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This program is offered at Clark State's Beavercreek, Bellefontaine and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

Medical office administrators function in a wide variety of medical settings, including physicians’ offices, hospitals, and nursing homes. They may prepare medical records or charts, schedule appointments, handle correspondence, prepare bills, and process insurance forms. In addition to excellent keyboarding skills, medical office administrators must possess expertise in medical terminology, familiarization with medical references, knowledge of medical coding, and familiarization with HIPAA regulations. In today’s global society basic foreign language skills are increasingly important to facilitate communication in a medical environment. Strong human relations skills are also important as medical office administrators interact with people in stressful situations. Mastery of these skills provide medical office administrators opportunities for promotion to medical office management positions.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of an Associate of Applied Business degree in Medical Office Administration, a graduate will be able to:

  • Compose and produce quality business documents using technology.
  • Perform office administrative functions using critical thinking, management, prioritizing, and organizational skills.
  • Code medical documents and assist in the management of patient's health information.
  • Demonstrate good oral communication skills.
  • Demonstrate good human relations skills, including customer service, teamwork, and ethics.

Embedded Certificate This degree program contains one or more embedded certificates which will automatically be awarded if the certificate requirements are met unless the student contacts Records and Registration and indicates he/she does not wish to have the certificate credential awarded. (Effective Spring Semester 2017)

Scholastic Preparation
Medical Office Administration students should possess basic computer skills:  use a keyboard, mouse, external storage device, and a printer; differentiate among drives, folders, and files; employ a username and password.   Students lacking in any of these areas should enroll in ITS 0800, Computer Fundamentals, prior to enrolling in any OAD or other ITS courses. Students should also be able to type at least 35 words per minute on a five-minute timed writing.  Students who cannot meet this standard should enroll in ITS 0810 Keyboarding or ITS 1210 Keyboarding/Word Processing prior to enrolling in any OAD or other college-level ITS course.   Students who cannot meet the 35 word-per-minute standard on the first day of OAD 1101 will be required to withdraw and enroll in ITS 0810 or ITS 1210.  ITS 0800, ITS 0810 and ITS 1210 are considered preparatory for entry into the Medical Office Administration Program and do not count toward the degree.

Career Coach
Click Here current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training from Career Coach.

Transfer Options
Students enrolled in Associate of Applied Business and Associate of Applied Science degree programs are preparing for employment upon graduation from the program. However, at some point many of these students are also interested in completing a bachelor's degree. A number of colleges or universities have designed bachelor's completion programs designed for students completing applied degrees. See the Transfer section of the catalog for more information.

Humanities/Social Science Electives
A complete listing of humanities and social science electives is available in the College Catalog. Students should follow the recommended sequencing of courses, with consideration to the pre/co requisites, including college preparatory (CPE) requirements.

Download the curriculum sheet for this major.

Course Title Credits
OAD 1101 Document Production I 3
OAD 1105 Business English 4
OAD 1205 Office Procedures 3
ENG 1111 English I 3
FYE 1100 College Success 1
ITS 1105 Computer Concepts and Software Applications * 3
ACC 1000 Accounting Concepts 3
COM 1110 Interpersonal Communication Ior  
COM 1170 Small Group Communication 3
ENG 2211 Business Communication 3
MTH 1060 Business Mathematics 3
SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociologyor  
SPN 1100 Survival Spanish 3
OAD 2301 CPT/ICD-10-PCS Coding 3
OAD 2302 ICD-10-CM Coding 3
BIO 1105 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 3
EBE 1000 Employability Skills 1
MST 1105 Medical Terminology 2
PSY 1111 Introduction to Psychology 3
OAD 2205 Electronic Health Records 3
OAD 2312 Advanced Medical Coding 3
OAD 2320 Medical Office Certification Review 1
OAD 2703 Co-op Education/Internship 3
MST 1140 Human Disease 3
  Total Credit Hours 60

* Students with little or no computer background should enroll in ITS 0800 before taking other computer courses. Students without adequate keyboarding skills should enroll in ITS 0810 before taking a computer class.

Class Schedule Planning

The planning schedule below indicates when and where courses in your program of study will be offered for the next two academic years. This is helpful information when planning your class schedule for each semester.

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