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Clark State Welcomes CareSource JobConnect Life Coach to Campus as Part of Student Support Services

Clark State Welcomes CareSource JobConnect Life Coach to Campus as Part of Student Support Services

September 27, 2019

The Clark State Community College Office of Student Support now has a CareSource JobConnect life coach on campus weekly to provide students with additional support services.

“The purpose of having CareSource JobConnect on campus is to lessen barriers for our students,” said Nina Wiley, dean of student engagement and support services. “Having a CareSource JobConnect life coach located in the Office of Student Support allows for a seamless transition from one service to another for our students and increases their opportunities for success.”

Clark State alumnus and certified life coach Eric Mata works with a range of clients and coaches them to a higher quality of life. His expertise is working with members in recovery from opiate addiction and guiding them through the process of obtaining employment, career development, education and achieving goals the client has for themselves, all while building a solid foundation for a life in recovery.

Mata’s philosophy is that all people have strengths and need to identify their purpose and live their life based on principles and values that are meaningful to them. He teaches a process of self-discovery that is proven to work for anyone.

“With our CareSource JobConnect program, we work with our CareSource members on an individual basis, to address whatever needs or barriers they have that are in their way of obtaining their employment and education goals,” said Mata. “The benefit of my role is I am affiliated not just with Clark State, but with other resources as well.”

Mata said CareSource JobConnect also has an employer relationship specialist who networks with local companies and learns the qualifications and needs. “If we know someone who would be a good fit with an employer, we can help someone apply for the job and provide a reference.”

Overall, Mata said he is currently working with 10-15 Clark State students and about 60 total individuals in Clark County.

“My job as their coach is to plant the seeds and make measurable progress towards their goals,” said Mata. “They have to do the work that is necessary to reach those goals. I encourage them to reach out to all of the resources available.”

Mata enjoys being out in the community and connecting with individuals who can benefit from these services.

“CareSource JobConnect sees the value of the work that we do,” said Mata. “The best part about our program is seeing people get their GED, enroll in college, graduate, start a family; that’s the good stuff. That’s what it’s all about. I think it’s great that Clark State is bringing these resources in and making them available to students.”

Mata is available in the Clark State Office of Student Support Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment as needed; he can be reached at 937.823.1400 or

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