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Mary Murphy Retires After 23 Years with Clark State

Mary Murphy Retires After 23 Years with Clark State

February 9, 2016

If you applied for a position at Clark State Community College in the past two decades, your resume passed through the hands of Mary H. Murphy. If you were hired, Mary was likely the first person you met on your first day of work.   

Mary started her career at the College as the “voice of Clark State.” She was hired as a secretary/ receptionist in February 1993. In addition to assisting with administrative services in the Business Office, Mary was responsible for answering the main switchboard phone number. Her smile was obvious to the person on the other end of the phone.

It was Mary’s superb customer service and administrative skills that led her to the Human Resources Office at Clark State where she spent the rest of her career. She was promoted to Human Resources Specialist in 1997. Mary worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who applied for positions at Clark State. Applying for a new job can be a frightening first step; but Mary’s personality and welcoming nature eased those fears for many who walked through the doors of Human Resources at Clark State. It was soon after moving to Human Resources that Mary was recognized for her hard work, dedication and commitment to Clark State. She received the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in 1999.

In addition to welcoming applicants, Mary was often one of the first people new employees met on their first day at Clark State. She would take them aside to review the paperwork that goes along with starting a new job, answer all of the nervous questions, and always impart some comforting words to the new employee. Mary continued to excel in her position and was promoted to Human Resource Generalist in March 2015.

"I appreciate everyone who supported me over the years. Clark State was not just a job to me, it was my family away from home. I was so honored to be an ambassador to our new employees and welcome them to an incredible work journey. It was a pleasure to share my motto ‘Clark State is a great place to work!’ with so many,” said Mary Murphy.

Mary shared the afternoon of her last day at Clark State with her family as well as her work family celebrating the past 23 years of memories that were created between her and so many past and present employees. One of Clark State’s best cheerleaders retired January 29, 2016.

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