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Clark State to Hold First GED Graduation Ceremony, Open New ESOL Center

Clark State to Hold First GED Graduation Ceremony, Open New ESOL Center

August 3, 2017

Clark State Community College will hold an ASPIRE graduation ceremony at 6:30 p.m., Monday, August 7 in the LRC Security National Bank Community Room 209 on the Springfield campus. More than ten students will receive their General Education Diploma.

“This is the first Clark State GED graduation ceremony so we invited students back from last year,” said Mary Bower, ABLE coordinator for Clark State. “Across the state, the average time it takes to get a GED is 2 to 4 months.”

Bower said at least two graduates are in the process of enrolling at Clark State. “The students who come to the ASPIRE classroom tend to be more interested in enrolling and continuing their education,” she said. “When attending at this site, the students feel much more engaged in the college atmosphere and desire to continue as learners.”

ASPIRE – formerly the ABLE/GED program – includes ESOL (English as a second language) services within the programming. ESOL services include speaking, reading and writing development, as well as citizenship and civics to encourage applying for citizenship.  

Clark State will open a new ESOL/GED program location in New Carlisle, Ohio, on August 29. In May of this year, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation awarded Clark State a $7,500 grant for the Adult Literacy Project to fund the New Carlisle location.

“This new site, located at 1885 North Dayton-Lakeview Road, will offer ESOL and/or GED prep classes to the Western Clark County area,” said Bower. “It will be closely integrated with local businesses to support workforce development needs for employees needing reading, writing, math and English skills.”

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation believes learning to read and receiving a high school diploma or equivalent is an investment that opens doorways for personal, professional and economic growth.

Bower said anyone age 16 or older can participate in the ASPIRE programs if they are not enrolled in K-12 public education, but must have a withdrawal form from their last school.  

“Students needing to pass college entrance exams can enroll in APSIRE college prep classes in reading, writing and math to help them pass required tests,” she said. “Other adults needing to improve their skills for tests, employment or personal interest, can also attend college preparatory classes.”

There is no charge for any classes or materials. The GED test, through, has fees associated with the practice and official GED tests: $24 for the practice tests ($6 for each piece) and $120 for the official test ($30 per test).  

ASPIRE also offers Math Boot Camps for adults needing to pass college courses, college entrance exams or other entrance exams like military entrance exams.  Adults desiring to continue their education in a free, informal venue are also welcome.  

For more information about the ASPIRE services provided by Clark State, please contact Mary Bower at 937.328.6473.  

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