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Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

This program is available at the Springfield - Leffel Lane location.

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program prepares students for a variety of positions within a manufacturing enterprise. The program builds on the student’s knowledge of computer-aided design, electronics, and manufacturing processes, providing additional skills in areas such as statistical process control, automation, and computer numerical control.

Students will choose two certificate programs in the following areas; Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Welding, SCADA, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Robotics, and Industrial Manufacturing. The courses in these programs, students will complete additional course work to complete the Manufacturing Engineering Associates Degree.

In addition to applied technical courses, Manufacturing Engineering Technology Associate Degree includes a co-op experience. Students must complete EBE 1000, Employability Skills, as a technical elective and then work with Office of Career Management to secure an appropriate co-op site.

Embedded Certificate
This degree program contains one or more embedded certificates which will automatically be awarded if the certificate requirements are met unless the student contacts Records and Registration and indicates he/she does not wish to have the certificate credential awarded. 

Career Information

Career Coach

Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of an Associate of Applied Science degree in Manufacturing Technology, a graduate will be able to:

Course Title Credits
ENT 1000 Introduction to Industrial and Engineering Technology 3
ENT 1050 Manufacturing Foundations 4
EBE 1000 Employability Skills 1
ENG 1111 English I 3
INT 1000 OSHA 10-Hour General Safety 1
-- First Certificate Class #1 3
ENT 1500 Engineering Materials 3
ENT 2100 Manufacturing Processes 3
MTH 1280 College Algebra 4
-- First Certificate Class #2 3
-- First Certificate Class #3 3
-- Co-op Education I 2
ENG 2211 Business Communication 3
PHY 1501 General Physics I with Algebra 5
MTH 1340 Pre-Calculus 5
-- Second Certificate Class #1 3
ENT 2600 Engineering Design 3
ECO 2210 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
-- Second Certificate Class #2 3
-- Second Certificate Class #3 3
  Total credit hours 61
* The co-op must be a minimum of 2 semester hours in any combination of co-op (EBE 2701, EBE 2702, EBE 2703, EBE 2704).

The program schedule is designed for full-time students who have completed all prerequisites and who have no college preparatory recommendations. Many individuals, especially part-time students, and those taking college preparatory courses, will require additional semesters of study. Students should consult their academic advisors for help in planning their schedules.

Academic Preparation

It is recommended students starting the program have one year each of high school algebra, trigonometry, and physics or the equivalents.

Transfer Information

Students enrolled in Associate of Applied Business and Associate of Applied Science degree programs are preparing for employment upon graduation from the program. However, at some point many of these students are also interested in completing a bachelor's degree. A number of colleges or universities have designed bachelor's completion programs designed for students completing applied degrees. See the Transfer section of the catalog for more information.