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Clark State Welcomes New Assistant Dean of Business and Applied Technologies

Clark State Welcomes New Assistant Dean of Business and Applied Technologies

November 13, 2015

Originally from Florida, Richard Sykes has been gradually working his way north; through a decade of teaching in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and now to Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio. Sykes was welcomed to Clark State this month as the new assistant dean of business and applied technologies.

“I think he will bring new and innovative ways of restructuring schedules and fresh ideas on program promotion,” said Aimee Belanger-Haas, dean of business and applied technologies. “He will also take a lead on adjuncts and program promotion in our academic division.”

Sykes served as lead instructor for simulation and game development, web technologies and 3D printing at Blue Ridge Community College. Prior to then Sykes held various administrative and management positions in the medical and retail industries.

“Our world is changing, fast,” said Sykes. “For most of human history, very little changed over the course of the average person’s life. Now however, technology is changing at an unprecedented pace, and the world that today’s students were born into will be drastically different than the world they retire in.”

Sykes said tomorrow’s leaders will be the students that understand and can embrace the fast-paced world. “Clark State Community College understands this and is actively building a community that empowers individuals to experience intellectual growth by creating opportunities for them to be accepted, challenged, held accountable, rewarded and transformed.”

Sykes is looking forward to working within the Food Science program recently introduced at Clark State. “This is just a unique program and such an amazing opportunity for students to enter into a rewarding and vital field.”

Sykes’ office will be located in Shull Hall on the Leffel Lane campus. He said he is excited to be at Clark State and hopes to instill in all students that nothing is beyond their grasp. “They can go anywhere, do anything and the only thing that can limit them is their own willingness to succeed,” he said. “I am here to help you succeed. Come on by!”

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