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Six Clark State Faculty Receive SOCHE Faculty Excellence Award

Six Clark State Faculty Receive SOCHE Faculty Excellence Award

November 23, 2016

The Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) held its 21st annual luncheon on Friday, November 18, at the Dayton Art Institute. This year’s awards banquet honored six faculty members from Clark State Community College with its Faculty Excellence Award.

Award recipients were nominated by chief academic officers from SOCHE member colleges and universities.

“SOCHE’s faculty awards banquet is a fun, memorable event and does a great job recognizing many outstanding faculty from the diversity of schools we have in our region,” said Sean Joseph Creighton, president of SOCHE. “Since starting the event, thousands of remarkable faculty have been honored, each one making a huge difference in the lives of students and their success,” Creighton added.

Three-time SOCHE award recipient Dr. Bridget Ingram, professor and coordinator of the early childhood education program, has been with Clark State for 17 years. Ingram said as an educator, she realizes the monumental responsibility associated with preparing future teachers and is passionately committed to helping students. “I try to improve the academic success of our students because I care deeply about them and their futures,” she said. “None of these accomplishments occur in isolation, but with the collective energy of many talented faculty and staff members throughout the college. Clark State encourages me and my colleagues to embrace the innovation and creativity necessary to develop new ways of teaching and learning in higher education.”

Therese Filicko, assistant professor in the Arts and Sciences Division has been with Clark State for almost five years. She teaches political science, regional studies and first-year experience courses. “It's an honor to be among the faculty at Clark State receiving the award,” she said. “I appreciate the acknowledgement by the administration of the work that the faculty do for Clark State.”

Danis J. Heighton, professor and founding faculty member for computer networking and cybersecurity, has been with Clark State for 27 years. “I am honored to receive this award and humbled to be amongst this group of outstanding faculty,” he said.

Crystal Jones, associate professor and program coordinator for the management degree program, has been with Clark State for almost 10 years. “I am honored to be recognized by Clark State and SOCHE for such a prestigious award,” she said. “It’s a pleasure to serve our students and our community!”

Mark Schmidt, associate professor teaching anatomy and physiology, has been with Clark State since 2002. Schmidt also received a SOCHE Award in 2007. “I am honored to be recognized in this way and happy to represent Clark State and all of the dedicated, hardworking faculty who give their time and talents to the students of Clark State when accepting this award,” he said.

Dr. Wendy Gagliano, associate professor teaching biology courses in the Arts and Sciences Division, has been with Clark State for eight years. “I am honored to be recognized by SOCHE,” she said. “I am fortunate to work with and am inspired by my colleagues and students at Clark State.”

Founded in 1967, SOCHE is the collaborative infrastructure for higher education, helping colleges and universities transform their communities and economies through the education, employment and engagement of more than 200,000 students in southwest Ohio. For more information about SOCHE, visit

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