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Ronald Gordon Named Dean of Student Support Services for Clark State

Ronald Gordon Named Dean of Student Support Services for Clark State

February 24, 2017

Clark County’s own Ron Gordon, officially took the helm at Clark State Community College as dean of student support services in January. Gordon began his career at Clark State in March of 2007 as a recruiter for truck driver training. He has also served as director of athletics, and director of student services at the Clark State Greene Center campus in Beavercreek.

Gordon said his new position involves fewer responsibilities in recruiting and enrollment, but involves supporting the students once they have completed the admissions process. “We have advisors, testing, student life, athletics and college counselors who work with students and make sure they have necessary resources to help them be successful,” he said. “It about getting them to the right resources and making sure our advising models are set up to get them through their degree program.”

Gordon said he is looking forward to bringing out new ideas and processes that will assist students and staff both achieve their goals. He believes most incoming students have an idea what they want to do, and Clark State has knowledgeable staff and resources to help them. “They have wonderful ideas to help maintain and reach the goals that our students have set for themselves,” he said.

Student retention is another element Gordon plans to improve upon. He will strive to implement new programs to assist with career aspects by giving students the necessary knowledge about what to expect in a certain field; provide students access to utilize resources on campus through student life, athletics, student ambassadors and the Student Senate; and get students involved in the processes of college, to implement ideas and have their voices heard.

Gordon said many students face obstacles outside of college including: transportation, childcare and economics. “There are many obstacles, but we are planning to identify them early and get students to the proper resources to keep them in class,” he said. “If we can’t help, we can get them to proper outside resources.”

Gordon enjoys seeing students and the college both persevere and succeed. “Seeing students in the classroom, knowing they face so many challenges, but they still come to school. They know this is an opportunity to better themselves and their families,” he said.

Gordon also wants to develop staff members and encourage them to achieve their goals. “No one would have thought the recruiter of truck driver training would be the dean of student support services,” he said. “I want them to be able to do the same thing if that is what they want. Let’s make them the best in the position they are in right now, and if they want to strive for additional responsibilities, I want to prepare them to be able to do the same thing, like it was done for me.”

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