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Medical Office Administration Students Pass National Exam

Medical Office Administration Students Pass National Exam

July 21, 2014

All of the students enrolled in Clark State Community College’s medical coding certification review course have passed their first national exam and earned the Certified Electronic Health Record Specialists (CEHRS) credential.

A CEHRS is responsible for maintaining the integrity and protecting the privacy and security of patient information. With this certificate, these students have the benefit of increasing their earning potential, job opportunities and subject matter expertise.

The course also offers a second national exam, the Certified Coding Associate (CCA). Students are currently preparing for this exam by studying clinical classification systems, reimbursement methodologies and other essential areas of medical coding information.

CCA’s are responsible for reviewing patient medical records and applying codes that allow health care providers to determine how much they can expect to be reimbursed through a patient’s insurance provider. This exam certifies students as entry-level medical coders that are qualified to work in a physician’s office, hospital or other medical setting.

The Clark State students who are now Certified Electronic Health Record Specialists are:

Brandy Tackett
Heather Stuckey
Betty Davis
Rachel Angerer
Jobeth Leamman

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