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Workforce Training

Your trusted workforce development partner. You don't need a weathervane to see where the workforce trends are pointing in our region.

Finding, training and retaining employees from the local talent pool will be one of the greatest challenges organizations face. We can help you better understand the regional workforce and align your strategy and resources to cut cost and grow in this new economy.

What we offer:

Business Training and Consulting Services
Our extensive network of trainers and consultants provide organizations with access to knowledge and expertise they don't have internally. Our hands-on approach of knowledge plus practice is a proven method for new skill development. Tap into our network of business consultants for specific help with whatever is keeping your organization from reaching that next level of performance.

Workforce Development
Targeted Selection and Applicant Screening saves organizations time and resources. Working with Clark State gives you affordable or free access to our assessment and screening tools. This ensures the best candidates and faster onboarding of employees.

  • Skill Assessments match candidates with careers and vocations that match their strengths, interests and values. Career fit is critical to employee longevity.
  • Pre-Hire Training for skill deficient candidates can close skill gaps and produce better job matches.
  • Incumbent Workers – Clark State helps employers design internal training programs in the insurance, customer care, sales and manufacturing industries. We can also help you secure funds to help underwrite the program.

Questions? We're here to help!