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Payroll Practice and Management with Microsoft Excel 2019 (Voucher Included)

Payroll Practice and Management with Microsoft Excel 2019 (Voucher Included)

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Become a Payroll Practice Manager with Excel

Payroll professionals must navigate financial regulations and tax laws in order to protect their organizations from exposure to violations and expense. Microsoft Excel is among the most popular tools payroll professionals use to organize and manage their payroll systems. This 100% online course provides extensive coverage of both payroll management and the use of Excel in the professional setting. Upon successful completion, you will be prepared to take and pass the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) and the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert certification exam for Microsoft Excel exams. Enrollment includes optional vouchers to cover exam fees.

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Become a Payroll Practice Manager with Excel

  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for human resource managers, including payroll managers, is expected to grow by 6% between now and 2029. This is faster than expected growth for all jobs. The growth is driven by increasing levels of regulation that make it crucial for organizations to follow employment laws.
  • reports that payroll managers earn $68,751 per year, on average. Salaries for experienced payroll managers range between $52-98,000, with an average of $71,766 per year.

Payroll practice and management involves identifying laws and regulations that impact an organization and ensuring the organization's compliance. Payroll managers oversee the forms and calendars that determine an organization's schedule for withholding, depositing and reporting payroll taxes. They manage payroll systems, including technology and business processes and oversee payroll policies.


Microsoft Excel is among the most popular software applications used for payroll-related tasks and processes. Payroll managers use its spreadsheet format, rows, columns, tables and sheets to organize payroll schedules, employee records, tax withholding and payment documents, deductions and other payroll-related items.


Because payroll software such as Microsoft Excel can exchange data over the Internet, payroll managers can work remotely or from home and many do. reports that payroll managers commonly earn between $39-120,000 per year working remotely.

  • Identify various laws and regulations that affect employers in their payroll operations
  • Explain the use of the forms required to withhold, deposit, and report federal income taxes
  • Recognize dates and regulations to ensure payroll compliance and reporting
  • Understand the payroll process and supporting systems and administration
  • Correctly apply payroll policies and procedures of a payroll department
  • Be able to process payroll from start to finish (payroll project)
  • To create, modify, and manage Excel workbooks
  • To use formulas, functions and work with tables
  • To use conditional formatting and styles
  • To create pivot tables and charts
  • To import and export data
  • Be prepared to pass the FPC exam and become certified in the fundamentals of payroll.
  • Become a certified Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert in Excel

To enroll in this course, you should be proficient in keyboarding, have a basic understanding of a word-processing computer program, and be comfortable using a personal computer. You should also be familiar with operating Windows Office software and have a command of English grammar and punctuation. No payroll or office work experience is required.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Certification Training
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Creating a Microsoft Excel Workbook 
  • The Ribbon 
  • The Backstage View (The File Menu) 
  • Entering Data in Microsoft Excel Worksheets 
  • Formatting Microsoft Excel Worksheets 
  • Using Formulas in Microsoft Excel 
  • Working with Rows and Columns 
  • Editing Worksheets 
  • Finalizing Microsoft Excel Worksheets 
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019 Exam 
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel
  • Advanced Formulas 
  • Working with Lists 
  • Working with Illustrations 
  • Visualizing Your Data 
  • Working with Tables Advanced Formatting 
  •  Intermediate Microsoft Excel Exam 
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Using Pivot Tables 
  • Auditing Worksheets 
  • Working with Others 
  • Recording and Using Macros 
Payroll Practice and Management
  • Introduction to Payroll
  • Determining Worker Status
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Federal Employment Taxes
  • Payroll Forms
  • Fringe Benefits – Tax-Preferred and Other Related Health Benefits
  • Fringe Benefits – Deferred Comp, Retirement Plans, and Stock Options
  • Other Employee Benefits
  • Calculating Gross Wages
  • Calculating Gross Pay – Additional Topics
  • Paycheck Calculation – Taxes
  • Paycheck Calculation – Voluntary and Involuntary Deductions
  • Gross to Net Paycheck Calculation
  • Compliance – Laws and Reporting
  • Global Payroll
  • Payroll Process and Systems, and Audits
  • Paying the Employee
  • Payroll Administration and Management
  • Basic Accounting
  • Exploring Payroll Careers
  • Exam Preparation
  • Payroll Project


Tracy Berry

Tracy Berry has been a senior graphic designer/programmer, instructor, and consultant since 1993 and has developed hundreds of logos, marketing materials, websites, and multimedia solutions for customers worldwide. She was also involved in several large corporate software rollouts. She has helped many organizations optimize and streamline data solutions. She teaches both onsite and online courses and has her CTT (Certified Technical Trainer) certification. Tracy specializes in teaching graphics, desktop publishing, web design, and reporting/productivity applications.

Helene K. Liatsos

Helene K. Liatsos is a business advisor and QuickBooks Certified Advisor with more than 25 years of experience. She consults for a range of companies, from travel agencies to startups. Her company, Home Office Management Experts, was awarded the 2004 Home-Based Business of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Helene holds a Bachelor of Arts from Fairleigh Dickinson University.