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Are you an adult who has never attended college?

Get started now by taking the placement tests and attending a New Student Orientation.

Credit for Life Experience
If your experiences as an employee, skilled volunteer or hobbyist correspond to credit courses offered at Clark State, then the Prior Learning Portfolio Program may help you receive college credit. Learn how to put together a portfolio that details your experiences and matches them to specific courses from the College curriculum.

Mature Citizens
If you are 60 years of age or older and an Ohio resident, you may enroll in college credit and noncredit classes on a space-available basis one week before the start of the semester. Normal admission requirements, as well as instructional and general fees are waived. In addition to course enrollment, you'll also have the opportunity to use the College facilities, educational services and take part in student activities.

Are you an adult who is returning to college?

Finding time for school can be a challenge with life's other priorities such as family and work. Many of our students need to stop taking classes for a short time and return when it's more convenient. You are not alone.

Let us help you get back on track with your education. If you've been away for just a semester or two, you may want to check with your faculty advisor and simply continue where you left off. You can find a list of faculty advisors in the student portal myClarkState. If you were gone for three years or more, you will need to reactivate your application for admission and speak with an advisor about changes in program requirements since you left.

Reactivate Application for Admission/Readmission
If you are returning after three years or more, you will need to apply online to Clark State and re-take the placement tests if necessary before registering for classes in the Records and Registration Office.

Students who interrupt their attendance and later return must meet the curricular requirements in place at the time of their return. Technical and basic courses taken prior to any interruption may have to be re-evaluated. Those that were taken in the last five years generally will still meet graduation requirements. However, some technologies may have more stringent requirements. You should contact your academic division to determine the acceptability of previous courses. Courses that were taken more than five years ago will be evaluated on an individual course basis. Courses taken more than seven years ago will be evaluated for acceptability by the academic division dean.

Fresh Start
If you re-enroll after an absence of three consecutive years or more, you may petition the Records and Registration Office to eliminate the cumulative GPA of your previous enrollment. To be eligible to petition, students must have at least 15 semester hours remaining before completing an Associate Degree and/or at least 12 semester hours remaining before completing a one-year certificate.Any courses in which you received a C or better will be counted in the "hours earned" but not in the GPA. Click on the Fresh Start Petition link below to learn more about Fresh Start or contact our Records and Registration Office.

Reinstatement for Health and Human Services Programs
If you were previously enrolled in a space-limited program and wish to re-enter, you will need to contact your faculty advisor in that program and request a copy of the Reinstatement Policy. You can find a list of faculty advisors in the student portal myClarkState.Transcripts are reviewed on an individual basis prior to accepting students for reinstatement.

Students who wish to re-enter are required to have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in courses required for the program before the reinstatement request will be considered. Certain courses may need to be repeated if the time limit for accepting prior credits has passed. Eligible students are then reinstated on a space-available basis to the semester for which they are requesting reinstatement.

Financial Aid
Part of returning to college is the need to reapply for financial aid. The easiest way to do this is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.

You will be able to use Self-Service to register, make payments and access your grades online. You will also be able to print your class schedule and program evaluation using Self-Service/Student Planning. If you have been absent from the College three years or more, your account will need to be reactivated. This will be done automatically after you have registered for classes upon returning.

Student E-Mail
If you are returning to Clark State after being absent for four semesters or more, your student e-mail account will need to be reactivated. If you have not been a Clark State student prior to the summer of 2006, your account will be considered new and automatically be generated when you register for classes.

If you are returning to Clark State after being absent for three years or more, you must reapply to the college to activate your account. If you are a new student to Clark State, your account will be automatically generated once you’ve been accepted.

Your student e-mail account has a 5MB storage capacity and will automatically delete anything in your account older than 180 days.

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