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Completion Pathway Program

Completion Pathway Program

February 1, 2013

Clark State Community College and Central State University have combined efforts to allow students to attain a baccalaureate degree at Central State University. Known as the Completion Pathway Program, there are two pathways for students to earn a bachelor's degree.

Pathway One: Baccalaureate Completion is designed for students entering Clark State with the intention to obtain a bachelor's degree at Central State. Students will be permitted to have dual enrollment in both schools.

Students who complete 60 or more semester hours at Clark State will seamlessly transfer to Central State with upper class status. If a student from Clark State should transfer prior to completing an associate's degree, Clark State will provide the opportunity for the transfer student to complete the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree using Central State University's course credits.

Pathway Two: College Readiness allows students who are accepted to Central State, but require additional preparation to be full-time students at Central State, and also attend Clark State to obtain the additional preparation assistance.

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