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Clark State to Celebrate Diversity with PechaKucha Night

Clark State to Celebrate Diversity with PechaKucha Night

March 13, 2019

The Clark State Community College Diversity Committee in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House and Mother Stewart’s Brewing Company will host a PechaKucha Night on Thursday, March 21. The theme will be: Celebrating our Differences! 

Clark State’s Diversity Committee’s vision is to facilitate various opportunities to explore individual differences and engage in thoughtful discussions that encourage awareness, acceptance, compassion and respect, where everyone feels safe, included and equal.

“Hosting an event with Springfield PechaKucha is a perfect way to realize our vision,” said Paige Huskey, associate professor of Arts and Sciences and co-chair of the Clark State Diversity Committee. “With a variety of brief presentations and a relaxed atmosphere, everyone is sure to learn a lot and have fun!"

PechaKucha, which means “chit-chat” in Japanese, is a fun and informal event. It is a fast-paced presentation style, where presenters discuss 20 slides for 20 seconds each. The images forward automatically and the presenter narrates their ideas, works and thoughts. This is a free event, and anyone can present.

Marta Wojcik, executive director and curator at the Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House - where PechaKucha Springfield was launched in 2011 - said attendees may learn something new about their community, and the speakers may surprise them with some unexpected and thought-provoking ideas. “Even though there is a lot emphasis on a social aspect of this event, it is very much about making all of us think and challenge our preconceived notions,” she said.

Mother Stewart’s Brewing Company is located in a former factory building in the heart of downtown Springfield. It has been a community and creativity hub since it opened. “People who have been to a PechaKucha Springfield event love the spirit of camaraderie and the diversity of speakers and subjects,” said Wojcik.

The PechaKucha Night event will be held from 6 to 8 p.m., Thursday, March 21 at Mother Stewart’s Brewing Company, 102 West Columbia Street in Springfield.

“We are proud of hosting PechaKucha for eight years now and being part of a global community of over 1,000 PechaKucha cities,” said Wojcik. “We encourage everyone to check out the website where you can view PechaKucha presentations from all around the world.”

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