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Clark State Will Graduate More Than 500

Clark State Will Graduate More Than 500

May 2, 2016

Clark State Community College will celebrate Commencement at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 7 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center, 300 South Fountain Avenue in downtown Springfield.

More than 500 candidates for graduation will receive their degree or certificate of completion. Of the honored graduates, 95 have indicated they plan to transfer to four-year institutions, 72 are members of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society and 20 are military veterans.

Student, wife and mother of two Rebecca Ryan will speak at the Commencement ceremony. Ryan is from Cedarville, Ohio, and enrolled at Clark State in 2014 as a full-time student. She will receive a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. “I chose this because we have a (family) business, and I thought it would be helpful for running that, but it actually helped me to understand my husband’s aerospace manufacturing job as well,” she said.

Ryan has maintained a 4.0 grade point average and has been on the Dean’s List each semester. She also received the Brad and Patti Phillips Foundation Scholarship.

“Clark State Community College will challenge you,” said Ryan. “I took advantage of night classes, day classes, hybrid classes, traditional classes and online classes. Clark State offered all of that, and I was able to do it.”

Ryan said she had many “outstanding teachers” at Clark State. “They seemed to really care about me as a person,” she said. “They walked with me down this path.”

Ryan’s post-graduate plans are to work alongside her father, which Ryan said is her “dream come true.” She said she is excited for the opportunity to speak at Clark State’s Commencement ceremony. “I have worked really hard for this, but I know it is my faith and obedience to God that pulled me through,” she said. “I will be speaking about my story and encouraging those around me to do great things.”

This year’s graduating class also features:

• Twelve students graduating with a 4.0 grade point average
• Two employees who have children graduating
• One graduate who is an employee
• The oldest graduate who is 64 years-old, the youngest who is 17 years-old
• Eighteen students who already hold associate degrees, nineteen students who hold bachelor’s degrees, two who hold master’s degrees and one who holds a Ph.D.
• One student who originally enrolled when the College was known as Clark Technical Institute in 1975

“Commencement is the culmination of our students’ achievements, and we look forward to celebrating with our students and families their successes and bright futures at this ceremony,” said Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, president of Clark State.

Clark State Graduating Class of 2016

Maria Alderman Morales – Accounting Certificate
Carlie Autry Currier – Associate of Science
Stephanie Tarra Finkle – Practical Nursing Certificate
Krystal S. Johnson – Early Childhood Education
Ryan Patrick Kennedy – Associate of Science
Frederick Lacey – Associate of Science
Douglas Macfarland – GIS/Geospatial
Shelby Taylor Abel – Associate of Arts
Justin R. Pepera – Associate of Arts
Bethany L. Repp – Practical Nursing Certificate
Samantha R. Smith – Associate of Arts
Amanda Michelle West – Social Services

Jenny Elizabeth Henderson – Registered Nursing
Kimberly S. Walker – Practical Nursing Certificate

Belle Center
Raneka L. Rogers – Registered Nursing

Ashley Burkhammer – Practical Nursing Certificate
Jill S. Nevers – Practical Nursing Certificate
Bobbi J. Robinson – Registered Nursing
Chelsie Marie Rostorfer – Social Services
Abigayle R. Stump – Agricultural Business
Lane Spencer Wisner – Associate of Science

Jacob Ray Nelson – Computer Networking

Vanessa Kay Scantlin – Practical Nursing Certificate
T. Chase Watson – Agricultural Business

Taylor B. Cordell – Accounting Certificate
Angela Miller – Registered Nursing

Julie Lyn Campbell – Medical Assisting Certificate
Kevin M. Gardner – Computer Networking
Kevin M. Gardner – Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Rebecca S. Ryan – Management-Logistics and Supply Chain Option

Elizabeth Ann Bohms – Registered Nursing
Corazon Maria T. De Jesus – Associate of Arts
Susanna Yvonne Heckman – Registered Nursing
Amanda Elizabeth Sabol – Physical Therapist Assistant
Nathan D. Shaver – Technical Systems Support

Heath Warren Snider – Management-Human Resource Option
Lisa White – Medical Assisting Certificate

Ronald Abbate – Associate of Arts
Amber Victoria Bright – Practical Nursing Certificate
Yasmin Aynab Farah – Medical Laboratory
Ronald R. Hitchcock Jr. – Registered Nursing
Muhubo O. Iye – Associate of Science
Elizabeth McConnon – Physical Therapist Assistant
Phillip McHenry – Physical Therapist Assistant
Leylo Mohamed Mohamud – Medical Laboratory
Moon M. Muhumed – Practical Nursing Certificate
Tiffany Kae Pitter – Registered Nursing
Erin Elizabeth Rayo – Physical Therapist Assistant
Lauren Nichelle Reese – Physical Therapist Assistant
William Kyle Scarbrough – Registered Nursing
Daren A. Shaeffer – Physical Therapist Assistant
Opeyemi Sholesi – Associate of Science
Peggy L. Simons – Practical Nursing Certificate

Katelyn Fullmer – Registered Nursing

Brittany Laraye Appleberry – Medical Assisting Certificate
Mahmoud Aqrabawi – Associate of Science
Annie Marysia Arnett – Associate of Science
Tenisha P. Austin – Registered Nursing
Sierra Bailey – Associate of Arts
Casey Dawn Barner – Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Chad A. Barner – Mechanical Engineering
Kelita R. Burrow – Associate of Science
Amanda Nicole Campbell – Precision Agriculture
Stacey Marie Campbell – Early Childhood Education
Lashandra D. Carey – Early Childhood Education
Sharyta Chivers – Associate of Science
Austin Clements – Associate of Science
Janay Corbitt – Social Services
Verda Mae Cowan – Associate of Technical Studies
Kimberly Frances Cunningham – Registered Nursing
Cassaundra Fitch – Associate of Science
Lloyd N. Fitzgerald – Registered Nursing
Lindsay Fraley – Registered Nursing
Jasmyn D. Gardner – Practical Nursing Certificate
Michael J. Garza – Associate of Science
Reginald Andre George Jr. – Computer Networking-Technical Systems Support Option
Joyce Hall – Registered Nursing
Shirvan Hatam – Associate of Arts
Meagan Henderson – Social Services
Teresa A. Holt – Practical Nursing Certificate
Joshua Michael Holtzhauer – Medical Laboratory
Shelby A. Howard – Social Services
Jakena Renay Hughes – Practical Nursing Certificate
Kimberly Inman – Registered Nursing
Sereia Jackson – Social Services
Sabrina A. James-Vonhoupe – Social Services
Bennie Johnson III – Computer Software Development
Cherill Y. Jones – Associate of Arts
Rodney Jordan – Associate of Science
Tashanna K.-Williamson – Criminal Justice
Lance Thomas Kielbaso – Associate of Science
Elnora Kuchiyeva – Registered Nursing
Sean J. Lehrter – Registered Nursing
Octavia Lewis – Physical Therapist Assistant
Kurt Lundy – Graphic Design
Jason Matthew Lykins – Registered Nursing
Cleaver Marvin Mayanja – Registered Nursing
Justin J. Michels – Computer Networking
Angelo Moshogianes – Diesel
Cassandra Leigh Nader – Associate of Arts
Sharail Nalls – Social Services
Katie R. Padilla – Medical Assisting Certificate
Lakesha Renee Pate – Registered Nursing
Kara D. Reeser – Graphic Design
Sunja R. Richardson – Associate of Science
Neshawn Rosser – Registered Nursing
Lajuan S. Scales – Practical Nursing Certificate
Lori K. Sedlak – Associate of Arts
Nailah L. Skipper – Medical Assisting Certificate
Ashley M. Smith-Jones – Practical Nursing Certificate
Megan M. Snyder – Registered Nursing
Donald Sohn – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Kearstin R. Taylor – Management
Nicholas Ullom – Diesel
Amber Utley – Medical Assisting Certificate
Deborah Lynn Walder – Medical Laboratory
Chelsea L. Watts – Medical Laboratory
Shondelle Jean Watts – Criminal Justice
Tina M. Wiley – Registered Nursing
Daniel Williams – Horticultural Industries-Landscape Design Option
Tasha Kimetha Levi Winfield – Registered Nursing
Ashley Witt – Corrections
Rodnette Young – Medical Laboratory

East Liberty
Alysa F. Centers – Associate of Science
Michael W. Centers – Associate of Science

Anthony S. Adams – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Sarah Ballenger – Associate of Arts
Sharon M. Downard – Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Kristin Knapp – Registered Nursing
Leigha Marie Ross – Management-Human Resource Option
Tristen Ruef – Criminal Justice
Danielle Smithers – Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Holly F. Whitacre – Management-Human Resource Option

Tiffany Bailey – Registered Nursing
Megan Ann Bohlin – Registered Nursing
Brieyanna Janay Braxton – Criminal Justice
Barry Allen Brown, Jr. – Computer Networking
Adrianna Buie – Practical Nursing Certificate
Heather M. Caspersen – Registered Nursing
Kristina Lynn Childers – Social Services
Kasandra Marie Cothran – Registered Nursing
Chelsea Brianne Evans – Management-Logistics and Supply Chain Option
Cassie Grant – Registered Nursing
Sara Harley – Registered Nursing
Fenton Frank Harrison, III – Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
Aaron Helton, III – Associate of Science
Amanda R. Huetson – Associate of Arts
Elizabeth Anne Hunsaker – Associate of Arts
Michele Boatman-Johnson – Practical Nursing Certificate
Dane A. Jordan – Practical Nursing Certificate
Diana Maria Marshall – Social Services
Terry Lee Moore – Associate of Arts
Caroline Myers – Medical Assisting Certificate
Caroline Myers – Medical Assisting Certificate
Lauren Michelle Nolasco – Registered Nursing
Misty D. Phillips – Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Cortney P. Rodgers – Medical Assisting Certificate
Jenna Danielle Schmid – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Samantha E. Schmidt – Medical Laboratory
Molly Anna Shipley – Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Snyder – Practical Nursing Certificate
Mia C. Spratling – Social Services
Eric V. Swearingen, Jr. – Photography Certificate
Kent Walpole, Jr. – Physical Therapist Assistant
Sean K. Warren, II – Associate of Science
Lisa J. Wightman – Medical Assisting Certificate
Natasha Odessa Williamson – Associate of Science
Heather L. Wright – Criminal Justice

Jessica Suzanne Molyet – Physical Therapist Assistant

Pamela Sue Edwards – Physical Therapist Assistant

Mary Melissa Findley – Physical Therapist Assistant
Alisha Nicole Jacobs – Associate of Science

Maria Dawn Schiele – Associate of Science

Grove City
Chris Barnes – Registered Nursing
Andrea Milyard – Physical Therapist Assistant

Joseph M. Desmond – Registered Nursing

Anthony Alan Adams – Registered Nursing
Jennifer Buckley – Physical Therapist Assistant
Michael Fitzgibbons – Physical Therapist Assistant
Leakena Phou – Associate of Science

Tyler J. Fite – Physical Therapist Assistant

Brittany Renee Diltz – Physical Therapist Assistant

Huber Heights
Jamie L. Beach – Registered Nursing
Jessika E. Cornelius-Acciard – Criminal Justice
Robert Floyd – Management-Human Resource Option
Linda S. Gilliam-Richardson – Practical Nursing Certificate
Anique J. Kenniebrew – Associate of Science
Christanna Michelle Miller – Associate of Arts
Rebecca I. Philpot – Medical Assisting Certificate

John Parviz Myers – Registered Nursing
Kaylin Trout – Practical Nursing Certificate

Brian Budnick – Computer Networking
Lisa A. Burtch – Practical Nursing Certificate
Lacy Sierra Skidmore – Emergency Medical Services
Ashleigh N. Zeckser – Practical Nursing Certificate

Stefanie A. Leffler – Registered Nursing

Gavin Nicholas Brahm – Horticultural Industries-Turf Landscape Operations Option
Christine R. Dempsey – Social Services
Kara Marie Drollet – Management-Marketing Option
Rachel E. Johnson – Registered Nursing
Joseph R. Kronenberger – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Melinda M. Teets – Criminal Justice
Heather Marie Trick – Practical Nursing Certificate
Christopher Matthew Walton – Criminal Justice

Karli D. Meyer – Emergency Medical Services

Lewis Center
Gabrielle Gill – Associate of Arts

Tyler Oldham – Registered Nursing

Liberty Township
Kielly Rae Monnig – Physical Therapist Assistant

Allison L. Mort – Registered Nursing

Bryce R. Bennett – Criminal Justice
Jasmine K. Butts – Registered Nursing
Avery Lea Davison – Agricultural Business
William J. Humes – Registered Nursing
Brittany N. Markley – Physical Therapist Assistant
Kristin L. McPherson – Medical Assisting Certificate
Paul T. Richards – Agricultural Business

Ludlow Falls
Melissa L. Hogan – Registered Nursing

Brandi H. Buckley – Medical Laboratory
Joyce M. Leiter – Registered Nursing
Jessica Mosley – Registered Nursing

Rosetta M. Bell – Medical Office Administration
James Brian Gano – Associate of Science
Ranee A. Johnson – Registered Nursing
Savannah K. Kent – Registered Nursing
Taylor Keys – Registered Nursing
Grant Ethan Marshall – Associate of Science
Sherra Springer – Registered Nursing
Laura Weaver – Physical Therapist Assistant

Tawney L. Barker – Accounting and Management
Terri L. Gess – Practical Nursing Certificate
Amanda L. Jenney – Practical Nursing Certificate
Stacey L. McKenzie – Criminal Justice

Rebecca N. Curry – Horticultural Industries-Nursery Operations Option
Nicholas D. Hill – Registered Nursing
Jason Dion Recker – Registered Nursing

Lisa Wiseman Boles – Registered Nursing
Mary Alyson Mattingly – Registered Nursing

Marsena Morgan – Registered Nursing

Milford Center
Holly R. Suchland – Registered Nursing

New Albany
Ronnie C. Easter – Registered Nursing

New Carlisle
Brittanie A. Bowers – Practical Nursing Certificate
Aaron A. Cox – Accounting Certificate
Michael H. George – Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Cheryl Lynn Leach – Registered Nursing
Emmaleah Brook Loeb – Associate of Arts
Amber Lute – Management and Management-Human Resource Option
Mason Luttrull – Computer-Aided Design
Mikayla Breann Lyons – Registered Nursing
Andrea L. Risley – Social Services
Nichole White – Management
Shane L. Thornhill – Medical Laboratory
Madison Tidwell – Associate of Science
Megan M. Ward – Graphic Design
Natalie Marie Wilson – Medical Assisting Certificate
Abigail York – Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate

New Lebanon
Hillary Jean McClusky – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance

North Hampton
Natalie K. Garlough – Registered Nursing

North Lewisburg
Roshaunda Gail Bumgarner – Medical Assisting Certificate
Jeremy David Gunsaulies – Management-Logistics and Supply Chain Option

North Star
Andrew Ivo Heitkamp -Horticultural Industries-Turf Landscape Operations Option

Jenna Nicole Joy Sherman – Horticultural Industries-Parks and Recreation Operations Option

Jeremy Schmidt – Physical Therapist Assistant

Colton R. Clark – Computer Software Development

Amber Nicole Balsamo – Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Amira Dewitt – Registered Nursing
Mariah Lynn Sue Fannin – Associate of Arts
Tammy A. Gullett – Management
Monshare V. Hughes – Social Services

Christina Renee Langford – Practical Nursing Certificate

Trinity J. Defibaugh – Registered Nursing

St. Paris
Kaley Ember Aills – Associate of Arts
Dylan A. Barnes – Practical Nursing Certificate
Melinda A. Denner – Registered Nursing
Robert S. Lambert – Registered Nursing
Zachary R. Overholser – Associate of Science
James Marshall Seeley – Accounting Certificate
Mary Cathryn Seeley – Accounting Certificate
Amanda S. Spriggs – Registered Nursing

South Charleston
Brooklyn Casto – Practical Nursing Certificate
Matthew A. Cheney – Agricultural Business
Amanda Nicole Dehaven – Management
Evan D. Joos – Associate of Science
Anna M. Moats – Management and Accounting
Sandy J. Mosier – Early Childhood Education
Boland Jay Timmons – Agricultural Business
Spencer Charles Wright – Agricultural Business

South Vienna
Heidi N. Blankenship – Management-Human Resource Option
Tyler Ford – Agricultural Business
Larry S. Mullins – Agricultural Business
Kristin L. Shultz – Emergency Medical Services
Jonathan P. Ward – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance

Tera J. Robinson – Social Services

Jennifer Adams – Office Administration
Angel Marie Anthony – Photography Certificate
Ashley N. Bailey – Practical Nursing Certificate
Amanda A. Baker – Social Services
Ann Baker – Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Stephanie J. Bennett – Registered Nursing
Thomas Richard Bennett – Associate of Science
Brandon P. Biggs – Associate of Arts
Kittie Lynne Blackson – Practical Nursing Certificate
Jemichael Lavar Blanton – Associate of Science
Porchea Boyd – Medical Assisting Certificate
Sabrina R. Bradley – Criminal Justice
Abbey R. Brock – Registered Nursing
Ashley Brown – Registered Nursing
Chelsea Lynn Brown – Practical Nursing Certificate
Dustin L. Brown – Mechanical Engineering
Mark Anthony Brown – Registered Nursing
Brittany Byerman – Management
Angela Cain – Practical Nursing Certificate
Rebecca Ann Callicoat – Corrections
Diamone L. Carey – Registered Nursing
Jennifer Carey – Registered Nursing
Chae N. Carter – Criminal Justice
Victor Casey III – Associate of Arts
Hayley Caudill – Practical Nursing Certificate
Sandra L. Caudill – Management-Human Resource Option
Kiyla Channels – Management-Marketing Option
Shawnda Cochran – Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Veronica R. Coder – Registered Nursing
Tiah Shannay Collins – Management
Paige Combs – Registered Nursing
Benjamin J. Copeland, Sr. – Associate of Arts and Associate of Science
Nicholas Andrew Costides – Associate of Science
Viola R. Craft – Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Robert Croker – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
Corinne Curtis – Practical Nursing Certificate
Sherri Beth D'Alessio – Medical Laboratory
Cynthia A. Davis – Associate of Science
Lavinia May L. Dela Cruz – Registered Nursing
Elijah Dobbins – Associate of Arts
Dulce M. Eldridge – Associate of Arts
Brandie Lee Ellis – Social Services
Ashlee Rife – Social Services
Nathan T. Evans – Physical Therapist Assistant
Kyla H. Ford – Associate of Arts
Crystal A. Formica – Medical Laboratory
Kimberly M. Foster – Associate of Science
Travis Ryan Fuller – Associate of Science
Sydney Kay Gerrich – Registered Nursing
Cody Gleason – Emergency Medical Services
Jacob Christian Glover – Associate of Arts
Stephanie S. Goings – Social Services
Brittney Nicole Grate – Registered Nursing
Kristina M. Graves – Associate of Arts
Carmen Griffith – Associate of Science
Savannah Catherine Halderman – Physical Therapist Assistant
Donna K. Hall – Medical Assisting Certificate
Ethan Michael Hamilton – Associate of Science
Tiffany Michelle Hamilton – Associate of Science
Jami Hansgen – Medical Assisting Certificate
Mercedes D. Harris – Associate of Arts
Tiffany Marie Harris – Medical Assisting Certificate
Rhiannon M. Hayslip – Registered Nursing
Gabe C. Hazelton – Computer Software Development
Mahdaja Lynn Henry – Associate of Arts
Marcus Donnell Henry – Social Services
Nina Jean Hermosillo – Social Services
Angela Brooke Hess – Practical Nursing Certificate
Ashley Hildenbrand – Management
Kimberly Michelle Hill – Management
Ashley Caye Hoagland – Medical Assisting Certificate
Ashley C. Hoagland – Medical Assisting Certificate
Douglas A. Hoagland II – Management-Logistics and Supply Chain Option
Brittish Holland – Management-Human Resource Option
Amberina Howdyshell – Office Administration
Taylor Huggins – Photography Certificate
Genesis Naomi Hunt – Registered Nursing
Hannah Jane Hupp – Registered Nursing
Kylie Elizabeth Jackson – Criminal Justice
Alexis K. James – Graphic Design
William Johnson IV – Social Services
Jacob Jones – Emergency Medical Services
Tiffany S. Judy – Medical Assisting
Kimberly Keeney – Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Latoria M. Kerby – Early Childhood Education
Travis Casey Kitko – Computer Networking
Danielle Marie Kolb – Practical Nursing Certificate
Darren M. Kuhns – Associate of Science
Nicolle Marie Langley – Registered Nursing
Andaya Lanum – Social Services
Emily Grace Lavelle – Early Childhood Education
Christopher Leath – Management-Marketing Option
Angela Kaye Lewis – Registered Nursing
Nicholas Lias – Physical Therapist Assistant
Ashlen Jane Lockwood – Associate of Science
John Matthew Looney – Associate of Arts
Julie M. Lowe – Associate of Science
Austin L. Lundberg – Mechanical Engineering
Jenna T. Lytle – Registered Nursing
Matt Magill II – Associate of Science
Hailey S. Marquis – Practical Nursing Certificate
Anthony Richard Matthies – Agricultural Business and Precision Agriculture
Alishia D. McCurry – Practical Nursing Certificate
Amber Marie McDevitt – Registered Nursing
Shannon Lynn McKinney – Practical Nursing Certificate
Halie E. McWilliams – Management
Ashley Danielle Mershon – Management
April A. Meyer – Medical Assisting Certificate
Shelby Leigh Miller – Associate of Science
Ashley M. Miracle – Medical Assisting Certificate
Joshua Mitchem – Computer Software Development
Tina (Nischwitz) Musser – Medical Assisting Certificate
James Ntim – Computer Software Development
Andrew Paul Ortman – Associate of Arts
Kim M. Osborne – Social Services
Dana Paul – Registered Nursing
Chanda R. Perkins – Accounting Certificate
Troy E. Peters – Associate of Science
Benjamin D. Phares – Computer Networking and Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Jessica S. Pikey – Medical Assisting Certificate
Terri Pollard – Medical Assisting Certificate
Cecil Lamar Pratt – Associate of Science
Stephanie Lin Richardson – Registered Nursing
Lauren Alexis Rinehart – Accounting Certificate
Christie L. Roberts – Medical Assisting Certificate
Desari Roberts – Management-Human Resource Option
Stephen Holden Roddy – Associate of Arts
Charles Leon Rollins Sr. – Social Services
Katilyn Rose – Registered Nursing
Susana Silvia Saldivar – Associate of Arts
Chelsea L. Savage – Corrections
Trevor Anthony Scarberry – Associate of Science
Sabine B. Schulte – Registered Nursing
Dayna Leticia Seals – Registered Nursing
Brandy S. Shaw – Registered Nursing
Sara Ann Dingeman – Physical Therapist Assistant
Carla Denise Smith – Criminal Justice
Phillip Joseph Smith – Registered Nursing
Shirley Jeane Souders – Medical Assisting Certificate
Amy M. Springer – Practical Nursing Certificate
Sara M. Staker – Medical Laboratory
Colt McCain Standley – Agricultural Business
Nichole J. Starkey – Criminal Justice
Ryan Stevens – Technical Theatre
Brian Stewart – Emergency Medical Services
Tiffany Layne Stir – Practical Nursing Certificate
Elizabeth Marie Stowell – Computer Networking
Jesse E. Syx – Accounting Certificate
Daniel A. Thomas – Accounting Certificate
Tabitha Marie Thornburg – Registered Nursing
Jordan Tyler – Associate of Science
Brooke E. Valley – Medical Assisting Certificate
Everett A. Voshall – Emergency Medical Services
George J. Wait – Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Amanda Kay Walden – Social Services
Amanda Walk – Medical Assisting Certificate
Ashley D. Wells – Practical Nursing Certificate
Jacy West – Photography Certificate
Rhebecca D. Weyer – Associate of Arts and Associate of Science
Diedre R. Wiggins – Associate of Arts
Derek Scott Wilson – Criminal Justice
Tracy E. Wilson – Practical Nursing Certificate
Breann Wilson-Turner – Graphic Design
Sara A. Young – Office Administration
Cynthia Zartman – Management Certificate

Aaron Ritzler – Registered Nursing

Tipp City
Austin A. Butler – Agricultural Business
Sherry Dalton – Registered Nursing
Leyla Kilich – Registered Nursing
James Andrew Moore – Registered Nursing
Cynthia Wheeler – Medical Assisting Certificate

Tremont City
Dustin Alan Layne – Computer Software Development

Chynna Marie Hanks – Computer Software Development
Chauntina Lacy – Registered Nursing

Danielle L. Allen – Registered Nursing
Patricia L. Black – Registered Nursing
Rachel A. Peckham – Registered Nursing
Belinda Leigh Reilly – Registered Nursing

Zachary D. Huff – Horticultural Industries-Nursery Operations Option

Emily Danielle Ambs – Associate of Arts
Ashleigh-Beth Blevins – Criminal Justice
Amanda Michelle Byrd – Registered Nursing
Stacyann Circle – Early Childhood Education
Tonya R. Daniel – Registered Nursing
Alisha D. Fowler – Registered Nursing
Mark R. Gaver – Criminal Justice
Sarah S. Graham – Office Administration-Medical Office Administration
Christopher L. Gravitt – Management Certificate
Julie R. Holland – Office Administration
Morgan N. Holleron – Registered Nursing
David L. Johnson – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Kristina Kelly Johnson – Accounting Certificate
Heather Marie Karkalik – Registered Nursing
Rochelle Renee Kincaid – Associate of Science
Donald Westley Kinman – Criminal Justice
Andrea M. Markin – Physical Therapist Assistant
Krista Gunny Pendergrass – Management-Human Resource Option
Kyle R. Pursley – Criminal Justice
Kelly J. Reif – Accounting Certificate
Shirley Ann Search – Registered Nursing
Jessica Lee Shoemaker – Registered Nursing
Lacie Smith – Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Robin Kay Starner – Management-Human Resource Option
Robin Kay Starner – Management Certificate
Kevin Dwight Taylor – Accounting Certificate
Steven G. Thiel – Criminal Justice

Lisa M. Cottle – Practical Nursing Certificate
Morgan Kay Deck – Associate of Science
Ashley L. Fisher – Social Services
Sherri L. Martin – Management Certificate
Shelby Nicole Turner – Physical Therapist Assistant
Ruby N. Stevens – Practical Nursing Certificate

West Alexandria
Aaron P. Potter – Diesel

West Jefferson
Caitlin Sue Anders – Registered Nursing
James D. Foster, II – Cybersecurity/Information Assurance
Monica Lyn Sorrell – Practical Nursing Certificate

West Liberty
Cristin Hensley – Associate of Science
Tamara D. Smith – Management Certificate
Linsay D. Bailey – Registered Nursing

Ekundayo Abosede Ayeni – Practical Nursing Certificate
Jessica L. Barnhart – Registered Nursing

Marques Greene – Associate of Science

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Tyeisha N. Miles – Associate of Science

Jacob Michael Bennington – Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Bethia Reann Bolton – Associate of Arts
Lajenea Diagne – Registered Nursing
Drew R. Felder – Associate of Arts
Shawn K. Gregg – Management-Logistics and Supply Chain Option
Leah Ann Guthrie – Registered Nursing
Dylan Hackley – Physical Therapist Assistant
Stephanie N. Hahn – Office Administration
Cassandra Hall – Judicial Reporting
Kyle C. Hendrix – Registered Nursing
Heather Lynn Hucke – Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate
Aisha Idrees – Social Services
Laura Long – Management-Human Resource Option
Karen W. Miller – Accounting Certificate
Monica Miller – Associate of Science
Kathleen A. Polen – Registered Nursing
Brianna N. Pullins – Registered Nursing
Leah Mae Scott – Management Certificate
Jay Allen Stookey, Jr. – Computer-Aided Design
Jessica Marie Strickland – Associate of Science
Daryle M. Williams – Emergency Medical Services

Yellow Springs
Maria Nicole Brown – Associate of Arts
Ruby P. King – Associate of Arts
Bailey M. Linse – Medical Assisting Certificate
Destiny Luneke – Registered Nursing

San Diego, CA
Megan Marie Ross – Medical Laboratory

Moline, IL
Mary R. McClorey – Management Certificate

Shelbyville, IN
Jennifer Lynn Christian – Medical Laboratory

Brandon, MS
Miranda G. Fowke – Accounting Certificate

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