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Noonan Elected Board Chairperson

Noonan Elected Board Chairperson

January 29, 2015

The Nominating Committee of the Clark State Board of Trustees nominated and elected Peggy Noonan to serve as the 2015 Board chairperson at the reorganizational meeting on January 12. Sharon Evans will serve as vice chairperson. 

Governor Strickland appointed Noonan to the Board in August 2010 to complete the term of a trustee who resigned due to health issues.  Governor Kasich reappointed her in February 2013, and she served as vice chairperson in 2014.

“I have also chaired the Finance and Facilities Committee, the Human Resources Committee and the Presidential Search Firm Selection Committee,” said Noonan.  “I also serve on the Council of Governments.”

Noonan originally hails from New York City. She and husband, Peter, have lived in Springfield for about 44 years. She was an adjunct faculty member in the late 1970s and early 1980s teaching business and computer science courses in the business department and statistics to the medical technology students.

“I was extremely impressed with the non-traditional students and the sacrifices and efforts these students put into obtaining a degree in order to improve their lives and their family situations,” said Noonan. “While the entire college is my priority, the non-traditional student and workforce development are my main areas of interest.”

Clark State President Dr. Jo Alice Blondin said she is honored to work with Noonan as the new chairperson of Clark State's Board of Trustees. “In addition to being a well-respected community leader and experienced board member, Mrs. Noonan is committed to ensuring student success and supporting Clark State's mission and strategic plan,” Blondin said.

Noonan said Clark State Community College is in an extremely positive position at the current time with strong, energetic leadership and a dedicated and creative faculty and staff.

“I hope that we can continue this positive momentum as we serve the community and our students.”

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