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The Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) Program provides an additional education option to high school students who are intellectually and socially capable of college work. This program is intended to complement the high school's college preparatory curriculum.

Your high school counselor can help you decide if this program is right for you. In addition, high school counselors are responsible for explaining the equivalency, or lack of equivalency, of a given course at Clark State in meeting the high school graduation requirements.

Students choose one of two options:

  • Option A - students take courses for college credit only (will not affect high school GPA) or for both high school and college credit and are responsible for all costs associated with attending Clark State.
  • Option B - students take courses for both high school and college credit and the school district is responsible for all costs associated with attending Clark State.

Option A = You Pay
Option B = Free

If you meet Clark State's admission requirements for the PSEO program, you can attend college classes at Clark State for free while receiving both high school graduation credit and college credit that can be applied to a Clark State associate degree or transferred to another college or university! Usually, the only cost to you is a one time $15 application fee.

You can earn anywhere from half a year, a year or even the first two years of a college degree before you graduate from high school. Four-year colleges and universities charge thousands of dollars a year in tuition so think of the money you’ll be saving!

By participating in the PSEO program you can:

  • Save money – potentially thousands of dollars – on your college education
  • Save time by getting a head start on college
  • Take classes in a subject area that may not be offered at your high school
  • Take classes to explore a career field that interests you
  • Have access to faster-paced instruction
  • Receive early preparation for college level coursework which can help ease and improve
    your success in transitioning from high school to college
  • Enhance applications to selective colleges
  • Take advantage of two convenient campus locations in Springfield and Beavercreek

Important Deadlines

  • March 30 – If you are thinking about participating in the PSEO program, you must notify your high school by March 30 of the current school year in order to be eligible to participate the following year. For example, if you are a current sophomore and would like to participate your junior year, you must notify your high school by March 30 of your sophomore year.
  • May 15-June 15 – For nonpublic high school students, the cost of the PSEO program is covered by a specific amount of money determined by the Ohio legislature each year. Nonpublic high school students are required to apply for these funds. Applications must be mailed to the state office between May 15 and June 15. This application is in addition to the application steps you must complete for Clark State's PSEO program. Please see your guidance counselor for assistance in completing this application process.

Please Note: Clark State does not have an application deadline for the PSEO program. Students are accepted into the program year round.

Send completed applications (including documented COMPASS or ACT/SAT scores and official high school transcript) to either campus:

Clark State Community College
Admissions Office
P.O. Box 570
Springfield, OH 45501-0570

Clark State Greene Center
Admissions Office
3775 Pentagon Boulevard
Beavercreek, OH 45431

Please do not send the $15 application fee with application. This fee is payable when you register for classes.

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