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Early Childhood Education Center Earns 4 Stars

Early Childhood Education Center Earns 4 Stars

October 11, 2013

The Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC), created as a collaborative venture between Clark State Community College and Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center, has been named a four-star program through Ohio's voluntary quality rating system for Ohio Department of Job and Family Services licensed childcare programs. The ECEC is the highest rated childcare program in Clark County and will pursue the top five-star rating in 2014.

The "Step Up To Quality" rating system recognizes early childcare and education programs that exceed quality benchmarks over and above Ohio's licensing standards.

"We are pleased that the State of Ohio recognizes the importance of top quality child care for the Springfield community," said Charles Clark, ECEC director. "Child development research makes it very clear that the brain develops much faster in early childhood (0-5 years old) than any other time in life. Quality child care providers understand child development and work continuously with families to lay a strong foundation to enhance their children's learning, ability to regulate their actions and think critically. Nurturing home environments that are focused on children’s needs and quality child care are extremely important for our children and their favorable outcomes in life."

The Early Childhood Education Center opened in 1996 as a collaborative venture between the Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center and Clark State Community College. The center was established to be a fully functional early care and education center for children of students, professors, teachers and the community. It also serves as a lab school for the vocational and college students enrolled in their prospective early childhood programs. The ECEC majors observe and interact with the children as well as complete a portion of their student teaching while in the center.

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