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Clark State to Hold Commencement May 6; Graduate Numbers Increase Over 2016

Clark State to Hold Commencement May 6; Graduate Numbers Increase Over 2016

May 2, 2017

Clark State Community College will celebrate Commencement at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 6 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center in downtown Springfield.

More than 600 candidates for graduation will receive their degree or certificate of completion; a slight increase over the graduating class of 2016.

“Clark State strives to make college degrees affordable and attainable, while providing a quality education to meet transfer and workforce needs,” said Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, president of Clark State. “The increase in graduates this year demonstrates this successful collaboration between educators and students to meet these goals. I extend my congratulations to the class of 2017 and look forward to learning of their continued successes.”

Of the honored graduates, 95 have indicated they plan to transfer to four-year institutions, 72 are members of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society and 23 are military veterans.

Commencement speaker Tammie Jo Wright graduated from Clark State in December with an Associate of Applied Business degree in Human Resources Management. She is the first in her family of six siblings to obtain a college degree.

Originally from Macon, Georgia, Wright lived in England for two years with her husband, Timothy, who retired from the Air Force in 2008; the couple then made Dayton, Ohio, their home. Wright soon decided to continue her education at Clark State while maintaining a full-time position as a human resources manager at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

“It was almost like looking for a new home,” said Wright. “You can look at several houses, but you know when you have found the right one just for you. I felt welcomed at Clark State. From the moment I enrolled to now, my overall experience with Clark State has been wonderful.”   

Wright studied Human Resources Management, saying there was much to learn as she entered the career field. She said the Clark State staff and administration were always willing to help. “The teachers made it known they wanted to see you succeed. They treated you like family,” she said. “There are so many tools and resources available for students.”

Wright said, although a bit nervous, she is looking forward to speaking at Clark State’s Commencement Ceremony. The topic of her speech is "Don't Stop Now."

“I want to encourage students to press forward to obtain their bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees,” she said. “I will tell them it will not be easy, but they can do it. And if they choose not to further their education, that is ok.”    

The Clark State Community College graduating class of 2017 also features:

Class of 2017 Graduates

Amy Russell - Management 

Julie A. Asencio - Registered Nursing         
Brian Bay - Management     
Sharon Coutinho - Criminal Justice 
Megan Day - Registered Nursing    
Shannon Doherty - Practical Nursing Certificate  
Cole R. Kendig - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance  
Bao Quoc Luong - Associate of Science      
Arlana P. McKibben - Associate of Arts      
Hillary Lauren Ramsey - Associate of Science       

Brandi N. Cargle - Management      
Janice M. Russell - Practical Nursing Certificate    
Misty Williams - Registered Nursing          

Heather Lynn Burk - Practical Nursing Certificate
Mandy L. Butler - Practical Nursing Certificate     
Danny Dixon, Jr. - Associate of Arts
Luella A. Hammond - Office Administration          
MegAnn M. Levan - Associate of Arts         
Zachary A. Moore - Practical Nursing Certificate  
Mickayla Nicole Ropp - Medical Assisting  
Tina Rutherford - Registered Nursing       
Chelsea Taylor - Practical Nursing Certificate       
Jessica M. Verhoff - Practical Nursing Certificate
Clay M. Wisner - Associate of Science        
Jennifer Martin - Multi-Skilled Healthcare

Kaysi Bujniewicz - Medical Laboratory

Tristin Nicole Chadwell – Associate of Science

Bonnie Taylor - Medical Laboratory          

Canal Winchester
Christina Nicole Jacobs - Physical Therapist Assistant     

Julie Lyn Campbell - Medical Assisting       
Abigail Joy Howe - Associate of Arts          
Patricia Jewett Larcamp Voisard - Accounting      

Brianne Bowling - Criminal Justice, Corrections       
Andrew B. Cox - Associate of Science         
Kirstan Kuschnerus - Accounting   
Kristen Phillips - Registered Nursing

Jeremiah E. White – Associate of Science

Saffiyah Imani Dunn - Associate of Science
T.J. Green - Associate of Science      
Gregory C. Hissett - Registered Nursing    
Mary Margarite May Smith - Registered Nursing 
Sade Brijgiete Gisele Waller - Practical Nursing Certificate

Stephanie Janelle Quincy - Registered Nursing     

Kendra Nell Menchhofer - Registered Nursing     
Samuel T. Steinbrunner - Horticultural Industries-Nursery Operations

Asha Ali Ahmed - Medical Laboratory       
Suad A. Ali - Medical Laboratory    
Kimberly Yoshiko Campbell - Registered Nursing
Kaylee G. Grate - Medical Assisting Certificate      
Lisa Long - Accounting        
Muhija S. Manor - Multi-Skilled Healthcare           
Margarita Perez - Practical Nursing Certificate     
Kaitlyn R. Smith - Physical Therapist Assistant     
Sara Yoder - Medical Laboratory   

Elvira R. Abdullayeva - Associate of Science          
Emily Rose Adducchio - Medical Laboratory        
Firuza Aslanova - Associate of Science       
Saira Bano - Medical Assisting        
Chad A. Barner - Management Certificate  
N'kenge Shonta' Benson - Management-Human Resource          
April Brown - Management 
Detra Collins - Practical Nursing Certificate
Alexus Symone Colson - Registered Nursing         
Chelsea Daniels - Associate of Science       
Brittany Suzanne Davis-Rowe - Associate of Arts 
Janet B. Duffield - Accounting         
Tynisha L. Edmondson - Registered Nursing        
Ashley Lenay Fisher - Associate of Arts     
Teresa M. Fredrick - Physical Therapist Assistant
Timothy Garrett - Horticultural Industries-Turf and Landscape Operations
Kendal L. Gideon - Practical Nursing Certificate   
Victoria A. Hargrove - Associate of Arts     
Nora C. Hattab - Multi-Skilled Healthcare  
Mark A. Haun - Registered Nursing 
Joshua Michael Holtzhauer - Medical Laboratory
Tanesia Hopson - Social Services    
Raymond M. Howard - Criminal Justice     
Kelly M. Huffman - Social Service   
Kristan Sarah Hursh - Social Services        
Dewan Demetri Lamar Jackson - Associate of Science     
Sabrina A. James-Vonhoupe - Social Services        
Casey Marissa Kraus - Management Certificate    
Mark R. Lasson - Management        
Tiffany D. Maggard - Practical Nursing Certificate
Darrell Miller, II - Associate of Science       
Sharon Moore-Edwards - Practical Nursing Certificate
Porchia Nichole Moreland - Computer Networking, Cybersecurity/Information Assurance  
Melissa Morse - Management - Human Resources
Cassandra Leigh Nader - Associate of Arts
Annissia Y. Pate - Social Services    
Andrew T. Piimauna - Registered Nursing
Loren Pulaski - Accounting 
Kelli R. Richards - Registered Nursing       
Gina M. Ruby - Social Services        
Suzanne G. Sands - Registered Nursing      
Theresa Marie Schwartz - Practical Nursing Certificate
Lalandra Scriven - Social Services  
Mario A. Sealey - Management Certificate Associate of Applied Business          
Amanda Sherwood - Physical Therapist Assistant
Tiffany A. Sheward - Registered Nursing   
Nailah L. Skipper - Medical Assisting          
Quentin F. Skipper - Registered Nursing   
Kristina Smith - Social Services      
Donnie L. Tirey III - Management   
Aaron Anthony Treece - Associate of Science       
Frederica Rochelle Vann - Associate of Science    
Tammie Jo Wright - Management - Human Resources    
Rose M. Zellers - Registered Nursing

Jessica A. Morris - Practical Nursing Certificate
Chelsea L. Purtee - Practical Nursing Certificate

Benjamin Barber - Registered Nursing      

Fidelis O. Anaraodo - Practical Nursing Certificate

Dublin, IN
Jessica Lynn Coyle-Gross - Medical Laboratory    

East Liberty
Abbie M. Angles - Practical Nursing Certificate
Cody Logan - Agricultural Business, Precision Agriculture          

Natalie Marie Wilson - Medical Assisting   

Joshua Austin Beaty - Criminal Justice       
Julie C. Samson - Registered Nursing         
Jerron Thompson - Management   

Amanda J. Bowshier - Multi-Skilled Healthcare    
Linda Marie Bruner - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration      
Bonnie Burkepile - Medical Assisting Certificate  
Jessica Raye Coterel - Registered Nursing 
Sara D. Mefford - Management       
Michaela Taylor Palmer - Agricultural Business   
Leana S. Rader - Registered Nursing          
Daniel J. Rarer - Management         
Samantha Sutton - Accounting        

Harold G. Adkins - Practical Nursing Certificate
Brian Philip Bomer - Computer Networking         
Jennifer L. Brown - Practical Nursing Certificate
Elizabeth A. Calhoun - Registered Nursing
Lorde-Ari Daring - Agricultural Business-Agricultural Engineering       
Jennifer K. Diamond - Registered Nursing 
Cydney J. Fillback - Associate of Science    
Maria C. Guseman - Medical Assisting Certificate 
Tammy J. Hamilton – Management, Management - Human Resources  
Kimberly Hatfield - Registered Nursing     
Timika Lashelle Henderson - Management
Jeannie R. Holt - Associate of Arts  
Kristine Huebener - Registered Nursing    
Lionel C. Jones - Associate of Science         
Zachary L. Jones - Emergency Medical Services    
Lametra Jordan - Practical Nursing Certificate
Justin J. Konicki - Social Services
Chelsea Lynn Kreger - Registered Nursing
Daneita D. Lewis - Practical Nursing Certificate
Casey Dawn McCraw - Registered Nursing
John S. Monroe, Jr. - Computer Networking           
Terry Lee Moore - Social Services  
Christine L. Nicholson - Medical Assisting Certificate       
Cortney P. Rodgers - Medical Assisting      
Erin Sanders - Registered Nursing 
Alexandria J. Schlorman - Associate of Science     
Jessica Schmidt - Registered Nursing         
Molly A. Shipley - Criminal Justice  
Jose Solorzano - Computer Aided Design  
Kimberly Lane Spencer - Registered Nursing       
Nadelka Terzieff - Registered Nursing       
Christina Washington - Physical Therapist Assistant       

Karla Kay Winburn - Registered Nursing  

Cricket D. Lefevers - Physical Therapist Assistant

Billie J. Spencer - Practical Nursing Certificate

Rugiatou Jallow - Registered Nursing        
Keierrah L. McCarrel - Registered Nursing
Ian Patrick K. Stewart - Practical Nursing 

Michaela Eck - Criminal Justice       

Loretta L. Cloud - Registered Nursing        

Jeffrey Lee Bailey - Registered Nursing
Jeremy D. Brandenburg - Registered Nursing

Kaylee J. Bronson - Registered Nursing     

Malique D. Bert - Criminal Justice   

Brittany Olivia Strine - Physical Therapist Assistant        

Huber Heights
Jessie L. Altman - Diesel       
Zyaire Arnold - Practical Nursing Certificate
Russ Brown - Computer Networking, Cybersecurity/Information Assurance  
Emily G. Dignin - Social Services     
Sara M. Dohme – Accounting, Accounting Certificate       
Dodith Dorion - Registered Nursing           
Ryan Scott Helton - Agricultural Business 
Alisha Ann Hunter - Practical Nursing Certificate
Caitlyn Roselie Jennings - Registered Nursing      
Brian Malin - Horticultural Industries-Natural Resources          
Chelsea Smith – Psychology Transfer, Associate of Arts
Dalton E. Yates - Horticultural Industries-Landscape Design      

Taylor M. Dixon - Associate of Science       
Michael J. Hilgefort - Emergency Medical Services

Susan Rene Barcus - Practical Nursing Certificate
Sherry K. Bryan - Management Certificate

Shalon Hope Arnett - Multi-Skilled Healthcare     
Sara Aubrey Bolin - Management-Human Resource        
Dana M. Davis-Bobbitt - Social Services     
Britney N. Evans - Registered Nursing       
Stacie R. Gilbert - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Krista Annaliese Hackett - Registered Nursing     
Andrew Raymond George Hohler - Graphic Design         
Kristina E. Hood - Emergency Medical Services    
Ashley Marie Jorgenson - Accounting        
Beverly Lanning - Computer Software Development       
Yahshara L. Matthews - Registered Nursing          
Joshua Adam Roark - Associate of Arts      
Brandy Faye Scudero - Registered Nursing           

Brayden N. Downs - Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting Certificate     

Lewis Center
Kurt E. Gilsenan - Registered Nursing        

Satch Michael Davison - Agricultural Business     
Morgan Dowler - Management-Marketing
Corey M. Easterday - Medical Laboratory 
Ethan L. Fairchild - Registered Nursing     
Shannon Renee Glover - Registered Nursing        
Stephanie Lynn Heaston - Social Services 
David James Hodge - Agricultural Business          
Grant D. Kennard - Registered Nursing     
Seaira R. Oyer - Associate of Science          
Brianne Nicole Peterson - Associate of Science     
Kayleen Roberts - Medical Assisting Certificate    
Jason Shingler - Associate of Science          
Brice J. Snyder - Criminal Justice    
Megan E. Williams - Management - Human Resources    

Jennifer A. Hixson - Registered Nursing    
Rachel A. Prior - Practical Nursing Certificate
Sharon Prior - Registered Nursing 

Shelby Anguay - Associate of Science         
Jennifer Nicole Criswell - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration           
Jeffery P. Good - Registered Nursing          
Kaysie N. Leach - Physical Therapist Assistant     
Amber M. Pack - Associate of Science        
Kayla Samples - Physical Therapist Assistant       
Kelly Leona Sullivan - Registered Nursing 

Tawney Lynn Barker - Office Administration        
Sarah Rebekah Biggs - Early Childhood Education           
Kelsey Gess - Associate of Science  
Erika Lynne Jones - Associate of Arts         
Michael P. Thompson - Corrections
Mark W. Yeary, Jr. - Management   

Kendra Abrams - Practical Nursing Certificate

James Earl Bailey, Jr. - Associate of Arts     
Ashley Brooke Ferguson - Associate of Science    
Stanley G. Till, IV - Management     

Mount Victory
Shannah Marie Agatha Hamilton - Registered Nursing    
Thorne Charles Stephens - Associate of Science   

Mt. Sterling
Kasarah M. Clarke - Registered Nursing    

New Albany
Kimberley S. Fahle - Registered Nursing   

New Carlisle
Amanda Dawn Biermann - Social Services
Michelle Bowling - Registered Nursing      
Timbra Deshon Buford - Technical Theatre          
Sarah E. Carpenter - Registered Nursing   
Sarah M. Coffey - Registered Nursing         
Collin Grant Ford - Associate of Science     
Tiffany L. Fox - Practical Nursing Certificate
David C. Hall - Computer Software Development 
Elizabeth Lee Hanrahan - Associate of Science     
Shakia L. Herring - Medical Assisting Certificate   
Michael E. Lovell - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain      
Anna Renee Ludwick - Registered Nursing
Kristi Pence - Registered Nursing   
Amy E. Rodewald - Accounting       
Blake A. Shepherd - Associate of Science   
Donna J. Stewart - Management-Human Resource           
Brandon Lee Urmey - Computer Networking-Technical Systems Support        
Anna Walter - Medical Assisting Certificate          

North Lewisburg
Tyler Lee Rister - Computer Software Development        

North Hampton
Thomas R. Pickering - Associate of Science           
Kristyn Carole Burnham - Management    

Cole K. Carpenter - Registered Nursing     

Plain City
Rozella Perry - Registered Nursing

Pleasant Hill
Patrick M. Peltier - Registered Nursing      

Courtney Beth Ann Gerken - Medical Laboratory
Denise L. Maryland - Registered Nursing  
Destiny Wright - Management-Human Resource 

Samantha C. Kensler - Practical Nursing Certificate

Ashley M. McCalla - Management-Human Resource 

Saint Paris
Janalee Black - Registered Nursing
Layne K. Markley - Associate of Science     
Randal B. Oder - Management        
Zachary R. Overholser - Associate of Science        
Chelsea Marie Prickett - Registered Nursing         
Ester Rose - Registered Nursing     

Savannah, GA
Devin Jarrod Brown - Social Services         

Michael R. Rice - Registered Nursing         
Ryan A. Watercutter - Associate of Science

South Charleston
Lani M. Atkins - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration   
Bryant P. Banion - Associate of Science     
Seth M. Cosby - Associate of Science          
Christine Ann Fippin - Registered Nursing
Levi James Kimley - Agricultural Business
Emily N. McCubbin - Associate of Science  
Rachel Mills - Criminal Justice         
Caleb D. Thomas - New Media         
Christy Tomidajewicz - Registered Nursing          

South Vienna
Clayton J. Farquer – Precision Agriculture
Dustin M. Johnson - Accounting      
Brittney R. Macy - Medical Assisting Certificate    
Sarah Marie Ruf - Registered Nursing        
Sydney Shope - Practical Nursing Certificate
Rachel Lynn Walker - Associate of Arts     

Spring Valley
Candace Pritchard - Registered Nursing    

Ashley Abriola - Medical Assisting Certificate       
Kelsey N. Adams - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration           
Melanie L. Alexander - Medical Assisting Certificate        
Joshua F. Ashley - Management      
Jerisann M. Bair - Registered Nursing        
James Bard - Emergency Medical Services
Ashley K. Barker - Management Certificate           
Lawrence G. Beavers - Social Services       
Salimah K. Berrien - Registered Nursing   
Evelynn Anneth Blevins - Associate of Arts           
Geri A. Bostic - Practical Nursing Certificate
Courtney K. Bowers - Medical Assisting Certificate          
Kelli Nicole Bowman - Physical Therapist Assistant         
Dana M. Brelje - Criminal Justice    
Kelly Ann Brelje - Graphic Design  
Ashley A. Brenner - Graphic Design
Heather E. Buffington - Management-Human Resource  
Ashley M. Bustamante - Practical Nursing Certificate
Cheryl E. Cabrera - Registered Nursing     
Amanda Call - Social Services         
Tianna Danielle Campagna - Multi-Skilled Healthcare     
Christina Hope Caraway - Registered Nursing      
Thera Carlin - Associate of Arts      
Chae N. Carter - Criminal Justice     
Kristen Marie Clark - Social Services          
Christopher Clarkston - Associate of Science        
Melissa A. Cottingham - Practical Nursing Certificate
Vejer M. Cox - Associate of Science 
Deltoria Crockran - Office Administration 
Bradley J. Curtis - Management      
Cherry R. Cydrus - Associate of Arts           
Lindsey D. Dabe - Associate of Science       
Sherri Beth D'Alessio - Medical Laboratory          
Terry L. Davis - Associate of Science          
Melissa Kaye Day - Medical Assisting         
Tabitha Deady - Medical Assisting Certificate       
Cary Robert Dean - Computer Software Development     
Jessica L. Deel - Registered Nursing
Jessica Taylor Deel - Social Services           
Elizabeth Ashley Desalle - Physical Therapist Assistant  
Matthew D. Detrick - Associate of Arts      
Sonya K. Downing - Associate of Arts         
Emily Doyle - Medical Assisting Certificate
Tracey Dugan Desantis - Management       
Navneel Kumar Dutt - Computer Networking, Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Aarin Edwards - Associate of Science        
Chloe M. Estep - Associate of Science         
Erika E. Estep - Practical Nursing Certificate
Taviyon Toland Eubanks - Associate of Science    
Kelsie Evelsizor - Early Childhood Education       
Charlotte Evilsizor - Associate of Science  
Deborah Sue Fain - Management-Marketing         
Connie Fent - Horticultural Industries-Landscape Design           
Sean M. Forde - Early Childhood Education          
Lauren E. Free - Registered Nursing          
Amanda Leona Frey - Registered Nursing 
Jacob Christian Glover - Associate of Arts  
Faith M. Goodman - Management   
Kayla M. Greene - Registered Nursing       
Ashley N. Greer - Registered Nursing         
Shari Griswold - Physical Therapist Assistant       
Carlos Guajardo - Registered Nursing        
Alex J. Gueth - Graphic Design         
Katie E. Hall - Registered Nursing  
Julia L. Hanaway - Registered Nursing       
Amanda M. Harris - Accounting      
Tina Harris - Management-Human Resource       
Hope Keri Hawke Beamish - Associate of Science
Aleah J. Hayes - Registered Nursing
Megan Hayner - Physical Therapist Assistant       
Harry Dale Haynes - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
Storm E. Hays - Associate of Arts    
Shari L. Hedrick - Accounting          
Marcus Donnell Henry - Social Services     
Mariah J. Henry - Associate of Science       
Nina J. Hermosillo - Social Services
Brian D. Hibbs - Accounting
Richard J. Hill - Associate of Arts    
Torie Ann Hines - Registered Nursing       
Joshua J. Hirtzinger - Criminal Justice        
Michaela Brooke Hitchcock - Associate of Science
Jonathan M. Hoffman - Associate of Science          
Kaylee Holbrook - Early Childhood Education      
Corey Terrell Holliday, Jr. - Associate of Science   
Floyd Hook – Photography Certificate
Casey House - Practical Nursing Certificate
Banicha Howard - Early Childhood Education      
Wendy M. Howard - Associate of Arts        
William H. Howard, IV - Associate of Arts  
Thomas Hupman - Registered Nursing      
Cody R. Jackson - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain Management         
Deanna Jaynes - Management         
Alexsis Johnson - Associate of Science       
Heather Marie Johnson - Registered Nursing        
John W. Johnson III - New Media    
Laura M. Jones - Accounting
Mollie Elizabeth Joseph - Registered Nursing       
Tiffany S. Judy - Medical Assisting  
Evy L. Kearns - Registered Nursing
Elizabeth B. Kimmel - Associate of Arts     
Anessa S. Kinnaird - Associate of Science  
Darren Kuhns - Practical Nursing Certificate
Betty Jo Laudermilt - Management 
Michael A. Laws - Registered Nursing        
Marissa C. Lord - Associate of Science        
Shanice Madison - Practical Nursing Certificate
Leighanne Marcum - Associate of Arts       
Derrick A. Marple - Registered Nursing     
Sherri L. Marsh - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration 
Alexandria J. Mast - Associate of Arts, Technical Theatre
Ashley Nicole Mata - Social Services          
Brianna K. Matthies - Agricultural Business          
Steven M. McCann - Associate of Science   
Deborah A. McCarthy - Associate of Science          
Tim D. McCarty - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Zachary T. McCloud - Medical Assisting Certificate          
Branden P. McDuffie - Criminal Justice      
Christopher A. McKinster - Computer Networking           
Yolanda R. Medina - Criminal Justice          
April Ann Meyer - Medical Assisting          
Brian J. Miller - Network Administration   
Cullen S. Miller - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration  
Debra J. Miller - Registered Nursing           
Kendra D. Miller - Associate of Arts
Sierra D. Miller - Management        
Ashley M. Mineros Rodriguez - Associate of Arts  
Ashley Miracle - Medical Assisting Certificate
Ronda Mitchell - Technical Theatre
Isabella A. Mucci - Associate of Science      
Pamela J. Myers - Accounting          
Christopher R. Neal - Computer Aided Design      
Celeste Nicole Nelson - Practical Nursing Certificate
Asia Ogle - Management      
McKenzie Leigh O'Neal - Practical Nursing Certificate
Michelle L. Pamer - Criminal Justice           
Amy M. Parker - Office Administration      
Penny J. Parrett - Medical Assisting Certificate     
Zachary C. Perkins - Physical Therapist Assistant
Mark S. Peterson II - Registered Nursing   
Erica M. Picklesimon - Social Services       
Jessica S. Pikey - Medical Assisting 
Caleb James Raines - Physical Therapist Assistant
Carley JoAnne Raney - Criminal Justice
Paula Marie Reading - Management           
Gabriel Reed - Industrial     
Caitlin Reschar - Physical Therapist Assistant      
Suzanne M. Riehle - Associate of Science   
Jay Roach - New Media        
Desari M. Roberts - Management-Human Resource         
Zachary W. Sasson - Computer Networking          
Keri M. Segrest - Management - Human Resources          
Jeremy Robert Seifried - Registered Nursing        
Harley G. Severt - Registered Nursing        
Sonya Lynette Shaw - Management-Human Resource     
Ryan Thomas Shroyer - Registered Nursing         
Jenna Anne Smith - Associate of Arts         
Jessica Smith - Registered Nursing 
Laronda D. Smoot-Tawiah - Registered Nursing   
Timothy Wayne Snapp - GIS/Geospatial    
Lisa Marie Solenberger - Registered Nursing       
Shirley Jeane Souders - Medical Assisting  
Shirley J. Souders - Management Certificate          
Paige Elizabeth Spahr - Physical Therapist Assistant       
Miranda R. Sparks - Practical Nursing Certificate
Chelsea Rae Spencer - Registered Nursing
Nichole Starkey - Corrections         
Jordan M. Stephenson - Practical Nursing Certificate
Rose M. Stevens - Horticultural Industries-Turf and Landscape Operations     
Brian Stewart - Emergency Medical Services        
Dana M. Stidham - Associate of Science     
Kevin Ryan Stroble - Criminal Justice         
Bridget R. Tannenbaum - Registered Nursing       
Berea C. Thomas - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain      
Alexandria Thompson - Associate of Science        
Pamela Thornsbury - Practical Nursing Certificate
Lorrie L. Tipton - Social Services    
Kendra Renea Trumbo - Associate of Arts 
Kylie Jackson - Criminal Justice      
Amanda G. Walk - Medical Assisting           
Alex M. Wallen - Associate of Science         
Wade Christopher Walp - Associate of Science     
Audrey Marie Weaver - Social Services     
Morgan Weaver - Registered Nursing        
Tyler J. Weiss - Management           
Dawn M. Welliford - Management  
Christopher M. Wells - Management          
Robbin Lyn White - Practical Nursing Certificate
Marie Wile - Associate of Science   
Natasha O. Williamson - Associate of Science       
Danielle C. Wilson - Registered Nursing    
Rebecca Lynne Wilson - Associate of Arts 
Tara L. Wise - Registered Nursing  
Robert W. Wisenberger, Jr. - Registered Nursing  
Hayley Christine Zawada - Criminal Justice           
Roxanna Zinkhon - Accounting       
Joel R McDargh - Criminal Justice, Corrections

Tipp City
Christopher W. Bogan - Registered Nursing          
Matthew F. Fisher - Horticultural Industries-Golf Course Operations    
Cynthia A. Wheeler - Medical Assisting      

Vivian O. Agha - Practical Nursing Certificate
Jasmine Judkins - Associate of Science       

Rachael Bennett - Criminal Justice 
Nicholas E. Hissong - Agricultural Business          
Brittany E. Kniceley - Management-Human Resource     
Shelly R. Smith - Social Services      

Tucson, AZ
Ramona E. Nunez - Judicial Court Reporting         

Breanna Libecap - Practical Nursing Certificate

Lexis Marie Jane Bennett - Computer Software Development    
Kiley Nichol Bowman - Associate of Science         
Austin Carpenter - Computer Aided Design          
Brandon Michael Clark - Registered Nursing        
Morgan L. Clark - Management-Human Resource
Elizabeth G. Cooney - Practical Nursing Certificate
Christopher J. Dinnell - Graphic Design     
Edward M. Hammond - Criminal Justice    
Stepheni Holbrook - Management  
Brian K. Hull - Associate of Science
Samantha J. James - Criminal Justice          
Taylor L. Johnson - Associate of Science    
Charles F. Jones - Management-Logistics and Supply Chain        
Linda Marie Jones - Medical Assisting Certificate, Associate of Science
John Matthew Looney - Associate of Arts  
Brooke E. McFann – Corrections, Criminal Justice
Angela L. Miller - Registered Nursing        
Lindsay A. Myers - Registered Nursing      
Kelli A. Northup - Practical Nursing Certificate
Chelsea Breann Powell - Registered Nursing        
Samantha K. Schrader - Registered Nursing          
Ashley E. Simons - Management     
Amy Smith - Registered Nursing    
April R. Smith - Social Services       
Kirsten B. Smith - Practical Nursing Certificate
Andrea Sorrell - Management - Human Resources          
Cara J. Stollings - Associate of Science        
Jessica Lee Swank - Computer Aided Design         
Miranda C. Thomas - Practical Nursing Certificate
Kaitlyn Michelle Ward - Registered Nursing         
Melissa E. Welsh-Purk - Multi-Skilled Healthcare 
Emily Ashton Winterhalter - Associate of Science
Kimberly Renee Wooten - Medical Assisting Certificate  
Grace Zlatov - Registered Nursing  

Jessica Elizabeth Dickey - Medical Laboratory     
Madilyn Y. Ullmer - Registered Nursing     

Washington Court House
Tara L. Jaeckels - Medical Laboratory        
Allison Weaver - Medical Laboratory        
Zachary David Zurface - Management       

Logan M. Dyer - Precision Agriculture       

West Alexadria
Amanda K. Galliher - Registered Nursing  
Ashlee Lynne Sullivan - Registered Nursing          

West Jefferson
Ashley A. Dover - Physical Therapist Assistant
Meghan Marie Horton - Accounting Certificate, Associate of Applied Business
Kevin McDowell - Emergency Medical Services

West Liberty
Shauna L. Kinchen - Accounting     
Christopher E. White - Horticultural Industries-Golf Course Operations           

West Mansfield
Haley Rose Gibson - Associate of Arts        

Valerie Creager - Physical Therapist Assistant      

Michelle Diane Morris - Social Services     
Anthony Michael Trevino - Computer Networking, Cybersecurity/Information Assurance   

Emily A. Heywood - Associate of Science   

Isaiah Boyd - Associate of Science  

Krista Adams-Hess - Associate of Science  
Christina Diane Bates - Registered Nursing          
Elissa S. Blaylock - Registered Nursing      
Cory J. Brown - Cybersecurity/Information Assurance   
Brent H. Daufen - Criminal Justice  
Michele Donaldson - Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Camry LaBree Evege - Associate of Science           
Collin J. Graham - Criminal Justice  
Lucan J. Gravely - Associate of Science       
Carlisa D. Harris - Associate of Science      
Gideon A. Jackson - Agricultural Business 
Joshua Lish - Criminal Justice          
Cory Lundy - Management  
Jacob McAdams - Accounting          
Mary M. Moore - Early Childhood Education         
Whitney E. Moore - Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting Certificate 
Brian A. Pate - Accounting   
Guennar Nicholas Reyer - Registered Nursing      
Amanda N. Smith - Computer Networking-Technical Systems Support 
Kayla A. Southworth - Computer Software Development
Ian M. Sprinkle - Associate of Arts  
Taylor Lee Tackett - Registered Nursing   
Karley Taylor Walker - Physical Therapist Assistant       
Jessica L. Worsham - Associate of Science 

Yellow Springs
Camara C. Cross - Associate of Science       
Casey Gleadell - Associate of Arts   
Bailey Marie Linse - Medical Assisting       
Lori A. Lotts - Management 

Heather N. Hedrick - Practical Nursing Certificate
Mackenzie Michelle JoAn Yocum - Practical Nursing Certificate

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