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Clark State Scholars Program Mentor

Clark State Scholars Program Mentor

Looking to encourage young scholars to work toward a college education? You've come to the right place!

A critical component of the Clark State Scholars Program is the development of a support system to encourage the young scholars to work toward a college education and to help expose them to enrichment experiences they might not otherwise have. The level of involvement of each mentor will vary according to his/her availability. However, the goal is to spend at least 30-45 minutes with the scholars every month. The goal is to make enough visits during the year to establish a relationship with the students. Contact us to take the next steps in becoming a mentor!

Scholars Program; 3 People, Mentor

What types of activities will the mentors do with the scholars?

Required Activities:

  • Visit mentees at their high school once a month October-May during the school day
  • Attend required mentor training
  • Chaperone mentees during visits to Clark State for group retreats

Recommended Activities:

  • Invite a representative from your business or a local business to present to students
  • Have book or current event discussions
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Create activities based on budget management, time management, healthy living and study skills
  • Attend school sporting events

Questions? We're here to help!

Scholars Program Director Sara T. Landess Technology and Learning Center