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Following are some helpful registration tips. For a full description, please refer to the student services section of your academic catalog.

Adding courses
You can add courses through the fifth class day in Fall and Spring semesters and through the second day of any Summer term.

Change of information
Change of name, address, phone number or major must be reported to the Records and Registration Office.

Maximum credit hours
You may enroll for a maximum of 20 credit hours per semester. You must have approval from your academic advisor and the divisional administrator to take more than 20 credit hours. Forms are available in the Records and Registration Office.

Dropping courses
If you receive financial aid, check with the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping classes. A course dropped after the fifth class day following midterm will be recorded as F unless satisfactory justification is given to the instructor for the drop.

Full-time/Part-time status
You are considered full-time when you are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours to be considered part-time.

Mature Citizens Program
If you are over 60 years of age, you may enroll in college credit and noncredit classes on a space-available basis. Mature citizen registration begins one week prior to the beginning of the semester.

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