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Equipment / Facilities

We're proud to offering our students modern and up-to-date training equipment! Currently, our equipment consists of Navistar and White/Volvo conventional tractors. All tractors are equipped with Cummins or Detroit engines with 10-speed transmissions and are equipped with tandem axles. These tractors are coupled to 48-foot van-type trailers. Students are given experience in pulling both empty and loaded trailers. Exercises used in the yard are set up in varying degrees of difficulty utilizing barrels and traffic cones. We also have a state-of-the-art shifting simulator and driving simulator that allows our students to learn to shift all types of transmissions without ever leaving the classroom.

The classroom portion of Commercial Transportation Training is conducted in the Clark State Brinkman Educational Center (BEC) in downtown Springfield. The yard work is conducted at our eight-acre lot located at 352 Tremont City Road, Springfield, Ohio. Over-the-road driving is conducted on the city, county, state and interstate highways within the State of Ohio.

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Truck Driving Program Coordinator