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Clark State Unveils New Online Bookstore

Clark State Unveils New Online Bookstore

November 25, 2014

Clark State Community College launched an online bookstore this week to provide a better user experience for students purchasing and renting textbooks, etextbooks and college merchandise.

“The second phase of the new computer system for the bookstore is up and running. The bookstore website is available for students to purchase and rent textbooks. Apparel, supply items along with gift items are also available,” said Holly Snyder, manager of the bookstore and office services, Clark State Community College.

In addition to maintaining the two expanding bookstores on the Springfield and Beavercreek campuses, the College needed an online resource that could provide real-time inventory and store information to students and faculty.

“The new online bookstore has a state-of-the-art point of sales system that will now allow users to purchase merchandise. We are continuing to add all of our products to the website so eventually anything found in the actual bookstores will be available online. The new system also supports textbook rentals and ebooks, which will drastically improve our online book sales,” said Joe Jackson, vice president for business affairs, Clark State Community College.

By accessing the bookstore online, students can create an account and generate book lists by adding in their courses. Once created, the website displays the specific textbooks, new and used, required for that course. Materials can be added into a shopping cart for a streamlined purchase or rental. This is extremely helpful to online students and those that are located further from campus.

“Our Ohio High-Point students that are located in Logan County, for example, can now purchase their books online so they do not have to make the drive to Springfield,” adds Jackson. “For local students who enjoy visiting the bookstore, they can look forward to reduced wait times and shorter lines. This will certainly help during our peak hours before and after each semester starts.”

The online bookstore was created by the Nebraska Book Company, one of the top rated bookstore providers in higher education that specialize in comprehensive textbook solutions, retail management systems, eCommerce and college store design.

To access the new online bookstore, visit

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