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If it is your plan to take credits or even the first two years of your bachelor's degree at Clark State and then transfer to a four-year college or university?

Then you should select either the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science degree as your major!

These programs are developed primarily for transferring your credits to another college. Credits earned from technical degrees at Clark State, such as the Associate of Applied Business or Associate of Applied Science that are geared for career pathways, are not necessarily designed for transfer. However there are specific universities that have developed bachelor's degrees to accommodate these AAB and AAS credits. You should plan your program at Clark State according to the requirements of the transfer institution.

Here are specific guidelines of student responsibilities to assure maximum transferability of credits:

  • You need to determine the four-year college or university to which you will transfer and your prospective major as early as possible in your academic program.
  • You should request a catalog from the prospective transfer institution early and become familiar with its admissions policies, scholarship options/deadlines and degree requirements.
  • Generally, you'll receive credit for most of your courses at the transfer institutions if you have worked carefully with Clark State advisors and with personnel at the prospective transfer institutions. The transfer institutions, however, will make the final determinations.
  • You will need a minimum of 60 credit hours that clearly meet Clark State's degree requirements to graduate with an AA or AS.
  • It is your responsibility to work with an advisor and sign up for appropriate courses each semester.

The list below will provide you with the degree options available to you. Our transfer program and the agreements we have with other colleges and universities make it possible for you to transfer your credits easily.

Associate of Arts
General Transfer
Liberal Arts Transfer
Nursing Transfer
Performance Arts Transfer (dance, music, theatre)
Pre-Elementary Education Transfer
Pre-Secondary Education Transfer (English, social sciences, visual and language arts)
Psychology Transfer
Social Work Transfer
Technical Theatre Transfer
Visual Arts Transfer (art)
Associate of Science
Business Transfer
Computer Science Transfer
General Transfer
Mathematics Transfer
Natural and Physical Science Transfer
Pre-Engineering Transfer
Pre-Secondary Education Transfer (mathematics and sciences)
Psychology Transfer
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