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Sales Management 1 and 2

Sales Management 1 and 2

Sales Management 1

This multi-week virtual course provides learners with a step-by-step opportunity to study and master the array of skills needed to build a comprehensive Sales Plan for a small, mid-size, or large company in a competitive market. Aspiring sales managers, current sales managers, and entrepreneurs will build or expand their business management skills through detailed case study simulations and role-play assignments.

In This Course You Will: 

  • Research and develop a comprehensive go-to-market plan.
  • Analyze market, solution fit, revenue model and organizational factors to design a sales territory plan.
  • Communicate sales, performance, and compensation-related information effectively.
  • Describe the benefits of CRM technology to develop and encourage acceptance and adoption by sellers.
  • Deploy best practices in staffing and recruitment.
  • Perform sales compensation planning and develop revenue goals from the individual to the organization level.

Funding opportunities may be available, contact us to see if you qualify! 

Sales Management 2

Building on concepts learned in Sales Management One, students study higher-level skills for using data to forecast revenue, identifying upcoming challenges, managing rep performance, communicating revenue news to different audiences, and getting revenue back on track for goal achievement. These more sophisticated skills include revenue forecasting, capitalizing on sales cycles, identifying and mitigating revenue gaps, communication, coaching, performance management and developing an executive voice.

In This Course You Will: 

  • Build on skills and lessons from Sales Management One
  • Capitalize on sales cycles and use data to forecast and communicate revenue and identify upcoming challenges
  • Develop an ‘executive voice’ for managing and communicating with various audiences

Funding opportunities may be available, contact us to see if you qualify! 

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