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Peer Recovery Support Short-Term Technical Certificate

Peer Recovery Support Short-Term Technical Certificate

This program is available at the Beavercreek and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

Maintaining recovery with a mental health or addiction issue is a powerful life skill. Clark State offers an opportunity for individuals to use their lived experience of recovery in a way that allows them to help others and secure employment. Peer Recovery Supporters have become vital members in the workforce both in the health care and recovery fields as well as in for-profit corporations.

Upon successful completion of the SWK 1110 Peer Support Fundamentals I course, students will receive Peer Recovery Support certification from the State of Ohio's Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services Board. This certification is being sought after by more and more employers to help their workers maintain stability and productivity.

Additional courses that complete the short-term technical certificate are field placement co-operative learning experiences. These co-operative learning experiences occur at addiction and mental health treatment agency partners with whom Clark State has affiliation agreements. Students have guidance and supervision at the co-operative site with a trained and/or licensed supervisor who will guide completion of peer support duties. Each field placement co-operative learning experience includes a seminar course, meeting one hour each week, where students meet with an academic instructor trained in peer recovery support supervision.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Course Title Credits
SWK 1110 Peer Support Fundamentals I 4
SWK 1115 Peer Support Co-op I 1
SWK 1131 Peer Support Seminar I 1
SWK 1116 Peer Support Co-OP II 3
SWK 1132 Peer Support Seminar II 1
  Total credit hours 10

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Tammy Watt Professor, Health Technologies