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Petitioning is the process where students request entry into the clinical nursing courses of the program.

Prior to petitioning for acceptance into the Practical Nursing Part-time Evening-Weekend (PTEW) program, students must apply online to the College. Admission to the College does not guarantee acceptance into the Practical Nursing program. Students may petition to the Practical Nursing program only after they have met requirements in math, reading, writing and grade point average. Once these requirements are met, their name is placed on the program's admission waiting list.

Effective Fall 2016, the nursing courses in the PTEW program will only be offered at the Greene Center campus in Beavercreek. Students need to travel outside of Greene County, generally to Clark County, for some clinical experiences. 

Waiting lists are maintained for the College's nursing programs because the number of students that can be admitted into the clinical nursing courses each year is restricted due to limited availability of clinical sites. Detailed information about the program's petitioning requirements and the process follows. Students may only petition to have their name placed on one nursing program admission waiting list.

Licensure Requirements

In order to practice as a nurse, graduates must take and pass a national licensure exam and apply for licensure in the state in which they wish to be employed.

Candidates for licensure to be a nurse in Ohio must obtain a criminal background check and disclose information related to any prior misdemeanor or felony convictions, any crime involving gross immorality or moral turpitude, any violation of drug laws and/or any recent diagnosis or treatment of a psychotic disorder. The Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) will determine whether the candidate may take the licensing exam. Students should refer to the OBN website for more details.

Technical Standards

Specific attributes, characteristics and abilities are essential to practice nursing. Professional competency is the summation of many cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. Students who enter the nursing program must be able to perform (with or without reasonable accommodations) these Essential Functions, which are available via a link on the Practical Nursing program page on the College's website. Students who may require accommodations to perform the Essential Functions should contact the College's Office of Accessibility to request reasonable accommodations. Students are asked to sign a form certifying that they have read, understand and are able to perform the Essential Functions of the student nurse at the program orientation session. Attendance at this session is required for all students who have been accepted to start the nursing program's technical courses.

Clinical Requirements

Students must meet the health, criminal background check and drug screen requirements of the program's affiliating clinical agencies in order to participate in clinical learning experiences. Clinical facilities may consider expunged convictions in placement decisions. Inability to meet these requirements may prevent clinical placement. Students who cannot be placed clinically cannot meet the program completion requirements.

How to Petition

Students petition by completing the Petition Request form. This form is available at the end of this petitioning information. After submission, students will receive an automated message with the date and time that their request was received. This does not mean that their name has been placed on the waiting list but only indicates that their request has been received. Students should print and keep a copy of this automated response for their records.

Students receive notification of the status of their petition within 45 days via U.S. mail. If a petitioning student HAS NOT met all of the requirements, they will receive a letter indicating what is incomplete. The student must then complete the necessary requirement(s) and re-petition for the program.

If a petitioning student HAS met all the requirements their letter will indicate that their name has been placed on the waiting list. This means that the student has met all the requirements to be placed on the list and that he or she is now waiting on a clinical position for the program they selected. Students should keep this letter for their records.

To check the status of their petition, students may contact the Health and Human Services Division Office at 937.328.6057.

Verification of Petitioning Requirements

The College verifies that all necessary petition requirements are met. Verification will be made strictly on the information provided on the petition request form. The answers students provide as evidence of meeting a requirement will be the only information reviewed by the College. If it is found that a requirement is not met as stated, the petition will be denied.

Acceptance Process

The nursing course sequence begins in fall semester. The acceptance process into this program begins in February and continues until the program is full.

Students are considered for acceptance into the LPN courses from the waiting list based on the date that their name was placed on the list as long as their current overall Clark State cumulative institutional GPA as well as their GPA in courses in the program curriculum remains 2.0 or greater. Students whose GPA is less than 2.0 are sent a letter notifying them that their name is being removed from the waiting list because they no longer meet the program eligibility requirements.

Initial acceptance letters are sent to the number of students that can be entered into the program. Students who receive an acceptance letter are asked to return a card indicating if they wish to accept or decline entry into the program. Students can decline admission once and retain their place on the waiting list. If a student declines admission into the nursing courses a second time, his/her name is removed from the waiting list and the student would need to submit another petition request to be considered for future admission into the program. If a student fails to return the card within the stated time, the offer is revoked and their name is removed from the waiting list.

If additional openings remain in the program after the initial student responses are obtained, additional acceptance letters are mailed. This process continues until all openings are filled.

Students accepted into the nursing program should follow current program curriculum plans to assure that all course prerequisites are completed to allow for progression within the program. Students who have been accepted for entry into nursing courses but fail to successfully complete the course prerequisites will have their acceptance revoked.

What Can Students Do While They Are Waiting?

While on the waiting list, students should take the non-nursing courses (any course without the letters LPN preceding the numbers) included in the curriculum of the Practical Nursing program. Many of these courses have pre- and/or co-requisites, which are listed with the course description in the College catalog and online. Not all courses are offered every term.

Prior to starting the first clinical course, students must have recently (within previous 24 months) completed MST 1181 Nurse Aide Training course or have current credentials as a State Tested Nurse's Aide (STNA). In certain instances, the student can meet the STNA requirement in another manner.

Healthcare provider cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification is also required at the time of entry into the first clinical nursing course. Acceptable certifications require a cognitive and psychomotor assessment (written exam and evaluation of performance of skills) and must be those designed specifically for healthcare providers. EMS 1171 Basic Life Support is offered at Clark State. Certification can also be obtained through the American Heart Association, American Red Cross and American Safety and Health Institute. Students obtaining certification through these agencies are responsible for obtaining a certification that meets the above requirements. 

All students are encouraged to contact their general academic or nursing advisor each semester prior to registering for courses.

Do Students Need to Meet any Additional Requirements While on the List?

To be considered for entry into the Practical Nursing program, students must have an overall Clark State GPA of 2.0 and a 2.0 GPA for the courses in the nursing curriculum. Students who do not have a 2.0, will be removed from the list. After repeating whatever class(es) they need to bring their grade point average up to at least a 2.0, they must then re-petition to place their name on the list.

Do Courses Have to be Completed in a Certain Time Period to Meet Program Requirements?

Some courses must have been completed recently in order to meet program entry, progression and graduation requirements. Other courses are acceptable regardless of when completed. The courses that must be completed within a designated time period are:

  • BIO 1105 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology and MST 1105 Medical Terminology must have been completed within five years prior to the date the student enters his or her first practical nursing (LPN) course. If a course is older than five years, the course will have to be repeated.
  • MST 1181 Nurse Aide Training must have been completed within 24 months prior to entry into the first clinical nursing course. It is recommended that the course not be taken any earlier than within the year immediately prior to acceptance into the nursing program. If the course is older than 24 months, the course will have to be repeated. If the student tested and his or her state (STNA) certification is current, that will meet the nurse aide requirement.
  • LPN courses must be completed in the sequence listed in the curriculum plan. If the student drops out after starting the sequence, he or she may apply for reinstatement if no more than two years have lapsed in accordance with the reinstatement policy. Students may be required to demonstrate competency in previously completed courses and some courses may need to be repeated. Reinstatement is on a space available basis and is not guaranteed.
  • Time limits for the pre-requisite courses that must be completed to meet petition requirements are included in the petition form that follows.

LPN Petitioning Requirements and Form

Appropriate scholastic preparation is needed to successfully complete the courses within the nursing program. You must meet the scholastic requirements listed below to be eligible to petition for entry into the Practical Nursing program.

Math:  Appropriate scores on a recent (within past five years) math/algebra placement test or waiver of math placement test due to recent appropriate grade in an acceptable high school Algebra II course or a C or better in CPE 0600/0650 (college preparatory math/algebra) or a college Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) equivalent math course taken within the past five years.

Reading:  Appropriate score on a reading placement test or waiver of reading placement test due to appropriate grade in an acceptable high school senior level English course or a C or better in CPE 0200 (college preparatory reading) or a college English composition course.

Writing:  Appropriate score on a writing placement test or waiver of writing placement test due to appropriate grade in an acceptable high school senior level English course or a C or better in the appropriate CPE course (college preparatory writing) or a college English composition course.

Grade Point Average (GPA):  Your overall Clark State institutional GPA must be 2.0 or greater. If you have taken courses in the LPN curriculum at Clark State or any other college or university, you will also need to have a grade point average greater than or equal to 2.0 in those courses in order to petition. Grades in CPE courses and courses that are not part of the LPN program curriculum will not be considered as part of the curriculum GPA requirement.

Certification Statement

By submitting this form, I certify that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge.