrew Heet - Registered Nursing
Dewan Jackson - Management Certificate  

Kelsy Erisman - Registered Nursing           

Devin Muncy - Physical Therapist Assistant          

Tyler Lewis - Associate of Science  
Loren Schulte - Practical Nursing Certificate

Brittany Aberegg - Physical Therapist Assistant   
Angie Erhard - Registered Nursing

Matthew Modrowski - Diesel          

Annette Nobile - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain

Kelley Berry - Practical Nursing Certificate
Aicha Sow - Practical Nursing Certificate

Charles Lutterloh - New Media       
Cassidy Zeigler - Accounting           

Bobbie Evans - Management           

Huber Heights
Zyaire Arnold - Practical Nursing Certificate
Russ Brown - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Gabriel Dawson - Registered Nursing
Emily Dignin - Social Services
Catherine Fritz - Management-Human Resource
Charles Fritz - Management-Human Resource
Ashley Gremling - Registered Nursing
Rebecca Hill - Medical Laboratory
Amanda Lang - Registered Nursing
Brandy Lemaster - Registered Nursing
Brittany Tulanko - Registered Nursing

Cassandra Cassandra - Registered Nursing
Kaylin Trout - Registered Nursing

Stacie Barcus - Management
Benjamin Evans - Associate of Science
Brooke Henry - Associate of Arts
Ashleigh Zeckser - Registered Nursing

Bailey Koehler - Practical Nursing Certificate

Aimee Butts - Accounting
Patricia Fliss - Registered Nursing
Sophia Hernandez-Perry - Management
Gregory Norrod - Registered Nursing
Jacob Robinson - Registered Nursing
Brittany Stone - Physical Therapist Assistant
Andrew Thompson - Criminal Justice
Megan Ullom - Management-Marketing
Megan Yenn - Registered Nursing
Jazmine Zachery - Associate of Arts

Brayden Downs - Medical Assisting

Ashley Martel - Healthcare Concentration 

Kristine Belcher - Registered Nursing
Randi Bennett - Office Administration
Denise Bloomfield - Management-Human Resource
Caitlin Cavallaro - Graphic Design
Lauren Frey - Physical Therapist Assistant
Sophie Hall - Registered Nursing
Kayle Mast - Agricultural Business
Darla McClellan - Registered Nursing
Jessica Meade - Associate of Arts
Jasmin Montgomery - Registered Nursing
Taylor Nelson - Associate of Arts
Taylor Pennell - Corrections
Julius Peterson - Associate of Arts
Madison Ripley - Associate of Science
Nicole Virts - Registered Nursing

Jamieson Benoit - Associate of Science      
Madeline Stock - Registered Nursing         

Alex Blessing - Management

Starla Alexander - Registered Nursing
Michelle Burns - Registered Nursing
Kara Gibson - Physical Therapist Assistant
Tabitha Miles - Associate of Science
Kimberly Moran - Registered Nursing
Andrea Mullet - Practical Nursing Certificate
Rachel Prior - Practical Nursing Certificate
Krysten Rohlf - Practical Nursing Certificate

Julia Ankrom - Criminal Justice
Paige Crotty - Registered Nursing
Miranda Dunham - Criminal Justice
Chester Folck - Associate of Science
Debra Lowe - Medical Assisting
Kimberly Ortiz - Social Services
Andrew Scordato - Registered Nursing
Jeffery Smith - Industrial Technology
Jacqueline Venrick - Associate of Arts
Abby Watts - Graphic Design

John Cauthern - Management
Lucas Gulley - Associate of Arts
Michael Thompson - Criminal Justice

Tonya Davis-Caldwell - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Antwoine Kesler - Food Science
Damon Miller - Registered Nursing
Christina Tayong - Practical Nursing Certificate

Milford Center
Tyler Cantrell - Associate of Arts    
Gretchen Fancey - Registered Nursing       

Victoria Hargrove - Associate of Arts

Mt. Sterling  
Jennifer Ernst - Management-Human Resource   

New Carlisle
Nicole Billetter - Accounting
Laurie Bowers - Management-Human Resource
Bethany Carson - Associate of Arts
Mickaela Dean - Early Childhood Education
Nickole Dean - Associate of Science
Emma Ford - Associate of Science
Dustin Gammon - Associate of Science
Melinda Harvey - Registered Nursing
Eliza Hershberger - Agricultural Business
Erin Hoehn - Registered Nursing
Nicole Hopping - Agricultural Business
Taylor Huxley - Associate of Arts
Sierra Lightner - Healthcare Concentration
Paige O'Byrne - Practical Nursing Certificate
Quinn Overdorf - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Katelyn Partlow - Criminal Justice
Amy Rodewald - Accounting
Amber Saltis - Social Services
Landon Smith - Criminal Justice
Donna Stewart - Management-Human Resource
Anna Walter - Medical Assisting
Abigail York -Registered Nursing

North Hampton
Cody Busick - Computer Software Development  
Kenneth May - Registered Nursing

North Lewisburg
Lauren Holaday - Registered Nursing        
Grace McDaniel - Associate of Science       

Michelle Grossman - Registered Nursing   
Brooke Tepe - Registered Nursing 

Megan Rammel - Accounting           

Thorne Stephens - Associate of Science     

Ryan Ratliff - Registered Nursing   
Zenaw Shiferaw - Medical Laboratory       

Michael Ring - Associate of Arts

Benjamin Drake - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain       

Russells Point
Dakota Ebright - Practical Nursing Certificate

Saint Paris   
Kathyrn Lanich - Agricultural Business     
Karin Ray - Practical Nursing Certificate
Kyle Taylor - Associate of Science
Jessica Waldron - Agricultural Business    

South Charleston
Corrinn Hamby - Registered Nursing
Nicholas Joos - Associate of Science
Emily Myers - Practical Nursing Certificate
Christine Nesbitt - Registered Nursing
Kelsey South - Social Services
Caleb Weller - Associate of Arts
Caitlin Willfong - Registered Nursing
Michael Wilson - Registered Nursing

South Vienna
Alexander Gragg - Physical Therapist Assistant
Brittney Macy - Medical Assisting
Alyssa Miller - Physical Therapist Assistant
Kali Miller - Agricultural Business
Tyler Newman - Associate of Science
Alicia Sehen - Registered Nursing

Michael Odeh - Associate of Science           

Nicole Ackerman - Associate of Arts
Amanda Adams - Management
Taylor Adams - Associate of Arts
Tyrishma Adams - Practical Nursing Certificate
Danni Adkins - Practical Nursing Certificate
Scarlet Aiple - Associate of Arts
Lisa Allen - Registered Nursing
Brandon Allison - Computer Networking
Korey Arvin - Associate of Science
Zachary Avery - Associate of Science
Ashley Bailey - Registered Nursing
Heather Beck - Computer Networking
Joeseph Belcher - Associate of Science
Meagene Birt - Associate of Arts
Chase Black - Registered Nursing
Emily Blair - Management-Human Resource
Dustin Bodenmiller - Associate of Science
Courtney Bowers - Medical Assisting
Tyler Bowshier - Associate of Arts
Karl Breidenbach - Registered Nursing
Chelsea Brown - Registered Nursing
Kelly Brown - Early Childhood Education
Christy Brumfield - Registered Nursing
Shaakira Bullock - Social Services
Alyssa Burchett - Registered Nursing
Bridget Burchett - Practical Nursing Certificate
Samantha Burchwell - Agricultural Business
Angela Burks - Associate of Arts
Isaac Cain - Associate of Arts
Katy Cardoza - Registered Nursing
Michael Carter - Social Services
Allison Cartwright - Registered Nursing
Matthew Channels - Associate of Science
Kimberly Clark-Boggs - Office Administration
Sara Closson - Corrections
Elizabeth Cooper - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Emily Copeland - Early Childhood Education
Morgan Crawford - Associate of Science
Carrie Craycraft - Practical Nursing Certificate
Joseph Crosnoe - Registered Nursing
Denise Daugherty - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Willard De Armond - Social Services
Tammy Dean - Practical Nursing Certificate
Gary Detrick - Industrial Technology
Kathryn Dewell - Management-Marketing
Elijah Dobbins - Associate of Arts
Robert Dolph - Practical Nursing Certificate
David Dooley - Accounting
Pepper Doyle - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Noell Dratler - Registered Nursing
LeAnna Durbin - Registered Nursing
Travis Ellington - Accounting
Jason Estes - Management
Taviyon Eubanks - Associate of Science
Harold Farmer - Computer Software Development
Joshua Fent - Computer Networking
Jessica Fenton - Registered Nursing
Ceaira Ferryman - Associate of Arts
Cortnee Fogel - Management
Antonio Fogliani - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
William Forbes - Associate of Science
Benjamin Franzen - Management
Christopher Freeze - Emergency Medical Services
Wade Frizzell - Management
Alissa Gaffney - Associate of Arts
Leah Garrett - Criminal Justice
Stephanie Gaston - Technical Studies
Kristin Geiger - Associate of Science
Kristen Gerard - Associate of Science
Joshua Gnau - Associate of Science
Alissa Gonzalez - Practical Nursing Certificate
Zachary Graham - Accounting
Tiffany Gray - Management-Human Resource
Danielle Greene - Registered Nursing
Inga Greentree - Management-Human Resource
Dominick Gutierrez - Registered Nursing
Kara Haas - Management-Human Resource
Zachary Harding - Diesel
Brittany Harman - Management
Cody Harmon - Accounting
Kristen Harris - Practical Nursing Certificate
Michelle Harris - Associate of Science
Amber Hartman - Associate of Arts
David Hartung - Management
Joseph Harvey - Emergency Medical Services
Allison Hay - Management
Madison Hayes - Associate of Science
Andrew Hedges - Computer Networking
Trina Hooten - Social Services
Cory House - Associate of Science
Kennedy House - Healthcare Concentration
Rebekka Huston - Medical Laboratory
Krystal Jacks - Criminal Justice
Alexsis Johnson - Associate of Science
Andrew Johnson - Associate of Science
Sean Johnson - Associate of Science
Kristy Joseph - Management
Kyle Judy - Computer Aided Design
Madeline Kearns - Associate of Science
Megan Kelly - Performance Arts
Joseph Kibugwa - Computer Networking
Elizabeth Kimmel - New Media
Darren Kuhns - Associate of Science
Taylor Lambert - Associate of Science
Justice Lawrence - Associate of Arts
Alysia Lazear - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Leslie Leibold - Management-Human Resource
Britney Lenover - Registered Nursing
Tiffany Leslie - Associate of Arts
Justin Lisch - GIS/Geospatial
Cayla Long - Physical Therapist Assistant
Tara Lunsford - Criminal Justice
Gayle Lutz - Physical Therapist Assistant
Brandi Lyons - Registered Nursing
Veronica Madeira - Computer Aided Design
Brittany Mata - Social Services
Sara Matthew - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Deborah McCarthy - Practical Nursing Certificate
Gerald McCrary - Accounting Certificate
Lacy McKinley - Medical Laboratory
Christopher McKinster - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Levi Mendenhall - Physical Therapist Assistant
Aaron Merritt - Associate of Arts
Brianna Miles - Social Services
Austin Milledge - Associate of Science
Brian Miller - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Chasity Miller - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Macy Miller - Associate of Arts
Sierra Miller - Management
Jason Mills - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Lemohang Mokhalinyane - Healthcare Concentration
Caleb Moore - Associate of Science
Tiana Moss - Associate of Science
Tara Muhammad - Social Services
Michelle Mund - Management-Human Resource
Alanna Munz - Associate of Arts
Haley Myers - Associate of Arts
Carrie Newman - Practical Nursing Certificate
Victoria Noonan - Associate of Science
Zachariah Oren - Associate of Science
Emily Ortman - Associate of Arts
John Osborne - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Kim Osborne - Associate of Arts
Jacob Parcels - Associate of Arts
Tina Pesek - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Zachary Petticrew - Associate of Science
Chaddric Phillips - Associate of Science
Erica Picklesimon - Social Services
Nicole Pierce - Physical Therapist Assistant
Dakota Pollock - Criminal Justice
Korina Powell - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain
Robert Protsman - Associate of Arts
Beau Ray - Criminal Justice
Anthony Reed - Associate of Science
Donequia Rhodes - Registered Nursing
Missty Rhodes - Management
Riley Rucker - Accounting
Noah Salyers - Associate of Science
Christopher Saunders - Computer Networking-Technical Systems Support
Darcia Scearse - Practical Nursing Certificate
Christine Schmenk-Woods - Management-Human Resource
Brittany Scott - Practical Nursing Certificate
Sarah Scott - Practical Nursing Certificate
Keri Segrest - Management
Larry Shaw - Graphic Design
Kathryn Shields - Registered Nursing
Rebekah Sickmiller - Associate of Science
Nicolette Simmons - Associate of Science
Ceaira Smith - Associate of Science
Kyle Smith - Graphic Design
Sanjay Smith - Industrial Technology
Austin Snodgrass - Multi-Skilled Healthcare
Hannah Snyder - Practical Nursing Certificate
Drew Speas - Associate of Science
Courtney Spires - Social Services
Rachelle Staats - Registered Nursing
David Stevens II - Associate of Science
Quillin Stocker - Associate of Arts
Amanda Stonerock - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Ashly Tackett - Registered Nursing
Louise Tarrent - Early Childhood Education
Kelsey Taylor - Registered Nursing
Lindsey Taylor - Practical Nursing Certificate
Conley Tillman - Social Services
Raymond Upshaw - Management
Sarah Vanmalderen - Registered Nursing
Bryce Wagner - Graphic Design
Colleen Wagner - Social Services
Stefan Wagner - Practical Nursing
Tisha Walden - Registered Nursing
Elizabeth Walton - Registered Nursing
Dominick West - Associate of Science
Halie White - Associate of Arts
Robbin White - Practical Nursing Certificate
Charles Wilkerson, Jr. - Associate of Science
Richard Williams - Associate of Science
David Willmeth - Registered Nursing
Jeff Winkle - Computer Networking
Brittney Wollum - Registered Nursing
Dustin Wooten - Practical Nursing Certificate
Adrienne Wylie - Associate of Science
Tracy Yates - Management

Tipp City
Andrea Bogan - Registered Nursing

Tremont City                                               
Katrina Richards - Corrections       

Dorion Brown - Practical Nursing Certificate
Shakita Casey - Early Childhood Education           
Jasmine Judkins - Associate of Science       
Derrick McGowan - Associate of Science   
Anthony Reynolds - Management-Marketing        

Braden Anderson - Precision Agriculture  
Chelsey Boswell - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Heather Rice - Registered Nursing 

Carmen Burks - Associate of Science          
Amanda Carter - Registered Nursing         
Alyssa Cooksey - Associate of Science        
John Dale - Emergency Medical Services   
Matthew Deans - Medical Laboratory       
Elisabeth Emory - Physical Therapist Assistant    
Sierra Errett - Social Services         
Casey Evans - Associate of Science 
Josh Evilsizor - Computer Networking       
Andrew Fisher - Healthcare Concentration           
Morgan Foster - Registered Nursing          
Benjamin Halterman - Agricultural Business        
Jordan Henson - Associate of Science         
Kelsie Jackson - Associate of Science          
Samantha James - Corrections        
Lauralee Lenhart - Agricultural Business  
Shannon Link - Practical Nursing Certificate
Alexis  Lyons - Medical Assisting Certificate          
Bethany Maytas - Agricultural Business    
Brandon McCain - Criminal Justice 
Destany McCain - Practical Nursing Certificate
Jacob McIntosh - Computer Aided Design 
Cassondra Nelson - Associate of Science   
Olivia Newland - Management-Marketing 
Joslynn Reed - Practical Nursing Certificate
Heather Ruf - Medical Assisting Certificate
Kristine Shroyer - Practical Nursing Certificate
Kymberlyn Steel-Fannin - Registered Nursing      
Andrea Stewart - Criminal Justice  
Erin Stollings - Associate of Science           
Venus VanHoose - Social Services  
Erin Verkley - Registered Nursing  
Gregory White - Computer Networking-Technical Systems Support     
Jennifer Young - Social Services      

LaTasha'onna Maclin - Associate of Arts   

Washington Court House
Paula Amnay - Medical Laboratory

Brooke Grider - Registered Nursing           
Sara Rutkowski - Registered Nursing        

West Carrollton
Stephanie Willis - Registered Nursing       

West Chester
Janelle Odeh - Management 

West Jefferson
Courtney Trein - Registered Nursing         

West Liberty
Jessica Current - Registered Nursing
Allison Defibaugh - Practical Nursing Certificate
Jessica Shaw - Office Administration
Megan Thompson - Registered Nursing
Amber Whitaker - Practical Nursing Certificate

West Mansfield
Holli Carpenter - Practical Nursing Certificate

Ayan Abdile - Registered Nursing  
Christopher Calloway - Registered Nursing          
Keiana Davis - Practical Nursing Certificate

Robyn Albert - Management-Human Resource
Michelle Atkinson - Registered Nursing
Rhoda Bishop - Medical Laboratory
Shawn Black - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Jim Blevins - Registered Nursing
Joshua Burchett - Registered Nursing
Bridget Castle - Social Services
Amanda Gill - Practical Nursing Certificate
Stephanie Hahn - Management-Human Resource
Ashley Hiney - Practical Nursing Certificate
Anyssah Idrees - Practical Nursing Certificate
Tia Izeh - Management-Human Resource
Dusti Jordan - Registered Nursing
Emily Jordan - Registered Nursing
Mackenzie Kuhn - Registered Nursing
Carrie Lamont - Social Services
Katrina McLean - Professional Office Administration Certificate
Deborah Miller - Social Services
Hannah Moorman - Registered Nursing
Pratibha Nigam - Registered Nursing
Kathryn Pritchard - Associate of Arts
Ali Pullins - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain
Alexis Purdom - Associate of Science
Victoria Rieker - Management
Morgan Robertson - Technical Theatre
Aliyah Shelton - Practical Nursing Certificate
Cassandra Spitz - Registered Nursing
Elizabeth Stahl - Social Services
Amy Trimble - Accounting
Caroline Voskuhl - Associate of Science
Samantha Worsham - Associate of Arts
Lyndsey Yates - Registered Nursing

Yellow Springs
Kristin Fagan - Registered Nursing
Lori Lotts - Management-Human Resource
Jason Paoletti - Registered Nursing
Janna Phillips - Social Services

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